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1Sansome Review | Is This Affordable Fashion Brand Worth It

1Sansome Review | Is This Affordable Fashion Brand Worth It

1sansome review white sweater dress fashion blogger Eve Dawes

Affordable brands can be hit & miss, so how does 1Sansome stack up?

1Sansome is an affordable fashion brand I only discovered this Fall as they reached out to me to see if I’d be interested in trying out some of their clothes. I’m all for trying out new brands as long as I’m allowed to give my honest opinion or return the clothes if I don’t feel that I can honestly endorse them. After trying out some styles, I did join their affiliate program so here we are with my full 1Sansome review. Is 1Sansome legit? I was worried as their prices are so low and have included that as well.

1sansome white sweater dress fashion blogger Eve Dawes
Super warm and soft white sweater dress

What/Who is 1Sansome

1 Sansome’s mission is to offer cool and inclusive street style at accessible prices. While accessible prices seem like a good idea, sometimes the qualities just not there. If you don’t end up wearing it because of brands fit, quality, return policy, etc it ends up more expensive than paying for a more expensive brand you’ll actually wear. So is 1Sansome worth it?

christian dior venetian vegas fashion blogger
1Sansome maxi dress under $10 with code GLAMOURANDGAINS20

1Sansome Review | Pros & Cons

Like most companies, there’s pro and cons to my 1Sansome review. I’m not sure how much I’ll shop here but I will link to them in some round up posts to give some more affordable options. Especially for fashions and styles I don’t think will be around for long.

affordable dress satin maxi 1sansome
Satin maxi for a beach coverup or summer slip dress


  • Is 1Sansome legit? Yes, everything I’ve ordered has arrived and there’s been no issues contacting customer service for returns and exchanges, etc.
  • 1Sansome has lots of choices: sporty, casual, cocktail, accessories, etc.
  • The prices are great and they run a lot of sales too.
  • The qualities been good on the pieces I’ve ordered so far quality wise.
  • Shipping has always been fairly fast for me (within 10 business days).
  • Sizing runs true to size for the most part. I’ve had a couple of things come up too big or small and they’ve been good about exchanges.
1Sansome sweater grey shrug black leather joggers street style
1Sansome shrug


  • Items sell out fast. Sometimes the site will let you order and then you’ll get an ‘order cancelled’ email and refund. Which can be annoying if you had your heart set on something or if you’re on a time crunch.
  • Sizes can be a bit hit and miss. The grey shrug I’m wearing is actually supposed to be a cropped sweater but runs super small. I actually really like shrugs so I kept it to wear as that instead of as a sweater. Versus the Christmas sweater dress I ordered in a small that came up really small. So definitely review their return policy before ordering.

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Shop my personal 1Sansome favorites

Use code GLAMOURANDGAINS20 for 20% off anything on the 1Sansome website.


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1Sansome sweater dress christmas print
1Sansome ugly Christmas sweater dress sizing runs big in this style

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