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Simple Tricks For How to Make Happy Hour Healthy

Simple Tricks For How to Make Happy Hour Healthy

Happy hours get even happier when done guilt-free with healthy appetizers that are lower in fat & calories

A healthy happy hour is possible and just as much fun. Healthy appetizers or bar snack options might sound like an oxymoron and ordering whatever you want every now and again never hurt anyone. But sometimes there’s periods of time where they happen more than less and life’s too short to say no. Here are some healthy eating out options and healthier happy hour alternatives to keep the party going minus the excess!

You should be able to go about your normal way of life (whatever that is to you). Eating well doesn’t mean missing out and it doesn’t mean you have to eat perfectly 100% of the time. It’s about finding the balance to manage your health with a few simple lifestyle habits.

2 women eating healthy bruschetta drinking aperol2 women eating healthy bruschetta drinking aperol

I’m not saying to stick to the healthy alternatives 100% of the time, but if you do so more often than not, you’ve got much more chance of staying on track!

Here are a few healthy appetizers to keep your nutrition under control.

Enjoy and have a fabulous, fit night out.

Healthy eating out options

Vegetarian healthy appetizers & dips

  • Salsa or tomato based instead of cheese or cream based dips and sauces

    This will save you a lot of fat calories. You can make it even healthier by asking for crudités Instead of chips to dip.

  • Home made or made fresh table-side guacamole rather than store bought.

    If you’ve ever looked at the ingredient list on a tub of pre-made guacamole you’ll know where I’m coming from. They tend to be full of preservatives, salt and extra ingredients you wouldn’t be using if you were making it yourself. It’s pretty much one of the simplest things you can make, so stick to mashing up your own batch. Plus you have complete control over how it tastes then if you like it extra spicy, mild, garlicky, with or without cilantro, etc.

  • Raw vegetables instead of dipping chips or a combo of both (anywhere that serves wings will have raw carrots and celery sticks you can ask for).

    This not only cuts carbohydrates, fat, and salt intake but increases vitamin and nutrient intake.

  • Flatbread instead of deep pan or stuffed crust pizza

    An easy way to save on carbohydrate calories and keep the flavor. Go for tomato bases instead of alfredo bases and to save even more fat calories ask for easy or no cheese.

Protein based healthy appetizers

  • Grilled Chicken skewers/ Chicken Satay instead of wings and fried chicken

    Stick to lean, white meat for some healthy protein minus the extra fat.

  • Ceviche or Poke instead of calamari

    Lighter, fresher and a whole lot better for us. Yes, there’s still fat in ceviche from the avocado but it’s healthy fat versus the saturated and trans fats in deep fried foods.

  • Sliders protein style with lettuce instead of the cheese & bun

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    Pretty much every restaurant has lettuce and can accommodate this. It’s a much, fresher and lighter option in the Summer and warmer weather months.

  • Chicken Lettuce wraps instead of quesadillas, tacos or flautas

    All of the flavor but less refined carbohydrates and fat. Because you make them, you tend to eat slower and have time to digest and appreciate when you’re full. Rather than eating easy to eat foods like tacos quickly, feeling over full and eating more than you need.

  • Sashimi instead of sushi
    Ditch the rice and go for a healthy portion of protein.

These quick fixes and healthy eating out options will help to nix some calories, especially when making healthier drink choices too like wine or champagne instead of sugary or cream based cocktails (generally less sugar and calories), Wine spritzers with club soda, skinny margaritas, or clear spirits with club soda/soda water and fresh limes.

More ideas for How To Stay Healthy When Socializing

Now that we’ve got the healthy appetizers covered what about the drinks?*

row empty martini glasses bar toprow empty martini glasses bar top

*Always drink responsibly

Low calorie cocktail recipes | Under 200 calories

If you’re staying in or having people over check out my low calorie alcoholic drink recipes. You could serve these with any of the healthy appetizers listed above.

Superfood Acai & Citrus Martini for a refreshing, fruity cocktail with a punch!

Dairy free chocolate proteini martini recipe (207 calories, 25g protein)

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