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Overcoming Tough Times | Tough Times Quotes you need to hear

Overcoming Tough Times | Tough Times Quotes you need to hear

The power of reframing your thoughts

Tough times are something that most of us have become more familiar than ever with over the last year. Tough times quotes might sound too simplistic an answer. While it’s not an answer and won’t solve all of our problems they can add some positivity and motivation to our lives and help reshape our mindset.

Covid-19, lack of company and isolation, lost income, S.A.D and the January blues are real. It’s ok to be sad and angry but it’s not ok to stay that way. The cold, gloomy, dark Winter days can either be a little anti-climatic or an exciting time on a path to a better you with new years resolutions and planned goals in place.

Choose to focus on working on goals, outcomes and the positive


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There are always some days that are harder than others! When you’re struggling to get going, unforeseen obstacles arise, you’re missing the spring in your step and unable to find motivation to crawl out from under the duvet on dark, damp mornings.

It’s days like these that really test our character!

  • What goals will make me more determined and strong?
  • Why do I want to succeed?
  • How much better will I feel after I’ve accomplished my to-do list, done something good for my body and soul and said a few prayers?
  • How much worse will I feel if I laze around and eat rubbish?

We can’t expect change without creating it. 

Tough times quotes and thoughts

See if these tough times quotes will help to keep you going on days that are tough. If not, search for more or try meditating.

“I have one life and one opportunity to make a dream a reality.” Eve Dawes

“Don’t quit now, you’re already in pain, keep going and get a reward from it” Eric Thomas

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I don’t want to live a life of wasted opportunities or regrets; that I didn’t do everything I could to be the best I can be and make the most of this one chance. 

I can’t change the people around me but I can change and challenge myself. If I bring the best version of me then I’ve already won.

What are your favorite ways to overcome tough times or tough times quotes?

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