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Top 5 On The Go Snacks | Healthy and Easy Snacks

Top 5 On The Go Snacks | Healthy and Easy Snacks

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Nutritious and Healthy Snacks That Will Survive In Your Bag and Help Avoid Getting Hangry!

On the go snacks that are also healthy can be hard find that won’t spoil, melt or crumble in your bag! And that don’t require silverware, refrigeration or heating up and that are actually healthy not deceptively healthy (granola bars and fruit smoothies I’m talking about you).

Top 5 healthy, easy and tasty on the go snack ideas

These healthy snacks will leave you feeling good and are high in protein and flavor!

Healthy on the go snacks

  1. Fruit, fruit cup, raw vegetables

  2. Meal replacement shake

  3. Whole food or protein bars like Optimum Nutrition Meal Replacement Shake or Quest Bars

  4. Raw unsalted nuts

  5. Rice cakes or any flavor. The individual bags make it easy to grab and go. Throw them at the top of you bag to try and prevent them getting crushed as much as possible. Or home made oatcakes, get my Mums healthy gluten-free oatcake recipe here.

What are your favorite and nutritious on the go snacks? Share them with us in the comments below or tag me on social media @evedawes

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