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5 Ways to Conquer Transitional Style Guilt Free

5 Ways to Conquer Transitional Style Guilt Free

Transitional Styles Under $30 To See Us From Day to Night Without Denting Our Bank Accounts

Review | Femme Luxe Fineries Newest Collection

Transitional style is actually one of my favorites as it means getting to wear my favorite outfits for longer by making them work for more than one season. I’m breaking away from doing just review fashion blog posts to more contextual pieces I hope you’ll find more helpful and to give them context.

Conquering transitional style

I’ve listed these transitional styles from my favorite to the one I’ll only wear once and then donate. The styles are probably aimed more at 20-something’s but I always manage to find something from Femme Luxe Finery. I believe in wearing what makes you feel good and not in letting age define you or dictate what some say you should wear.

I’m always on the hunt for investment pieces; designer shoes, handbags and accessories but when it comes to clothes that are going to be in and out of fashion, I love finding a steal. There are certain trends you know will last or things you have to have but for the rest…

Fast Fashion pieces have their pros and cons, so you can to decide what’s right for you. However, fast fashion will always be helpful at keeping our wardrobes up to date and we can do our part by recycling/donating them.

I hosted a clothing swap at the lipstick lab for a friend who was doing it for charity last year. I definitely want to throw more clothing swap parties so that our clothes get some extra wear and love. Plus, it’s a great excuse to hang out with the girls.

What is transitional style?

Transitional style is clothing and outfits that you can interchange between season. Meaning they’ll carry you through the in-between seasons, when the weathers undecided and it’s too cold for your  Spring/Summer wardrobe and too hot for your Winter wardrobe.

What size should I order from Femme Luxe Finery?

For reference I’m 5’2”, size US 00/0 | UK 6-8 – 32D-24-32 if that helps guide your size choice. I always note on each outfit if I think it runs true to size or whether you should size up or down to save time dealing with exchanges and returns.

The On Trend Statement Top

White Organza Puff Sleeve Ribbed Top – Callahan £14.99/$20.00

I loved this on Femme Luxe Fineries website but wasn’t sure about the material (sheer organza sleeves and ribbed tee) or amount of pouf when it arrived.

I love puff shoulders but even for me it’s a bit of a fashion risk wearing shoulders this puffy. After the first compliment wearing it I was digging it, so don’t be scared to give a woman a compliment. Sprinkle those around like confetti. It’s weird, how we sometimes need other women’s approval to feel confident.

Pro Tip: I used makeup setting spray to avoid getting makeup on this white top or you could just get dressed first. I just never know what I’m going to wear until the last minute so normally figure that out after I’m made up.

You need to wear a bra with this top as it is slightly see-through. Well enough to see the girls at least, but what do you expect for £14.99/$19.00! The torso also runs a bit short, and I’m short, so I’d say size up.

My business meeting attire always seems to be all black; black blazer, jeans, heels and bag. Which sometimes feel a bit uptight or harsh so this puff sleeve top really softened the look and felt ultra feminine.

Getting on the animal print trend

Ruffle One Shoulder Mini Dress – Alea £21.50/$28.00

Femme Luxe leopard print dress on fashion blogger Eve DawesUK 6 The animal print’s out of stock right now but the black polka dot and white polka dot are in stock and on sale.

I have this same dress in a polka dot print so I knew the fit and quality and wanted something leopard print for this season.

Cats the movie may have been a flop at the box office and with the critics (I loved it, but that’s the musical theatre and ballerina in me). But it’s still spurred animal prints back to being everywhere. I’m not sure they ever left, but they’re definitely on trend right now.

This dress is perfect as a transitional style, especially with ankle boots/booties and a leather jacket (ankle booties are Herve Leger and the black leather moto jacket is about 10 years old from Michael Kors) or puff shoulder black blazer.

It’s super dry in Vegas so the material’s a little static; nothing some drier sheets, anti static spray and moisturized legs won’t fix.

If your legs are cold or pasty, bust out those Gucci tights again (getting my CPW out of these beauties for sure). Yes, it’s an affiliate link, but a girls got to eat!

Fashion blogger Eve Dawes modeling in between season fashion


Transitional Style Date Night Dress Edit

My hubby likes going out to eat so I probably have more date night dresses than most people would find necessary. I’m into red for all seasons, so I chose both in the red family.

Work to Play: Wine Belted Bodycon Midi Wrap Dress – Angelica £18 | $23

Femme Luxe Finery red bodycon dress blogger model Eve Dawes transitional style

Wearing a UK 8 | I recommend ordering 1 size up in this one

This off the shoulder dress was surprisingly good quality and can be worn on or off the shoulder. Which means you can wear it on your shoulders with a blazer for work and then slip off the blazer and shoulders, add some sexier heels and statement jewelry and you’re good for the evening.

I’m always cold so the long sleeves and thicker material spoke to me, plus the off the shoulder look. If I’m going to wear a hem this long, some skin needs to be on show. Not to be slutty but for a balanced feminine look that’s not frumpy. I’m still thinking of having it taken up though.

The ruching is super flattering for being able to eat, which isn’t the case with the next dress on the list.

A little bronzer on the shoulders goes a long way. I love the healthy glowy glam factor it adds.

Femme Luxe Finery SALE ALERT

Red Slinky Open Ruched Back Bodycon Midi DressAurelia Was $45 | Now $6.54

UK 6 | Should’ve ordered a UK 8.

This red dress was the only one I was disappointed in but it’s under $7! Definitely, size up in this one as it’s super snug. I know it’s a bodycon but you don’t need to see everything.

The straps aren’t adjustable and long for my short torso, if you’re over 5’5” it’ll probably be perfect and an easy fix with a few stitches which is worth doing for something this cheap.

The clothes from Femme Luxe Finery are cheap and sometimes you get what you pay for and other times I’m really impressed by them. The material on this dress does feel cheap and forget underwear; it’s not happening even in the tiniest of thongs and definitely break out the nipple petals unless that’s your thing.

This dress will work for 1 night out and is one of those distinctive dresses you’d probably only want to wear once. If you order up 2 sizes it could be a great dress to throw in your suitcase for beach resort dinners.

For me this dress is all about the back! Low sexy backs are brilliant for a subtle … factor and anywhere you put ruching is always going to be super flattering. I remember at ballet school ruching the front of all of my leotards to give them a more flattering neckline (this was before the boobs when I was totally flat chested).

Sizing tip

If the straps are too long and you don’t want to sew them, a simple cheat is to cinche them together at the back with a pretty brooch.

One of the other ways to conquer transitional style and in-between season fashion is with the right shoes. The right ankle boots go with pretty much any outfit and work from late Summer/Fall all the way through Winter to Spring. These are my favorite ankle boots for 2020/21 trending now.

Overall Impression | Femme Luxe Finery Review

I’m normally impressed with the quality of Femme Luxe Finery for the price point and if I give one recommendation it’d be to always size up. It’s easier to take something in than it not fit and it saves dealing with refunds or exchanges.

I haven’t tried to do a refund or exchange from Femme Luxe Finery but I’ve read mixed things about how hard/easy it is. If you’re in the US, make sure you shop from the US not the UK site and if you’re in the UK shop from the UK site. It’ll mean faster shipping and make it easier to get hold of customer support.

I’ve done quite a few Femme Luxe reviews, so I have a good idea of the fit and quality, etc. If you want to see more or have any questions DM me on Instagram or have a look at:

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