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Femme Luxe Finery Trending Business Casual & Date Night Dresses

Femme Luxe Finery Trending Business Casual & Date Night Dresses

Femme Luxe dresses review womens fashion

Femme Luxe work outfits, date night styles and what you need to know!

Femme Luxe Finery review and business casual women’s outfit haul! What size to order, quality, styling tips & everything else you should know about Femme Luxe. As well as the best business casual women’s outfits and date night dresses that they have online right now. {Gifted}

Working from home has meant a whole new way of dressing for work permanently for many of us. Whether that’s comfy casual but Zoom ready, half a business casual outfit on top and loungewear on bottom or full on business ready to create the right mindset for the day.

This year has meant a lot more people looking for fast fashion; more affordable fashion brands and outfits to save money. Especially when no ones going to see us besides those we have to video call or run into at the store.

Femme Luxe Finery

Femme Luxe Finery is a legit website and offers a wide variety of affordable fashion from loungewear to wardrobe basics to mini dresses. There’s a full Femme Luxe Finery review if you want more details about this online fashion brand.

While we are all stuck inside I’m trying to stay productive; blog, podcast and spring clean…anything to keep me out of the kitchen cupboards! I’m normally bad for online shopping and now that I’m on the computer and IG even more, it’s even harder to ignore ads and pretty photos.

For the first couple of days of social distancing, I was in my sweats, face masks and self-tanner but I’m way more productive and feel a million times better about myself if I actually dress for work in a business casual outfit even at home. It also didn’t seem professional showing up for my online coaching clients without my face on.

I still stay comfortable as much as possible and love an excuse to not wear makeup but clothes also make a huge difference in how I feel. When I’m in my sweats with no makeup on, I just want to curl up on the couch with wine, Netflix, my cats and hubby!

What styles does Femme Luxe Finery have online?

Like most online stores, I don’t love everything from any of them. However, most of them, including, Femme Luxe have such a vast collection of styles. As everyone has different tastes and they’re trying to cater to everyone which means I can always find something from Femme Luxe.

Plus they always have major sales which is becoming more important now that many peoples jobs and income is more volatile. I like Femme Luxe for picking up seasonal fashion pieces so I don’t look like I’m old and out of touch, rather than classic pieces that I’d normally spend more on.

How does Femme Luxe Finery sizing run?

I’ve listed the sizes I wear in the UK and US and that I ordered besides each outfit. A lot of manufacturers will show a different conversion chart but this is what I actually wear in both countries and find to be more accurate.

There is no way I’m a UK 4, like the conversion makes it, it wouldn’t go over my thighs or boobs! Sometimes I order a UK 6 and sometimes an 8 from Femme Luxe. I gauge it by how I want it to fit and how much stretch the material has.

I have so much of their clothing now, I know how it’s going to come up on me. For reference I’m 5’2” (on a good day), 32D/34B-24-32 UK 6-8 | US 00/0 | European 36-38.

Femme luxe pink bodycon dress fashion blogger Glamour Gains

Femme Luxe Finery Review

What’s the quality of Femme Luxe Finery clothing like? Instagram hype or worth it?

The brands pricing makes you think the clothes will fall apart of the first wear and look cheap but I’ve been super impressed. Will they last more than 1 season? Yes. I’m into year 2 and their second time around and they’re still holding up. Which makes them an affordable way to keep your wardrobe on-trend for a good few wears.

Have I had a couple of loose threads? Yes, but I do with a lot of brands that I pay a lot more for. Have they fallen apart? Not yet. I probably get more compliments in these outfits than anything else, besides my shoes of course!

Femme Luxe Date Night Dress

*NEW SEASON Long sleeve polka dot dress

This Femme Luxe satin dress runs true to size and is lightweight enough for Spring and Summer but provides enough coverage for inside air conditioning. It can be worn on or off the shoulders and for more coverage either pin or use double sided tape on the deep V neckline. This material isn’t static which is great in the hot weather.

Femme luxe long sleeve polka dot dress Glamour Gains
Femme Luxe polka dot dress

*NEW IN Nude padded shoulder slinky bodycon dress

Femme luxe pink bodycon dress Eve Dawes

You’ll definitely need some double sided fashion tape and nipple petals with this Femme Luxe dress as it’s pretty wide cut and the materials thin. However, the padded shoulders are a nice touch for adding shape to this dress. Sizing runs true to size and it also comes in white. I’d be careful ordering the white though as I have a feeling it might be too see through based on the nude/blush pink version.

Femme luxe pink bodycon mini dress review

*NEW IN Black ruched one shoulder belted dress

This Femme Luxe Finery dress runs a little big, I ordered a UK size 8 and wish I’d ordered a 6 so that it was more fitted. It’s an easy dress to throw on and comfortable for date night dinners without being too short or too tight. It comes in a few different colors including a beautiful emerald green which I also have.

Black Floral Lace Puff Sleeve Bodycon Mini Dress | UK 8/US 0 | $19

Femme Luxe Finery  Black Floral Lace Puff Sleeve Bodycon Mini Dress  Fashion blogger model Eve Dawes Vegas

I got so many compliments on this ‘Kellen’ LBD. It checks so many trends: lace details, puff sleeves, big shoulders and is super flattering and super affordable!

Luxe it up with some more high end accessories (yup, the Gucci tights are still on repeat), sleek hair and polished makeup and you’re good to go. It pulls on so there’s no awkward zipper you need help with.

I sized up in this which I’m glad I did as it’s pretty short and it fit perfectly. It has some stretch so it’s perfect for going out to dinner. Plus the wrists are fitted so there’s no material dangling in your food!

If you’re worried about your makeup getting onto the dress and your hair getting messed up, dress before doing your hair and makeup and to stop foundation going onto the high neck, spray your foundation that’s on your neck with hairspray. Setting spray won’t stop it transferring but hairspray works a lot better.

Dress care tip

Wash this dress on cool and hang dry to prevent it from shrinking.

Femme Luxe Finery Night Out Party Dress

Emerald Green Strappy Cut Out Side Bodycon Mini Dress | UK size 6/US 00 | $7

Femme Luxe Emerald Strappy Cut Out Side Bodycon Mini Dress Emerald Strappy Cut Out Side Bodycon Mini Dress from Femme Luxe Finery

When you have pretty much the entire place to yourself, you can shoot without feeling awkward, well almost!

Well, this was going to be my St. Paddy’s outfit before the World got cancelled and we all became hermits. So I wore it out in advance to snap these and am saving it for when a night out with the girls is back in the books.

I ordered a size 6 not an 8, as this style is supposed to be sexy and fitted. If you’re going to do something you might as well do it properly.

Green can be a really tough color to get right and not look like a tree or ready for a Christmas party but this emerald green is gorgeous and the material is thick enough for modesty but not too thick you’re going to melt!

Now for social distancing to end so I can get out with my girls and out of my sweats and fake tanner that I’ve been sat here typing in over the weekend.

On the plus side, my skins either going to be really good from all of the face masks and makeup free days or really bad from the chocolate, cake and wine haul!

All Business – Business casual outfit

Femme Luxe White Lace Crochet Sleeveless Bodycon Mini Dress | UK 6/US 00 | $18.59

Business casual dress Eve Dawes modeling Femme Luxe Finery white lace dress

I wouldn’t call it a ‘bodycon’ dress like they do, as it’s not skin tight and runs big, so size down. It’s really modest for Femme Luxe and a long enough mini to be work appropriate.

I ordered this dress as I thought it’d be great for business meetings or when I film my B.F.F. (Beauty, Fitness and Fashion) segments for Spill The Tea Live!

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Apparently, it’s now for working at home since all non-essential businesses here (Nevada) have been ordered to close for the next 30 days, so expect a lot more blogs from me and free virtual workout classes on my IG Live to work off the wine and chocolate.

It does have a full length zipper at the back but I managed to do it myself (small miracle) without ripping It! The materials pretty thick for under $20 and not see-through anywhere…always a bonus!

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I guess the only place I’m going right now is for more wine!

Day to Night – Femme Luxe Finery On Trend Top

Black Lace Puff Sleeves High Neck Top | UK 8/US 0 | $19.62


Eve Dawes Fitness Blogger anniversary of Glamour & Gains by Eve wearing Femme Luxe Finery

More lace and more puff sleeves…yes I’m a creature of habit but when I fall in love with a style I want it in everything!

I wore this during the day at the studio for the 1 year anniversary of my Glamour & Gains podcast where 9 of my favorite entrepreneurs, beauty experts, designers and hosts shared their top cruelty-free beauty, fitness and fashion tips for the hour long special!

I wish we could do it all the time, we had a blast and created such great content by collaborating. I’d do it for the blogs anniversary too but I can’t remember when I started blogging, it’s been so long. First it was Angel V Devil, then Fitness By Eve, Glamour and Gains By Eve and now Glamour and Gains. Is anyone an OG that was reading when it was Angel V Devil?

How to wear a sheer top

I’ve gone a bit lace and puff shoulder crazy this year, I love anything ultra femme, glam and that creates an hour glass silhouette. This top is actually completely sheer but I found a way to make it daytime appropriate by wearing a lace bodysuit underneath.

If you wanted to give it more of a sexy going-out feel you could just as easily wear a black bra or corset underneath but that’s a little out of my comfort zone. It’s actually got a really pretty scalloped hem but I decided to tuck it in for a more fitted silhouette.

I’m planning on pairing this Femme Luxe Finery black lace top with black jeans and sky high black stilettos next time. I think I also need it in white and/or pink for the Summer. I’m one of those girls that when they find something that works gets it in every color.

If there’s any Femme Luxe Finery styles on their website you’ve seen and want me to review let me know in the comments below.

Business casual fashion blogger Eve Dawes and friends champagne

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More Femme Luxe Reviews

If you’re looking to find out about more Femme Luxe Finery styles that aren’t just business casual outfits, I have several Femme Luxe reviews so you can learn more about their sizing, quality, styles, pricing, etc:

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