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5 Minute HIIT workout total body blitz with WBFF Pro

5 Minute HIIT workout total body blitz with WBFF Pro

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Fast, Effective, No Equipment Total Body Workout in 3 ½ minutes!

5 minute HIIT workout, how can a 5 minute HIIT workout even work and be effective? If you’ve done my other 5 minute workout videos and hiit total body workouts in the bodyweight workout series you know it’s possible and works. This 5 minute HIIT, actually its only 3 1/2 minutes but feels longer will get you sweaty, tired and work out your full body. No equipments needed for this full body blitz workout, so let’s go!

If you’re still doubting the effectiveness of a 5 minute workout or less, do the workout and then tell me that when you wake up the next day! Especially if you’ve done it on the beach, you’re going to feel it.

What’s the best quick and effective 5 minute hiit workout?

The best 5 minute hiit workout is one that works your entire body and that can be done anywhere. Which is why I like no equipment total body blitz workouts that get your heart rate up and that are intense.

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5 minute workout video | HIIT total body workout

Follow along with this 5 minute hiit workout video or screenshot the total body workout instructions below. You don’t need any equipment, just a little space. Warm up before hand to make sure you’re ready to go and mobile and don’t forget to stretch and cool down afterwards.



No Equipment 5 minute HIIT workout | Total Body Blitz workout

Perform each exercise either for:

  • 20 seconds in the order below with 10 seconds rest in between each


  • As many reps as possible in 1 minute and rest for 30 seconds before moving onto the next exercise.

  • You can also do more circuits if you want to workout for longer.

How to do the exercises in this 5 minute HIIT workout

Each exercise is linked to a video of the exercise if you’re unsure of anything or you can watch and follow along with me to the 5 minute HIIT workout video above.

  1. Walking lunges: Go LOW! 10 second rest

  2. Pop Squats: Go LOW to tone your booty 😉 10 second rest

  3. Curtsey Lunges: Knee touches floor each time. 10 second rest

  4. Narrow Stance Squat jumps without dumbbells: Try & keep knees in alignment, it’s tough in sand!!!! 10 second rest

  5. Squat (wide or narrow) with single leg lift to the side. Get down low in your squat. 10 second rest

  6. Jumping Jacks as fast as possible. 10 second rest

  7. Push Ups on feet or knees

Done!!! Back to the sun lounger and wine we go! Let me know if you’ve tried this 5 minute HIIT workout on Instagram.

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