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Spring Summer Fashion with Femme Luxe Finery | Fashion For Less

Spring Summer Fashion with Femme Luxe Finery | Fashion For Less

femme luxe affordable spring fashion

Femme Luxe Spring Fashion On a Budget

Femme Luxe Spring Summer fashion makes updating your wardrobe for 2021 affordable. Their styles are youthful, fresh and full of femme pieces. Think lace, bows, big shoulders and light colors. Spring Summer fashion 2021 finds from Femme Luxe Finery range from puff sleeve tops, to fitted dresses in lighter colors and the season essential: denim jean shorts.

I’ve been wearing more lounge wear than I’ve ever worn over the last year, so I’ve loved planning my Spring/Summer wardrobe as we finally have places to get dressed up for. I know my girlfriends and I have been busting out our highest heels, longest lashes and most sparkly outfits we have, we’re in Vegas after all and more is more. With a lot of peoples budgets being tighter than normal, most of us are looking for more affordable options. Which makes Femme Luxe Finery perfect for keeping up to date with trend and in style on a budget.

Femme Luxe Spring Summer Fashion 2021 Collection

Heads Up! Femme Luxe Finery Sizing. I’ve written their size conversions as well as my own. I don’t think any company ever gets it right as I’m a UK 6-8 and US 00/0, but for some reason all companies covert like this, not just Femme Luxe Finery.

Normally I order more UK 6’s, but right now, on the quarantine diet, AKA chocolate and wine, I’ve ordered more 8’s so I feel better about myself than stuffing myself into something too small.

NEW* Distressed Denim Cut Off Shorts

I ordered a UK 6 (US 0) in these Femme Luxe shorts and they run true to size. A lot of denim shorts gape at the back of the waist but these fit well all of the way around. The high waist is flattering and they don’t cut in like some jean shorts do. They also come in an acid wash if you prefer a lighter wash. I cut off the back of mine to make them the same length all the way around but still long enough to cover my butt.



White Lace Puff Sleeves High Neck Top – Lola

I’m wearing a UK 6 US/2 (closer to a 0)

Shop Femme luxe Finery UK US £15.99 | $20.99

Femme Luxe Finery review model Eve Dawes white lace blouse


Keeping on with my love for lace and big shoulders for Spring Summer fashion 2021! Everything lace and big statement shoulders are still in so I’m still getting my hands on as much of it as I can as I love feminine styles and fits.

Does anyone else buy the same thing in different colors when they find something that works? You might recognize a couple of styles but that’s because I tend to stockpile a style in different colors (or even the same, like the white lined cami from ASOS $12.50 I got 4 of last year) when I find a style that works for me.

If I’m wearing cheap clothes like Femme Luxe Finery as they’re more of a fashion buy, I tend to always wear more expensive shoes, accessories and bags to make them look more polished.

Femme Luxe Finery Spring Fashion 2020 White Lace Long Sleeve Top

This lace top also comes in black (which I already own and reviewed), white and pink. I figured I’d go with white as it goes with everything.

Spring Fashion Femme Lace finery black lace top fashion blogger Eve Dawes


I’m wearing my own tank top underneath as this blouse comes sheer. So you’ll probably want to wear a tube top, tank, satin camisole or sexy bra underneath this shirt, unless see-through’s your jam.

I’m pairing this lace top with black jeans right now as it’s cold and rainy but it’’ll be perfect in Spring with my vegan pale pink leather skirt or Chanel style pink and white wool mini with some strappy heels.

Femme Luxe Finery white lace top model fashion blogger Eve Dawes sat working



Femme Luxe Spring Fashion 2021 – Dresses

Black Mesh Floral Sleeve Bodycon Mini Dress – Kellen UK 8 £19.99/ US 4 (more like a 0) $26.18

This comes lace sleeve dress comes in black, pink, green and white. I had so many compliments in the black one I got it in pink too. I love pastels for Easter and Spring so even though Easter this years at home, I have an excuse to dress up and it’s stretchy enough for Sunday dinner.

Femme Luxe Finery black bodycon dress model fashion blogger Eve Dawes


The floral design sheer mesh cuffed sleeve adds interest and make sit look more luxe than your average ribbed mini.

White One Shoulder Padded Bodycon Mini Dress – Unice UK 8 £14.99 /US 4 (fits like a US 0) $13.09

Eve Dawes fashion blogger model in Femme Luxe Finery White 1 sleeve fitted dress


This fitted white dress is also available in black but we’re coming into Spring so I’m trying to stay away from black and lighten up, also to lighten and brighten the mood.

Femme Luxe Finery model Eve Dawes white fitted long sleeve dress


Spring Fashion 2020 – 1 shoulder dresses and tops

I have a few one shoulder dresses as I think they’re super flattering. I ordered this thinking it could be business to cocktail hour dress with a blazer over the top (when we weren’t/aren’t quarantined).

It takes a little wiggling and arm flexibility to get the zipper all the way up yourself but it is possible. It needs a bra as it’s a little sheer but besides that, I think it’s a really flattering, unique, ultra-affordable sheath mini dress.

The shoulder could do with a little more support to keep the shape but what do you expect for $20 and you could always cut the shoulder pad out if you don’t like it or when the trend for big shoulders changes but for now I’m rocking out everything 80’s. OK, well maybe not everything, the 80’s can keep the bicycle shorts and Sun-in.

Fashion blogger Eve Dawes wearing Femme Luxe Finery spring fashion dress

Gifted Femme Luxe Finery .



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