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Best Sun Hats Summer| Stylish Sun Protection 2021

Best Sun Hats Summer| Stylish Sun Protection 2021

Sun hats summer hats ASOS fashion 2021

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5 Affordable Super Cute Summer Hat Styles Trending Now!

The best sun hats from a big ASOS women’s sunhat haul. Sun hats are always in fashion but ordering online can be a tough one, as we really have no idea what they’re going to look like on us (different face shapes, head sizes, etc than the model, etc). I love big, floppy Summer sun hats for sun protection and style but it’s really hard to tell what a fancy sun hat’s going to look like on. They always look great on the models, but IRL?!

Best sun hats ASOS 2021

Summer hat trends 2021

These 5 summer hats are all from ASOS, super affordable and range from $19-26. ASOS and Revolve are both great to order from as they both have great shipping and return policies.

I started my summer hat shopping this year in May as it’s already over 100° here in Vegas and it’s a way to cover my roots and keep my face out of the sun. I love the heat and Summer but try and keep my face out of the sun as much as possible. Living in Portugal and the Caribbean from age 19-28 took it’s toll on my skin so I’m a lot more cautious now and slather on that SPF.

What is the best sun hat?

Sun hats seem to be back in fashion in a big way and I’m really into the big floppy hats with bows but I also ordered a smaller boater style hat as the girls I’ve been seeing wearing them always look so stylish. I so wanted it to look good but it definitely wasn’t for me! Maybe I need to try another size or maybe I just don’t have the right head or face shape. Either way, it’s going back in the return pile.

I finally found one I truly love in this ASOS Summer hat haul, that has great structure and shape, and hopefully you will too from this selection of their best sun protection hats.

These sun hats for spring/summer 2021 are practical and fashion forward for whatever you’re planning on wearing them for. I know I’m not headed for the beach this Summer but even sitting out eating brunch with the girls I want to be covered.

Best Sun Hats for Women

Click to shop any of these sun hats below. Not just stylish but they’re also the best sun protection hats.

  1. South Beach Exclusive Oversized Boater Hat from ASOS With changeable bands in black and cream $23
  2. ASOS DESIGN natural straw easy boater with size adjuster $19
  3. ASOS DESIGN natural straw floppy hat with braid braid and size adjuster $26
  4. My Accessories London wide brimmed straw sun hat from ASOS with bow tie detail $26 the largest rim so probably the best hat to protect your face from the sun.
  5. ASOS South Beach Exclusive straw wide brim hat with black band $19. This has a great structure and shape and is one of my favorites of these best sun hats for women.

If you have any questions I didn’t answer in the video, please drop them in the comments below.

Now for somewhere to wear it

Now you’ve chosen the best sun hat for you, a girl can start planning or at least dream!…

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Shop the Best Sun Hats 2021

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