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What is Clean Beauty? Everything You Need to Know

What is Clean Beauty? Everything You Need to Know

Clean Beauty can be completely overwhelming but what even is clean beauty?

What is Clean beauty? It’s quite the buzz word but what exactly is it? Everyone has a slightly different opinion and it seems to mean something different to everyone. A bit like ‘clean eating’! It can cover everything from ingredients to packaging, environmental impact and sustainability.

To get some answers, simplify clean beauty, find out what really matters and has the biggest impact on our health I spoke to Cassandra McClure. She’s am international makeup artist and clean beauty advocate. This blogs just a snapshot of what we talked about, but she goes over everything in depth on this 2 episode podcast interview (both below). But first…

What is Clean Beauty?

Clean beauty products soap, oil and flowersClean beauty products soap, oil and flowers

What is Clean Beauty? In the words of the experts

Sephora describes clean beauty as

This seal means formulated without parabens, Sulfates SLS and and SLES, phthalates, mineral oils, formaldehyde and more.

I have no idea what “more” is?!


“Clean beauty is still open to interpretation. “Claims such as ‘natural’, ‘clean’, ‘green’ and ‘hypoallergenic’ have no set definition as yet and without a standard, can be misleading and open to misuse,” Année de Mamiel, founder of de Mamiel skincare and a pioneer of plant-based beauty.

Cassandra McClure: makeup pro and clean beauty advocate has less confusing answers.

Part 1: What You Need to Know About Clean Beauty With Beauty Expert Cassandra McClure

What is Clean Beauty and How Does it Impact Our Health and Environment?



Cassandra McClure Multi award-winning beauty makeup artist, entrepreneur, podcaster.Cassandra McClure: Multi award-winning clean beauty makeup artist, entrepreneur, podcaster.

Cassandra McClure: Multi award-winning clean beauty makeup artist, entrepreneur, podcaster.


How did you get into clean beauty?

After working in the beauty industry for 10+ years as an internationally recognized model, award-winning celebrity makeup artist, and founder of a luxury on-demand beauty company; I was shocked to discover that the products I was using all those years were literally making me sick (Psoriasis, vision loss and insomnia). Numerous visits to doctors revealed that I had developed allergies to common ingredients in many of the beauty products I’d been using all my life. Determined to improve my health without becoming dependent on medication, I did my own research. I discovered how many harmful ingredients are allowed in the products we all use every day. Within a few days of eliminating many of those products and replacing them with cleaner, safer ones, my symptoms cleared and my calling became even clearer.

Can you share about your clean beauty advocacy mission?

As a clean beauty advocate it is my mission to share what I’ve learned and educate my clients, fellow artists, and women around the world about the importance of ingredient safety. Which is why I launched my podcast, Clean Beauty in November ‘18. Where I highlight clean and sustainable brands I love. It is my mission to #ban1500 ingredients from personal care products by advocating for new laws to be passed for safer ingredients. Because women shouldn’t have to choose between safety and performance. And we should NEVER have to sacrifice our health in the name of beauty!

Cassandra did a 3 day detox from this ingredients and saw dramatic changes in her health in that short a time. She explains that the main trigger for her is fragrances. If you’re unsure what your main trigger is, she recommends keeping a journal of what you’re using. Then when you’re having flare ups or symptoms, see if you can trace it back to certain ingredients that seem to be a common theme when you’re suffering.

What’s scary is that many of those products that are toxic are still on the market.

So how do we choose products? What should we look for on the packaging or the ingredients?

When it comes to ingredients she recommends looking up anything your unsure of on EWG (Environmental Working Group). They list clean beauty products and breaks down each ingredient into how it affects your health and scores its safety rating.

Your definition of clean beauty?

To Cassandra, it’s not just about the ingredients (and I thought that was overwhelming enough) but she takes a 360 approach. She also looks at:

  • How green are they?
  • How are they developed?
  • Is it supporting local economy?
  • Is their sludge coming from their factories and plastic waste or is it biodegradable?
  • Do they give back?
  • How are they making a difference?

That’s a lot for any one to think about! So we don’t have to, EWG and her Clean Beauty podcast are an easier place for the rest of us to get informed.

Clean Beauty’s a huge topic and we got a little off track chatting so I broke it down into a 2 2 part podcast,

Part 2: Solving Clients Problems While Having A Philanthropic Core

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In part 2 Cassandra McClure shares with me the reason behind creating the Lash Binder™. A solution she’s created for clients struggling to apply false strip lashes. As well as how it’s benefitting those undergoing chemotherapy who’ve lost their eyelashes.

The first time I had to wear strip lashes I was 11 and it was to perform in the ballet Coppelia. I’ve been hooked ever since, on and off stage. They make me feel more girly and I tend to be more expressive as I’m more aware of my eyes. But…I also have super sensitive eyes, the sun, wind and lash glue make them water and forget about lash extensions. I’ll do them once or twice a year for vacation but it’s an hour of burning, streaming eyes and I don’t have the time for them. Plus, am I the only one that thinks they’re an expense I can do without? Give me my $2 strip lashes or magnetic lashes and I’m good to go.

I was taught my older cast members how to do mine and figured out my own way through trial and error. Personally, I find this works best for me.

How to apply eyelashes

  • After priming and applying eyeshadow, apply eyeliner on your upper lash line and let it dry.

  • Trim the lashes to size, then apply a thin line of brush-on glue and let them dry for 20-30 seconds.

  • Line the lashes up at the outside corner of your eye and lay it along the lash line

  • Pinch and gently press the lashes down into the lash line, and then push them into the lash line with an angled eyeliner brush.

  • Wait for them to completely dry before using an eyelash curler and mascara to gently blend them in with your real lashes.

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  • Apply another coat of eye liner on the upper lash line and then finish with liner and mascara on the lower lash.

What was your inspiration for creating the Lash Binder?

Cassandra McClure heard all of the lash application issues from her clients and created the Lash Binder to try and make applying lashes easier. If you’ve watched Youtube videos, jabbed yourself in the eye with tweezers (do not use tweezers to apply lashes), glued your eye closed or got glue in your eyes, dropped them on the floor and had cat fur stuck to your lashes, the Lash Binder might be worth a go. But the best part is that while making it easier to apply lashes, it helps those undergoing chemo. I love products with a feel good factor.

What made you choose those undergoing chemotherapy to support?

Cassandra was working with an Oncologist, who brought up the issue of chemo and losing eyelashes and felt compelled to help.

What’s Your Favorite Lash Glue?

Cassandra has been on the hunt for a completely clean lash glue and hasn’t found one yet. She’s currently working on creating a completely clean eyelash glue. Watch this space, I’ll share when she does! If you know about one, share it with us in the comments below so I can add it to this blog.

How can we help you help those undergoing chemotherapy?

Each time a lash binder is sold, one is also given to a woman undergoing chemotherapy that is losing her eyelashes. Want to help:  Cassandra’s giving us $5 off, use code eve$5off

What and Where is the Clean Beauty Retreat?

In February 2020 Cassandra hosted the first-ever Clean Beauty Business Retreat in Carmel-By-The-Sea. Where 2 dozen women connected with industry experts like green scientist Barbara Paldus, CEO of Codex Beauty and Oncology surgeon Dr. Shyamali Singhal.



Beauty expert blue dress sat on chairClean Beauty Expert and Summit Founder sat on chair

Where to Find Cassandra McClure

Clean Beauty Advocate, Educator and creator of the Lash Binder™. A tool that makes strip eyelash application quick and easy. What I love most about everything she’s doing is her philanthropy. For every Lash Binder sold, 1 is donated to a Chemo patient that has lost their lashes.

Cassandra McClure Beauty Blogger, Podcaster and International Makeup Artist  Cassandra’s giving us $5 off, use code eve$5off

Lash Binder Instagram

More about Cassandra

Internationally recognized, multi award-winning makeup artist, entrepreneur and podcaster. Cassandra’s work has been featured in publications, on celebrities and on T.V. She is widely recognized for being a passionate clean and green beauty advocate and sought out for her role in leading the niche space.

She’s also the Co-founder of the Where she volunteers as the beauty director to educate the community on the detrimental environmental impacts of the industry. Cassandra’s mission is to legally #Ban1500ingredients in the U.S. including fragrance and has interviewed over 50 female beauty CEO’s that support the mission.

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