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Eat drink and be merry but healthy

Eat drink and be merry but healthy

How To Stay Healthy When Socializing

Healthy things to do that don’t all involve eating and drinking out but still include having a social life. While I subscribe to the eat drink and be merry philosophy, I also like to find a balance that’s healthy and realistic. No one wants to be a deprived hermit but overindulging all of time doesn’t make us feel great either. It’s all about finding a balance and having the best of it all.

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Secrets to Socializing and Staying Slim

It’s not easy having a busy social life and making smart food and drink choices; it’s all too easy (and fun) to meet for happy hours, cocktails, brunches and decadent dinners. All of which are harmless enough once in a while, but can add up if they’re an everyday or frequent occurrence such as when you have guests stay.  Doing workouts or classes together maybe fun but you can’t really talk to each other during that time either.

Living so far away from my family and the friends I grew up with, I often have people stay for extended periods of time. Going out to lunch and dinner everyday for a couple of weeks really starts to pile on the calories, even when making smart food and drink choices, as the portions are often way bigger than we’d eat at home. Besides the obvious e.g. choosing organic or restaurants that offer healthy options, here are a couple of ‘eating’ alternatives to help manage your lifestyle when out without taking away from the enjoyment.

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Healthy Eating Out Alternatives

  • Organic juice bars instead of lunch

  • Dine-in cinemas, so they can eat and you don’t have to, without the awkwardness of sitting watching them.

  • Cute one-off coffee shops and juice bars to sit and chat, which is often more social than trying to catch up in a noisy bar anyway.

  • Hosting dinner or drinks, that way you’re completely in control of food, drink and portions.

  • Mani-Pedi’s or spa days

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With local friends, I don’t need to show around and play tour-guide to, I love having them over so that way I’m completely in control of what we eat and drink. I make everything from scratch from the guacamole, dips, crudités, canopés and cocktails. You can even puree fresh fruits rather than using store bought mixers/juice/soda. Check out the recipe section for ideas.

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More Easy Tips For Staying Healthy While You Socialize

If you travel a lot for work or pleasure be sure to check out Healthy Options And Advice When Making Food Choices on Business Travel if you’re trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle on the road.

What do you do when you want to eat drink and be merry and social but healthy?

Leave your comments on how you stay healthy when socializing below to help inspire others.

Eve xo

Eat drink and be merry

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