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Glam Makeup Looks | Golden Glow Ready Carpet Ready Makeup Tutorial

Glam Makeup Looks | Golden Glow Ready Carpet Ready Makeup Tutorial

glam makeup golden glow red carpet blonde Eve Dawes wearing Faviana gown

How to get an easy golden glow and glam makeup looks

Glam makeup looks don’t have to be super heavy or all about a red lip, some can be a glamorous golden glow that’s more bronzed goddess than smoky. As a pageant beauty queen, I was always having my makeup done or doing it myself for events, so I’ve picked up a lot of glam makeup tips along the way.

This is one of my favorite, quick and easy, shimmery golden glow glam makeup looks because every queen likes to glow. I love this classic look as it won’t date.

glam makeup looks red carpet Eve Dawes beauty blogger black sequin gown

How to get a golden glow

The best way to get glam makeup and a golden glow starts with good skin and good foundation application. You’ll also want to find a beautiful gold highlighter, metallic eyeshadows and luminescent setting spray. I’ve shared all of the makeup used for this glam makeup below the video.

When Beauty Blender came out with their new Beauty Queen edition you know I had to jump all over it. I’ve been using a beauty blender for as long as I can remember and this crown packaging and pink sponge was an easy sell to me. As the girlier the better in my opinion.

There are cheaper options than Beauty Blender and I’ve tried many but I always come back to the Beauty Blender. The Beauty Blender makes being streak free super easy. Streaks do not make me feel regal!

Beauty Blender Application Tips

  • Dampen your beauty blender before use and squeeze well before using. If you use the sponge dry it will suck up all of the product rather than putting it on your face where you want it.
  • Bounce the beauty blender across the skin, don’t drag or smudge it across skin.
  • Wash after each use.
  • Beauty Blenders solid cleansing bar and textured, pink silicone pad make it easy to clean each time. I know I’ve been guilty in the past of not cleaning my sponges as often as I should but this definitely helps me make it part of my routine. I’m sure my skin thanks me for it!

To recreate this golden glow glam makeup red carpet ready look

Watch the quick and easy to follow youtube makeup tutorial.

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Golden glow glam makeup beauty blogger Eve Dawes red carpet black gown

Dress: Faviana S8011 and jewelry: Elementz By Prerna

Sponsored: Beauty Blender and Influenster

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