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Go Dash Dot Bags | How this Company is Empowering Women through Business

Go Dash Dot Bags | How this Company is Empowering Women through Business

Go Dash Dot by Hannah Fastov NYC Designed Bags. By Women For Women.
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Go Dash Dot bags Founder Hannah Fastov created go dash dot bags (Dash Dash Dot Dash Dash Dash means GO in Morse Code) to offer handbags like the Go Dash Dot infinity bag designed for the modern, adventurous, fearless, spirited woman on-the-go.

Women demand more! Women need more than ever before, as we juggle work, working out, family, friends, the list goes on. Our bags carry our lives at any given moment.

But none of us want to put our gym shoes in with our clean clothes, or food, or get our laptop damaged. Nor do we want to carry a massive bag into a meeting or restaurant, which is where the snap in & out pouch comes into play on the Go Dash Dot infinity bags.

Besides the separate yoga mat/shoe compartment and padded laptop section, the bag also has a water bottle pocket, zip compartments, and a machine washable laundry pouch. Oh, and it holds up to 22lbs!

4 women Go Dash Dot bags NYC gym

The philanthropic side of Go Dash Dot bags

As a pageant queen and philanthropist; I always lean towards companies that give back which is why I wanted to talk with Hannah. As Go Dash Dot supports the South Tribes Project, Sherab and My Sister’s Place. The hand-crafted tassles support migrant women from the southern tribes of Kyrgystan. While the Kera is what they have transformed into straps for their  handbags.

By investing in these art crafts, the company’s supporting and empowering these women by providing them with a stable income. With every purchase of a purple tassel, proceeds are split between the South Tribe and My Sisters’ Place!

I spoke with Hannah to find out more and to get her insights on what makes for a successful start-up of a product, what the future holds for her and how she chose the organizations to support.

What advice would you give to women with a product idea on how to get started?

Make sure to do your research! Although I am my own target demographic, I found it was very helpful to hear what other women had to say about their gym bags and gave me a lot of ideas to improve my product. In terms of getting started, don’t think too much! Learn as you go and be open to learning from others and watching your idea evolve.

Go Dash Dot bags Founder Hannah Fastov

How do you plan on growing Go Dash Dot bags in the future?

I plan on continuing to add to our Go Dash Dot product lines. In the future we may add more  product categories, in addition to bags, but we’re not there yet. I would like to push collaborations with other women owned business.

How did you choose the South Tribes Project and My Sisters Places as the 2 organizations to support? Why is their mission so important to you?

My goal with Go Dash Dot bags is to empower women. Whether that means getting to yoga before work, climbing the corporate ladder, or traveling the world, our bags will allow you the freedom to forget about the burden of your stuff and just do.

Many women don’t have the same opportunities. I want to work to support organizations that provide resources and support to enable more women to reach their personal goals. We met some of the women of the South Tribes at an artisans fair in Santa Fe and they were  great. They enjoyed telling us about their lives and how the cooperative has helped them; they are so proud of their work!

While I appreciate the need to help women globally, there are so many right here in our own community that are oppressed, abused and struggling not only to reach goals, but to just be safe. My Sisters’ Place helps victims of domestic  violence and human trafficking and provides resources to help them develop the strength they need to build their lives in safety.

Through their hard work and dedication to their organizations, women are given the freedom to live confidently and proud.

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