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Are these healthy foods doing you more harm than good?

Are these healthy foods doing you more harm than good?

Healthy foods that fall short of their name

Healthy foods and health food are often misused terms. I wanted to share with you an article from the Daily Mail on unhealthy health foods that may be insightful to many of you when making food and drink choices at the store, or when out. While I don’t agree with it word for word, it has some good key points.

I want to preface the article by saying it’s more about moderation, quality and portion control than actually avoiding these foods and drinks. But it does help to demystify some of the foods classed by companies as healthy foods in a marketing effort.


Healthy Food V Unhealthy Health Foods

Healthy Fats

We all need fat in our diets but in moderation. Too much fat, even of the healthiest kind is going to cause weight and heart issues among other problems.

I personally use some kind of oil or nut butter 4x daily, but I measure it, and only have 1tsp-1tbsp at a time. The rest of my diet is extremely clean and lean, so these essential fatty acids (EFA’s) are vital to me.

However, if you’re already getting fat from other sources then you don’t need the additional fat, and definitely need to use it sparingly rather than liberally. I also drink wine, and I’m not giving that up for any reason! We need certain things for our sanity and happiness.

Fruit Juice

With juices, choose mainly vegetable over fruit juices, and remember not all juices are created equal. Some juices from the store contain no actual fruit or vegetables but are made from concentrate, verses cold pressed juice places that are made purely from fresh produce and packed full of nutrients.


List of 10 of the worst health items from the grocery storeList of 10 of the worst health items from the grocery store

List of 10 of the worst health items from the grocery store


The Original Article

Nutritionist Reveals Not So Healthy ‘Health’ Foods

Remember, the healthiest foods don’t have labels or come out of a packet, they come straight from Mother Nature and the Produce section. Don’t fear these foods, just use common sense and moderation which is the key to long term success with your health and fitness goals. Remember not all so called healthy foods are healthy when over used.

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