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How to Declutter Your Closet & Love it Again| Wardrobe Organization Tips

How to Declutter Your Closet & Love it Again| Wardrobe Organization Tips

Spring cleaning closet clear out tips to make putting outfits together easier

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I declutter my closet, spring clean and switch up my closet every season to make everything easier to find and then store the rest away until it’s that season comes around again. It’s a lot of work at that time but makes life so much easier the rest of the year. It makes finding clothes and putting outfits together so much easier, makes sure you have only the clothes you’ll actually wear, clears out space for new pieces, helps to raise a little spending money and to be able to donate to charity. A closet clear out makes me feel so productive and excited to shop for new things.

How to Declutter Your Closet | The Purge

Before you bring your Spring and Summer wardrobe out, have a closet clear out by editing your Winter wardrobe and having a spring clean. How to spring clean your closet? I’ve found the best way to declutter my closet is to start with creating 4 piles of the clothes that I’m cycling out of my closet: store, sell, donate, trash.

Edit your winter wardrobe | Store, sell, donate or trash

  1. Storage
    This is everything you love, plus classics and anything you know you’ll wear again. If there’s clothing you didn’t wear because there wasn’t the occasion for it, did you wear it last year? Will you wear it next year? Then keep it. But if you didn’t wear it because it doesn’t make you feel great or is dated put it in one of the other 3 piles.
  2. Sell
    Any items of clothes, shoes and accessories that are in great condition but that either no longer fit, you haven’t worn in a while, or that you’re no longer loving. The RealReal is great for designer consignments and Poshmark or Ebay is good for everything else. Plus this gives us a little extra cash for something new for next season.
  3. Donate
    The 3rd is everything in good condition but that isn’t designer or worth reselling. Rather than throwing everything away, recycling clothes helps environmentally with sustainability and also has that feel good factor. Please only donate clothes in condition. Donation banks aren’t for your trash or dirty clothes, only donate clothes that are clean and wearable.
  4. Trash
    Declutter your closet even more by throwing away anything that you can’t repair and isn’t good enough condition to donate. There’s something so therapeutic and cleansing about decluttering, throwing things away and cleaning up space.

Organizing and Storing Seasonal Clothing

Before you store everything in pile 1:

  • Make sure all of the clothes you’re storing are freshly laundered or dry cleaned.
  • Put clothes in either boxes or storage bins that are big enough that you only have to fold them in half once to help prevent them creasing.
  • Leave everything on their hangers when you box them so that they’re easier to get out again.
  • For delicate materials and designer clothes, place them in a dry cleaning or suit bag to protect them. Consider moving them to another closet in the house instead of your master bedrooms. I keep all of my evening gowns which take up space under the stairs.
  • Put shoes and handbags in their dust bags if you have them and in a separate box to your clothes for hygiene and to keep your clothes clean. You can also stuff long boots and bags to help them retain their shape.

Once you’ve decluttered your closet and you’ve put your seasonal items in bins you can store them.

I prefer not to store the extra clothing boxes in my closet as I like in decluttered. If you’re struggling to find space to store your seasonal items, move your storage bins and bags to your spare room, garage, basement, attic, under the stairs, or under your bed (in an under-bed storage bin) to make the most of your space. A temperature controlled environment is best so if your garage gets extremely cold or hot, like it does in Vegas, it’s not the best option, for shoes especially.

Spring clean and edit your spring/summer wardrobe

Now that you’ve had a closet clear out, you can start unpacking everything from storage. Consider each piece you unpack the same way that you did with your winter clothes. Make sure you also try on any pieces you’re not sure if they still fit, if they don’t sell, donate or trash.

The idea is still to declutter your closet. Create the same 4 piles as before but add a 5th this time – dry clean, launder or repair.

declutter closet by trying everything on throwing away anything that doesnt fit

I love a new season and having a fresh edit of clothes. By having a spring clean a couple of times a year and getting rid of everything I no longer wear or that doesn’t make me feel good, it frees up space for new pieces on my wishlist. It also helps to stop me having those “I have nothing to wear” moments when I’m stood in a closet full of clothes that I won’t wear. It’s not wasteful getting rid of things, it’s wasteful saving them and taking up your space and energy.

I’ve found that having a garment rail of complete outfits I’ve planned for the week helps save time and to keep me organized.

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Find Spring Summer fashion and outfit inspiration

If you have 100 tops and bottoms and no outfits, have a look at Pinterest, fashion blogs, and magazines to find some inspiration and styles that resonate with you. Once you have some outfits in mind, figure out what you’re missing and shop for those rather than random pieces. That way your wardrobe stays decluttered and full of wearable outfits rather than pieces.

For me this seasons additions are quilted flats and floaty spring dresses with volume. I tend to lean more and more towards dresses than separates as it saves putting tops and bottoms together.

I hope this helps you declutter your closet, bring it back to life and to create a wardrobe you love and feel good in.

How to declutter your closet

To make life easier, Pin this step by step guide for later so you can easily access it and follow the 4 simple steps to declutter your closet.

How declutter closet step by step guide infographic

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