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Glowing Skin : How to get back that youthful glow!

Glowing Skin : How to get back that youthful glow!

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Nutrition, workout, skincare & stress reduction tips to get your glow on!

Glowing skin tips to beat dull skin and bring back that youthful lit from within look.

  • Beauty hacks to hydrate and glow from the inside out
  • Cruelty-free skincare products specifically designed to hydrate, fight dullness, fine lines and leave you glowing.
  • How to create positivity and minimize stress-another factor in skin problems.
  • How to get glowing skin video tips

Hydrate Your Skin From the Inside Out: Drink your water

Glowing skin starts with hydration (inside and out) and happiness, I’ll get to that. Dehydrated skin always looks duller and this fix is free (if you’re not doing bottled) and starts with water. At least with being home we’re close to our bathrooms! To give your liver a little extra love and help with cleansing and flushing alcohol add some fresh lemon to hot or cold water.

Get Nutrients Flowing To Your Cells: Workout

We know workouts are good for our overall health, burning calories, toning, mood, etc. But the improved circulation also helps keep our skin healthy and vibrant and bring back our natural glow. By increasing blood flow which carries oxygen and nutrients to our cells, it helps nourish them and also carries away waste products, including free radicals, from working cells. 

To Get Glowing Skin Eat Up! Get Your RDA of Healthy Fats

Foods like fatty fish (salmon, fresh tuna), avocado and walnuts aren’t just a good source of Omega 3 but also a good source of vitamin E. Vitamin E is one of the most important antioxidants for your skin and is essential for helping protect your skin against damage from free radicals and inflammation.

They’re also a source of high quality protein. Which is needed for maintaining the strength and integrity of your skin (5Trusted Source).

Another skin favorite they’re high in is Zinc, a mineral vital for regulating :

  • inflammation

  • overall skin health 

  • the production of new skin cells

Look for foods high in beta carotene like sweet potatoes, carrots, spinach and oranges. Beta carotene functions as provitamin A, which means it can be converted into vitamin A in your body. High amounts of beta carotene may also add a warm, orange color to your skin, contributing to an overall healthier appearance and that glow! don’t worry, you’re not going to look like an Oompa Loompa!

Hydrate from the Outside In: Skincare

Creating an even skin tone, minimizing fine lines and inflammation, hydration and light reflecting particles all help us to get glowing skin. Don’t worry, these products will make you glow not greasy!

Aging is cruel and my skincare regimes got more intense and more expensive to do everything I can for it. Coming into Spring, I’ve been trying to do less of a full face bake of makeup and go lighter and dewier. I’ve definitely found moving to creams and away from powders is helping, especially with highlighter. As well as placing the highlighter slightly lower and further away from the lines around my eyes.

Anyway…back to products designed specifically for a glow. 

Use a face oil (and full body oil): I’m currently using Image Skincare Vital C Face Oil at night which they sent me to try. I’ve been using Image Skincare forever, since my Mum got me hooked and you’ll find lots of reviews throughout this blog. This oil’s made from plant oils and fatty acids. Besides the scent, what I like most is that it’s lightweight but super hydrating which makes skin more radiant without a greasy residue. Use it as a night treatment on top of hyaluronic serum. Then during the day, try adding 1 drop either your daily moisturizer or foundation.

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During the Winter, you can keep going with acids and retinoids longer. I use Image Ageless Total Anti Aging Serum in the day as I find hyaluronic acid serums peel off under makeup). This serum doesn’t have retinoids but has alpha hydroxy acids which help get rid of dullness and smoothes fine lines. Use it under their Vital C Daily Moisturizer (50% off at Walmart right now). A brighter even skin tone does wonders for that glow.

Glow from Within Reduce Stress: Detox Toxic People and Your Environment

In simple terms: Stress causes your body to make hormones like cortisol, which tells the glands in your skin to make more oil. This then creates more problems like breakouts and rashes. Detoxing doesn’t just apply to your diet but who and what you surround yourself with. Social distancing is the perfect time to detox not just your home but any other negative influences in your life.

Stay positive and do what makes you feel good-long baths, Netflix, detoxing your wardrobe and makeup bags and drawers, video chats, etc.

Get Your Tan On: Fake Bake It!

There are so many things I love about fake tanning. It reminds me of being on holiday, makes me feel slimmer, makes my skin tone look more even and hides bruises. I’ve flitted between a few brands but you know I’m a FakeBake girl. I just posted a before and after photo using their tanning mousse on Instagram, I tanned just 1 leg to show the difference (the things I’ll do!).

I love that the color is brown, not orange but my favorite product is still their Tanning Water as I like to do it in the morning and wash off before bed so I’m not sticky at night or telling my husband off for messing it up! They also make one specifically for the face so it doesn’t sit in your pores and has extra hydrating botanicals and skincare ingredients (clinical levels of Serdma’s Matrixyl-3000, which work to reverse the aging process and reduce the appearance of wrinkles). I recommend using a small amount and building color gradually to your face over a few days. It’s more mistake-proof this way!

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