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How to Support the American Cancer Society | Las Vegas Charities

How to Support the American Cancer Society | Las Vegas Charities

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Cancer fighting females – Get involved with charities in Las Vegas

The American Caner Society has lots of ways you can get involved in helping them fight cancer. If you’re looking to get more involved with a charities in Las Vegas and cancer awareness and prevention means a lot to you, the Las Vegas Power in Purple Campaign is a great way to get involved. It runs annually and is exclusively made up of women. Basically a female version of the American Cancer Society’s ‘Real Men Wear Pink‘ campaign.

Some of the past fundraisers arranged by the Power in Purple women include Spin classes, clothes swaps, beauty events and companies donating a percentage of sales from their company.

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. Winston Churchill

Power In Purple Women Raising Funds for American Cancer Society

Why Purple for Power in Purple? 

Because NOT all cancers are pink and purple is the color of all Cancer survivors.

Why the American Cancer Society? 

There are so many charities to support but with so many people affected by cancer whether a family member, friend, or themselves, I felt compelled to help. Cancer statistics are staggering and heartbreaking; more than 1 million men and women are diagnosed with all types of cancer each year.

The Power in Purple campaign in Nevada is led by women in Las Vegas from January-April each year to raise awareness. As well as funds to support the American Cancer Society and to help save more lives than ever before. When we support this cause (or any) together we are stronger and more impactful.

Dawes Custom Cosmetics is committed to supporting the community and giving back. As the founder, I believe it’s important to lead by example and be a valuable contributer to our community.  The Power In Purple campaign is just one of the charities our Cosmetics For A Cause program supports. Each year for a limited time we release our limited edition Power in Purple collection where a percentage of sales is donated to ACS. 

Let’s create a world free of cancer, please join me in the fight against cancer.

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Help the American Cancer Society from your couch

Join me in the fight against cancer for as little as $5!

Thank you!

American Cancer Society Las Vegas charity Eve Dawes filming camera

Other Charities in Las Vegas

To find and filter through all of the fun charity events you can get involved with in Las Vegas check facebook events. Whether it’s a fitness class, beauty, or sitting on your couch hitting the donate button you can filter by exactly what you’re looking for by location and on the dates that you’re available.

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