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4 Minute Leg HIIT Workout at home | Effective Lower Body Exercises

4 Minute Leg HIIT Workout at home | Effective Lower Body Exercises

Leg Training On The Go.
High Intensity Interval Training | No Equipment Needed.

Leg HIIT workouts are such a great time saver and super effective way of getting a quick and effective leg and cardio workout in at home or anywhere. The best part of this plyometric, no equipment Leg HIIT workout at home is that you can make it your own to suit your needs and it uses body weight only. HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training and is a great way to get your strength training done in less time.

You can get so much work done during this 4 minute, plyometric based hiit workout. There’s very little rest which is great for cardiovascular and muscular endurance. High intensity leg workouts are a great addition to your training program when you’re short on time or can’t get to the gym.

You can do this leg hitt workout as a warmup, once through, or even as circuits for a more intense and longer plyometric cardio workout. You don’t even need an exercise mat for these lower body plyo exercises.

No Time? No Equipment? Not a problem! I’ve got you covered with this no gym equipment cardio based Leg HIIT workout


HIIT Cardio workout WBFF Pro Eve Dawes blue bikiniEve Dawes bikini leg hitt workout


Leg HIIT Workout at Home | Plyometric Interval Training

It doesn’t matter what your fitness level is for this hiit routine as you’re in control of your speed and effort. Make sure you have enough space and do a few minutes of dynamic stretching to warm up both your lower body and upper body. You can also take the first round easy as a warm up circuit before going into maximum effort circuits.

For the best results from HIIT workouts and interval training you really need to go 100% during the exercise with good form as they’re for such a short period of time. During the short rests keep gently moving e.g. step taps, arm circles, low impact jog on the spot rather than standing completely still. Also, remember to cool down at the end and do some static stretches, especially of your hip flexors, quads and calves.

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Perform all of these plyometric lower body workout exercises consecutively with proper form e.g core engaged and using complete range of motion. This complete workout isn’t based on the number of repetitions but is timed instead. Complete the entire workout before repeating the circuit.

Plyometric Leg HIIT Workout

  1. 45 Seconds High Knees. Starting position: standing position upright with feet parallel underneath you. Run as fast as you can on the spot getting your knees as high as possible.
  2. 15 Second Rest
  3. 45 Seconds Pop Squats (get low)
  4. 15 Seconds of Rest
  5. 45 Seconds Hip Thrusters
  6. 15 Second Rest
  7. 45 Seconds Jumping Jacks
  8. 15 Second Rest

Copy and save this workout to your phone for easy reference. You can repeat this HIIT circuit as many times as you want whenever you’re looking for a great option for short workouts.

Leg HIIT Cardio Workout at Home | Interval Training YouTube Workout Video

What’s your favorite plyometric or HIIT cardio workout exercises? Leave a comment below or message me on Instagram @glamourandgains and I’ll add it to one of the upcoming workouts. After all, Glamour and Gains is about YOU, not about me.

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