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How to practice self care and learn to say No!

How to practice self care and learn to say No!

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Breaking through the mental health stigma & self care ideas

There are so many facets and types of mental health that could be covered, but in this episode we’re concentrating on mental health awareness and self care ideas. Along with advocacy, why mental health is important, how to take care of our own mental health and self care ideas.

I met TrinaMarie through coaching her for her pageant, where I learned all about her platform and experiences with mental health.

I’m always interested in what shaped people into the person they are today and the motive behind their missions. I asked TrinaMarie to share with us about her mental health advocacy and her own experiences.

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TrinaMarie’s Education

TrinaMarie is a graduate of the University of Nevada Las Vegas, where she has a degree in Business Administration with an emphasis on Human Resources. For the last 15 years she has led, mentored, and invested in the growth of employees while partnering with companies. 

She’s also a graduate from the School of Counseling & Human Services where she received her Masters.

She’s currently working in Real Estate which has more to do with mental health than you might realize, in creating a safe and positive space.

Mental Health Stats

“One doctor commits suicide in the U.S. every day — the highest suicide rate of any profession” WebMD

That’s higher than in the military!

“Suicide is the third-leading cause of death for 15- to 24-year-olds, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), after accidents and homicide.”

These are just a couple of the scary stats that inspire TrinaMarie to push for better mental health care education and support. She really wants to have mental health care education and resources in schools. Especially as the teen suicide rate is so high and is trying to reach the Governor to present her ideas.

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Let’s start at the beginning, why is mental health, what is self care and why is it so important?

TrinaMarie and her brother were abused by her Mother as a child and placed in foster care but she doesn’t blame her Mum. She just wishes her Mom had had the help she needed and she wants to prevent it from happening to anyone else.

How to practice self care, advocate for better mental health care and education and being ok with saying No

Listen to what she has to say on the podcast:

Also in the podcast interview

  • Self care ideas: Things we can do to improve our mental health.

    TrinaMarie shares some of her favorite ways to relieve anxiety and stress and get her mind frame set in the right way. Which includes meditation, journalling, support systems and the space we live in.

  • It’s ok to say no with no explanation

    As women especially, we tend to feel the need to justify why we’re saying No. If we can say No at all! Most of the women I talk to are conditioned to say Yes and take on way too many things which then leads to stress and anxiety trying to please everyone. My husband even had a t-shirt made for me once that said ‘The answer is No!’ as I couldn’t say No to anyone at work.

  • Meditation – why and when

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    I use the Insight Timer or Peloton apps but if you prefer to, or want to try a full body scan relaxation like yoga nidra, here’s a free one you can try.

    It took me until 18 months ago to start meditating! As I thought it was a complete waste of time and I got frustrated just lying there (I’m not good at doing nothing). Now, it’s a nightly habit for me.

    I do 10 minute sleep meditations lying in bed as I’m trying to fall asleep to try and focus my mind on the meditation. Rather than the thousand other thoughts flying around my head. For others, like TrinaMarie, she prefers to do them in the morning. So it’s a case of finding what you need and what works for you. Whether it’s a gratitude, success, confidence, peace, or sleep meditation.

  • Journalling to clear the mind, have a plan of action, and feel accomplished

    This can be whatever you want it to be. Whether it’s more of a diary to release stress and count blessings, affirmations or lists. I’ve always been a fan of lists and checking off jobs as I go. It’s a good tip for having a sense of accomplishment and feel less overwhelmed.

Where to find TrinaMarie Shaw

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@BeingTrinaMarie Instagram

Blog and Podcast a lifestyle and mental health awareness blog.

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