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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2020 Ultimate Guide to The Most Wanted

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2020 Ultimate Guide to The Most Wanted

Nordstrom anniversary sale 2020 official bannerNordstrom anniversary sale 2020 official banner

Best of Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2020

Women’s Fashion, Accessories, Shoes and Bags | Home | Cruelty-Free Beauty

Welcome to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2020 Sale Guide. I’ve put together this year’s Nordstrom Anniversary sale guide including key Nordstrom sale dates for when the sale starts for different tiers. As well as my favorite sale items in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2020 which I’m updating daily as new items hit the sale!

I’ve curated the guide by category, with the best finds for women’s shoes, handbags, accessories, outfits, coats, home and cruelty-free beauty.

If you’re an insider you might already be in, lucky thing! Otherwise cardholders get access on August 13th and the rest of us can start shopping the sale on the 19th BUT everyone can preview the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale here to make it quicker and easier to shop when it’s time. 

Check back often for new Nordstrom Anniversary sale items

Be sure to bookmark this page and check back for the latest styles and items as I’m adding more items daily via my page, as Nordstroms adds new items to their sale.

Add your favorites to your wishlist ahead of time or shop now if you already have access.

What is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2020?

Nordstrom’s anniversary sale only happens once a year and sells out fast which is why being an insider helps as you get early access.

Don’t worry if you’re not an insider. You can preview the sale now and start adding to your wishlist by clicking on any of the images in this blog post.

Nordstrom offers free shipping and returns which is always a bonus. Actually for me, returns are pretty much a non negotiable when shopping, unless I absolutely know it’s going to be perfect.

The sale includes deals on top brands, including SMEG, Diptique, All Saints, Spanx, Madewell, Patagonia, Ugg, Adidas, Kendra Scott, Tom Ford, Riedel, and more.

When is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale? Key Nordstrom Sale Dates

The Nordstrom sale is open now for certain insiders. Nordstrom cardmembers get to shop the sale before everyone else during Early Access. If you want early access to the sale, you can apply for a Nordstrom credit card to unlock Early Access.

Nordstrom sale dates

  • Sale open now to select insiders depending on your Nordy Club status

  • August 13th for Nordy cardmembers

  • August 19th sale opens to everyone

  • Canada August 19–September 3

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2020 key dates icons, ambassadors, influencers, insiders, everyoneNordstrom Anniversary Sale 2020 key dates icons, ambassadors, influencers, insiders, everyone

How Can I Shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Now?

You can preview the sale before August 13th and start adding to your wishlist now by clicking on any of these photos and hearting them so that you’re ready to shop as soon as you can to help get in before they sell out. Then as soon as you have access to the sale via the nordstrom sale dates above you can add them to your cart.

Best in Nordstrom Sale | Women’s Fashion and Accessories

Nordstrom womens dresses, jackets, spanx leggingsNordstrom anniversary sale womens dresses, jackets, spanx leggings

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I live in Vegas but still think I can never have too many jackets. Especially in neutral shades, like this white one from All Saints that goes with anything and is a good transitional season piece. This is a great jacket for throwing over a feminine summer dress for an edgier look or with jeans and booties for cooler evenings to see you through Fall too.

Spanx is no longer the brand name you whisper about or are embarrassed to be wearing. I love my black faux leather Spanx! They hold everything in without sucking the life out of me and mine are going into their 3rd Fall/Winter of wear and still looking good!

If you’re looking for gifts, this Kendra Scott gold friendship bracelet comes with 2 stone options (white or blue) and is under $30 so stock up and save for Christmas presents for all of your girl friends.

A quilted black wallet on a chain is a classic and wardrobe staple that always looks elegant and luxe. I’m a but partial to Ted Baker and All Saints as they’re English brands.

Nordstrom has some really lovely Tom Ford Sunglasses on sale worth snapping up. I wear sunglasses out 365 days a year, even when it’s overcast to help prevent wrinkles around my eyes. The more glam the style the better.

Best in Nordstrom Sale | Home

There are more products linked in this photo if you click on it than shown. I just didn’t want the photo completely cluttered and the images be so small you couldn’t see what they are!

Nordstrom anniversary sale 2020 best home sale picksNordstrom anniversary sale 2020 best home sale picks

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My niece is going to love these retro SMEG kitchen appliances. They have them in the sale in a few colors but this rose gold kettle and toaster caught my eye.

If you know me, you know I love wine but am also a complete clutz. I’ve broken more Riedel glasses than I care to admit as they’re super fine. I’m snobby about what I drink out of though and at least the stemless versions stand more chance around me than the long stemmed ones.

While you’re in wine shopping mode, don’t forget this modern wine holder and marble lazy suzan charcuterie board to up your hostess points and Pinterest pics.

I’ve always wanted to try and indoor living garden, as the outdoor garden thing doesn’t really happen in Vegas. I’ve been trying fruit trees for 3 years and this years the first year it looks like I may have some success, maybe! Green fingered friends, leave me your tips! I actually think I may stand a chance with this indoor one.

Best in Nordstrom Sale | Cruelty-Free Beauty

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If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know that one of the products that consistnely shows up is Olaplex because I swear by this cruelty-free, vegan haircare line. My hairdresser uses it every time she does my color and then I have No. 3-6 at home. It’s really helped prevent breakage and allow it to grow.

Diptique is one of those iconic brands I always buy as a gift and end up keeping for myself! I love the mini candles and haven’t decided which scent I like most. Plus its one of the few luxury scent brands to be cruelty-free!

I only got into Charlotte Tilbury last year when I won some of her products at the Nordstrom Influencer Lab event. It was her Chameleon eye pencil for hazel eyes that got me hooked and had me ditch my black winged eyeliner for the first time in decades. Her skincare’s pretty amazing too for creating a smooth, glowy base for makeup.

Kate Somerville tends to be the skincare I switch to in winter. I don’t exfoliate or peel in the Summer but in Winter I do her Exfoliakate (that’s not a typo, it’s the name) once a week. It may seem expensive but it lasts me all season if not 2 as with this treatment a little goes a way. Plus it’s super quick to do, 3 minutes at the most which is more me and my lifestyle than long facials.

Best in Nordstrom Sale | Women’s Shoes, Boots and Bags

Nordstrom Anniversary sale women’s boots and handbags brown, cream, blackNordstrom Anniversary sale women’s boots and handbags brown, cream, black

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2021

As soon I have the dates and access to the sale, I’ll create a Best of Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2021. Along with the key dates and everything else you need to know for a successful sales haul.

If there’s anything I missed in this guide or something you really liked, please let me know in the comments so I know to include it next year. 

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If you’re trying to minimize spending and just grab a few key seasonal trends for 2020, this guide will help you.

I feel like hats really complete an outfit and show your personality. I’m a bigger the better kind of hat girl, whats your style? This might help if you need help finding a hat to suit you under $50.

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