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The Real Real Review + How to Sell, Buy & Support Sustainable Fashion With Luxury Consignment

The Real Real Review + How to Sell, Buy & Support Sustainable Fashion With Luxury Consignment

the real real bag and champagne in the realreal store

The Real Real | How TRR is Revolutionizing Luxury Consignment, Resale and Sustainable Fashion. Plus how you can make and save money.

The Real Real has skyrocketed in popularity over the last few years with the rise in awareness and support of sustainable fashion. Helped by a lot of us clearing out our closets during covid, doing luxury consignment and reselling to make a bit of extra money. I’ve been a member of since 2014, both consigning and buying designer luxury fashion from TRR (The Real Real). Including a classic gold Chanel chain belt, bags, clutches, shoes, dresses and accessories and been happy with all of my purchases.

It’s taken me until now to blog about TRR as I hadn’t really appreciated how much they advocate for sustainable fashion and creating positive environmental impact.

The Real Real review video and why I consign and buy designer luxury goods

What is the real real?

The Real Real was founded by Julie Wainwright who is still the CEO and who has transformed authenticated luxury consignment into an ever evolving global movement that focuses on quality, craftsmanship, sustainability, community and its users. 

2 women evening gowns gala the realreal Tom Ford designer evening bag

What does The Real Real sell

The Real Real is a consignment store for luxury designer fashion both online and in their physical stores. They consign women’s, men’s and kids’ fashion, fine jewelry, watches, fine art and home decor. You can consign your new or used designer brand fashion and home goods on TRR as well as shop for them.

Yes the clothes are clean and both shoes and clothing must show minimal signs of wear to be accepted. It’s not the place to send things that should be going to Good Will or the trash.

Which brands does therealreal accept for consignment and sell

Designer fashion blogger Eve Dawes luxury consignment therealreal Versace pink bag pink outfit

The Real Real designer directory is really extensive, so if you have a favorite mainstream designer luxury brand, they’re pretty much guaranteed to stock in. They list over 5000 designer brands on including Balenciaga, Balmain, Chanel, Dior, Hermès, Saint Laurent, Valentino, Versace and Zac Posen.

How to consign with The RealReal

Theres’ a few really simple options for consigning with the real real:

  1. Print a free shipping label
  2. Drop off
  3. Schedule a free pick up

All of the options offer free shipping which makes it quick, easy, and cost free. I’ve done all of the above but tend to prefer just to print off the free label for myself. That way I’m not having to having to schedule and commit to anything and I can do it in my own time.

PRO SELLING TIPS Consigning with the Real Real


Before you consign with make sure that you have an agreement in place. Ideally you want them to quote you the price they want to list it for and require your approval and permission before they list it. If you don’t agree to the price, have them send it back to you. That way you get the price you want for it or you get it back.

The Real Real also have a lot of big sales so if you don’t want your item to go on sale you need to tell them that! So that you don’t unwittingly sell a dress you bought for $1500 for $20! Which can happen if you’re on the 40% commission tier and they put it in one of their big sales.

I’d rather have kept these gorgeous Chloe boots than sell them for $40! Lesson learned going forward. Learn from my mistakes and protect yourself against that unless you’re ok with it going on sale and the reduced commission rate.

TheRealReal consignor commission rates

The commission rate you earn varies a lot. It ranges from 40-85% and is based on how you choose to be paid and how much you do in annual sales. If you’re only planning on consigning a couple of low value items and consignment piece has a resale value of less than $145 you may be better so sell yourself elsewhere as it only pays 40% commission.

However, if your resale item is priced at over $2,495 that’s when the commission hits and you’ll receive 85% of the sale. They also have commission levels based on your total annual sales. Here’s how they calculate their commission rates so you can consign smartly.

The Real Real store locations

The RealReal luxury consignment store bag and champagne

Although the The RealReal is mainly online it also has several retail stores:

  1. Brooklyn
  2. Chicago
  3. Los Angeles
  4. New York City
  5. Newport Beach
  6. Palo Alto
  7. San Francisco

Besides the permanent The Real Real stores, they also have pop ups so be on the look out for those.

I went to The RealReal pop up when it was at The Forum Shoppes in Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. I tend to do most of my fashion shopping online but when it comes to designer fashion, I enjoy being able to touch the quality and try things on.

Plus who doesn’t love champagne and shopping. I treated myself to a black sequin Tom Ford evening bag and these Sergio Rossi sandals as I’d been looking for something for my New York trip.

Fashion blogger the realreal designer bag blue dress TRR Sergio Rossi sandals New York

Is therealreal legit

Absolutely! TRR authenticates every single item (read more about how below). They did have a few issues in 2019 where counterfeits slipped through. Which have meant they’ve had to employ more qualified people to do the job, partner with designer brands like Burberry and Stemma McCartney and bring in stricter authentication processes.

Read both the article above back from 2019 and the real real website details now and decide for yourself.

I’ve personally been happy with all of my purchases.

We’re empowering consignors and buyers to extend the life cycle of luxury goods. The future of fashion is circular.

The RealReal
Designer fashion blogger Eve Dawes black suit chanel belt therealreal crosswalk

The real real authenticity

Shopping for designer resale goods online can be tricky as you never know when you’re going to get duped with fakes. The RealReal has over 150 brand authenticators, gemologists and horologists who authenticate every item.

If an item’s considered high risk by TRR it gets sent for further review by authenticators with expertise in that specific category. They are really committed to removing counterfeits from the market and authenticate every single item they sell.

Making luxury fashion sustainable

the real real designer fashion luxury consignment finds YSL clutch blogger Eve Dawes

There are so many reasons for selling and buying from consignment stores. One of the reasons consignment is growing in popularity is that it helps lessen luxury fashions impact on the environment.

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Black suede ankle boots fashion blogger Eve Dawes walking

Sustainable fashion blogger Eve Dawes black cape the real real Saint Laurent clutch Versace shoes

Calculating consignment’s positive environmental impact

The Real Real are so committed to sustainable fashion and being able to measure and prove their environmental impact that they developed a first-of-its-kind sustainability calculator to quantify their positive environmental impact since inception.

TRR’s sustainability calculator measures the greenhouse gases, energy output and water usage saved by the consignment process since the founding of The RealReal.

  • 16, 105 metric tons of carbon saved
  • 756 million liters of water saved

Circular Fashion | Recycle | Reuse

A circular economy is created with the help of the realreal consumers and consignors. We can help create a more sustainable fashion industry by recycling and repurposing our clothes, shoes and accessories and keeping luxury fashion and goods that are in great condition in circulation.

The RealReal has taken up the CEO Carbon Neutral Challenge issued by Gucci President & CEO Marco Bizzarri and have announced that they will be carbon neutral in 2021.*

In addition to long-term efforts to reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, immediate action is needed to address global climate change. At The RealReal, we are committed to accounting for, reducing and offsetting all emissions associated with our business. 

The realreal
Luxury fashion blogger stairs the real real pink Versace bag

Shop The RealReal online

The real real doesn’t offer free shipping and returns unless you’re consigning then shipping is free.

Shipping: Standard shipping is a flat rate of $11.95. I tend order a few things at once to save on paying for shipping multiple times. They also offer express and rush shipping at a higher rate. As well as free curb side pick up. I wish I lived closer to a store!

Returns: As a buyer returns can be requested on items not in sales with over 40% off within 14 days of shipment or in store purchase as long as the tags are still attached.

therealreal coupon

You’ll need an account on to get signed in and started.

$25 New Member Credit

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Connect with me

If you have any more questions or your own experience with TRR, drop a comment below or send me a private message on social media. Or tag me in your therealreal photos so I can see what designer finds you’ve found.

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