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Healthy Eating! How to Fuel Your Body the Right Way

Healthy Eating! How to Fuel Your Body the Right Way

Eating Right With Wellness Success Coach Zeudy Mars

Healthy eating doesn’t mean dieting it means finding a healthy eating balance and knowing how to fuel your body by eating right. If you’re looking for ways to eat healthier (not diet) and get the nourishment your body needs these tips on healthy foods to eat are a great place to start.

Zeudy is a passionate entrepreneur and health coach based in Orlando, Florida that teaches women how to fuel their body the right way so they can have more energy to make a big impact in the world. Her holistic approach through a six step framework includes a combination of food, fitness, sleep, relationships, mindset, and purpose. She believes, like I do, in educating and inspiring other women to live a fulfilling balanced life!

6 steps to healthy eating to fuel your body the right way

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5 simple tips on healthy eating and healthy foods to eat

A quick synopsis. Listen to the podcast for the full details

  1. Healthy foods to eat as obvious as it sounds starts with unprocessed real foods and eating your vegetables
  2. Drink enough water to stay hydrated
    It depends on your age and gender and will change depending on how active you are but the Food and Nutrition Board recommends as a general rule:
  • Adult males need 3.7 liters of water per day

  • Adult women need 2.7 liters per day.

  • Pregnant women should aim for 3 liters per day

  • Lactating women need 3.8 liters per day

So drinking eight 8 oz glasses of water every day really won’t cut it. As that only equals 64 fluid ounces/ 1.9 liters but it’s still not a bad rule to include in your lifestyle and a starting point. However, if you’re more active or in a hot or humid climate drink up.

“On the other hand, some people need less water per day, such as people with heart failure, kidney disease or liver disease.” SF Gate

PS you can also get water from your food like fruit and vegetables.

3. Avoid excess processed sugar
There’s not an actual RDA (recommended daily amount) for sugar but to save our waist and teeth the Official US Guidelines advise a maximum of 40g refined sugar for every 2000 calories consumed or 8% of calories.

4. Move more

5. Sleep
Without sleep, hormones and everything else suffers and cravings increase. We’re talking night time routines and things that we can do to help unwind and switch off our brains on this episode.

The blue light glasses we talk about using on Amazon

My Mum (I’m English, this is how we spell and say Mom) and I have both been testing the blue light blocking glasses. I’m falling asleep more quickly and sleeping more deeply since using them but it could also be a placebo effect or the extra alcohol consumed in 2020 shhh!

My Mum hasn’t noticed a difference but she always sleeps well and has less screen time than I do. But there’s more to blue light glasses than supposedly making you sleep better. They should reduce computer vision syndrome or digital eye strain making your eyes feel more awake.

Bonus Tips: In addition to wearing blue-screen/blue-light glasses, take regular breaks away from the computer to alleviate eye discomfort. In addition to wearing blue-screen/blue-light glasses, dim the lights in your room to reduce the glare and improve your sleep. Stay 1.5 to 2 feet away from your screen at all times to reduce the impact of blue light on your retina.

In Summary blue light glasses:

  • Alleviate eye discomfort.

  • Improve sleep habits.

  • Fight against AMD.

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Zeudy’s Mission Statement:


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Where to find Zeudy Mars Wellness Success Coach

Zeudy Mars Website

Instagram @zeudymars

Zeudy shares what she has learned from her own experience over the last 10 years and from some of the best teachers in the country. Including Dr. Oz and Dr. Hayman while she was earning her Health Coach Certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. But she is not just any wellness coach. She speaks from experience. Zeudy successfully built an activewear line into a 6 figure business while two of her kids were under the age of three.

Her activewear line made it to the cover of numerous fitness magazines including Shape, Muscle Fitness Hers, and Iron Man Magazine just to name a few. Zeudy understands that while growing a business you must make wellness a priority in order to have a truly successful business and life.

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More healthy eating tips and how to make it a lifestyle

I’m not about diets and cooking fresh foods everyday, no one has time for that. Over the years as a professional dancer, competing with the WBFF and pageants, I’ve had to find ways to make it easier to eat healthily. As well as to minimize reaching for junk food over or getting hangry, I’m not a happy hungry person. These tips make life and living a healthy lifestyle so much easier.

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