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How to Stop Binge Eating | 3 Tips to Try Today

How to Stop Binge Eating | 3 Tips to Try Today

Healthy lifestyle tips to make a huge difference without sacrificing everything you love!

Binge eating affects a lot of us at some point. For me it’s normally after too much wine or when the portions too big and it’s too good not to leave an empty plate. I’m not talking about a binge eating disorder but the occasional binge a lot of us have. I get it, it can be really easy to over eat especially over the Holidays. So I’m sharing 3 tips to how to stop binge eating, over eating and avoid temptation. Especially over Thanksgiving and the Holidays which aren’t about sacrificing anything or missing out.

They’re easy tips to help stay and help to stop binge eating while enjoying everything that you love. Holiday food and drink is too good to miss out on but that doesn’t mean eating until your clothes are too tight or you hate yourself in the morning.

It can be really easy to overeat especially over the Holidays. If you’re feeling guilty after eating too much, you’re not alone. Listen, watch, or read to learn how to stop binge eating. 

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Start with the basics to help stop binge eating

  1. Get Processed Foods Out of Sight
  2. Buy Individual Size Portions
  3. Eat at Home More

These few simple changes can make a huge difference to your health and how to stop binge eating without sacrificing everything you love!

Creating a healthy lifestyle is also helped by planning and being prepared.

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  1. Create a healthy menu for the week.
  2. Shop specifically for those ingredients.
  3. Avoid or limit having junk and processed food in the house.
  4. Take healthy snacks with you wherever you go. That way if you get hungry you have something rather than grabbing processed foods to binge on while you’re out.

What are your top tips on how to stop binge eating and food temptation?

This Glamour and Gains article is in collaboration with Faviana.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. If you have an eating disorder or binge eating disorder, please seek the advice of a health and medical professional.

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