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Foreo Experts on How to Say Goodbye to Winter Skin Problems For Good

Foreo Experts on How to Say Goodbye to Winter Skin Problems For Good

Winter skin care tips and product recommendations With Eve Dawes and Foreo Skincare Expert Lauren Kruger

Foreo skincare expert Winter skincare advice on how to avoid looking like Rudolph, with easy and affordable cruelty-free skin care solutions to keep your skin hydrated, avoid irritation, and redness all season long.

We’re covering double cleansing, exfoliation, how to use hyaluronic serum correctly, face masks, peels, hydration, humidifiers and SPF even in Winter.

More Winter skincare tips

Listen or read the interview with Foreo Skincare Expert Lauren Kruger. We’re talking winter skin care you can easily do at home on this episode of the Glamour and Gains podcast.

I loved having Lauren Kruger, National account manager at Foreo North America on the podcast with me last week so I invited her back as she had so many tips to share. Including how to take care of your skin in winter at home and how your winter skincare routine is different to the rest of the year.

If you missed last weeks episode on how to prep your skin for holiday makeup check it out to help keep your skin clear this holiday season.

Winter officially starts on December 21st so I thought we’d get a head start and share what beauty products to stock up on ahead of time to avoid those winter skin problems like red, sensitive, dry winter skin.

What are the some of the things we can do to change up our skin care routine in the winter? Give us your best remedies for dry skin in winter!



Foreo pink UFO wood tableForeo pink UFO wood table


Lauren: So definitely when winter arrives, we know that it gets really dry in a colder climate, it really can exacerbate dryness in your skin sensitivity, so you do need to switch it up a little bit.

Cleansing AM and PM

One thing that you do want to keep the same, is to make sure that you’re still cleansing morning and night, which can sound kind of counterintuitive if you are at your skin’s feeling a little more dry in the winter time.

How to use Foreo

You might not want to cleanse in the morning but it’s important to cleanse morning and night. Because you want to make sure when you’re removing all your makeup so your skin can repair and refresh overnight. And then in the morning you want to make sure you are cleansing as well, because your skin secretes toxins overnight and it oxidizes your skincare.

So you want to make sure you get all of that off, so that the products that you put on in the morning can absorb properly into your skin and you’re getting the best out of it.

Make sure you’re getting off those oils from overnight. You can use your Foreo Luna 3 in both the morning and night time, it’s safe to use twice a day, especially if you have the sensitive skin type one, it removes 99.5% of impurities from your skin.

It’s also it’s really going to make sure to get us all those oils, makeup and pollutants from throughout the day without being irritating to the skin which is what we really want to avoid in the winter time.

As it gets colder, our skin just technically tends to get a little more dry and sensitive during that time anyways, so the last thing you want is anymore irritation going on.

What are the best winter skincare products you recommend using throughout the season?



Lauren Kruger skincare expert estheticianLauren Kruger Foreo skincare expert esthetician

Lauren: So a couple things you want to be sure that you are still doing is exfoliating in the winter. Which again can sound counterintuitive as you don’t want to over dry your skin or create any more sensitivity.

How often should I exfoliate?

However, if you’re using the proper type of exfoliation and the proper frequency you will still get the benefits of the exfoliation without the sensitivity or any negative downsides.

In the winter time you might want to take down your exfoliation, if you’re exfoliating three to four times a week during the summer or more oilier times, you can cut that down to maybe two or three times in the winter.

The importance of exfoliation in the winter is that you want to remove those dead skin cells from the surface layer of your skin so that your skincare products can penetrate deeper into your skin so you actually get the benefit of it.

What are the different types of exfoliation?

There’s two types of exfoliating, one with acids or enzymes and then manual exfoliation is going to be with things that feel more scrubbing. Both are great and both have a place in your routine, you just have to find the balance that works for you.

I personally for the most part like chemical exfoliation or enzymes for everybody. Manual is where it kind of get hit or miss on certain skin types, so if someone says they’re more acne prone or they have active breakouts, for those people I would say stay away from manual exfoliation and just do chemical exfoliation.

Because on a manual exfoliation if you have an active breakout, you can actually spread the bacteria and create more breakouts. So if you are more acne-prone, I would say stick to chemical exfoliation over manual. 

Using SPF in Winter

Eve: SPF is important after exfoliating. Are there any ingredients you would say to look for in an SPF and she think the higher the better? 

Lauren: There’s so much variety when it comes to SPF as far as ingredients in the different SPF levels. So generally I tend to stick to a titanium dioxide or a zinc oxide or a combination of the two.

Those are the more natural quote-unquote natural versions of SPF you’ll find. As far as like Octinoxate or different chemical SPF, there is a kind of controversy in the in the industry of what’s safe as far as SPF goes. 

Whats the difference between physical and chemical SPF?

There’s physical SPF and and chemical SPF’s which create a barrier on top of your skin that deflects the rays of the sun from your skin. So it’s basically a barrier shield on top of your face.

A chemical SPF is going to be one that soaks into your skin and actually diffuses the rays within your skin, so when you have Melasma or if you suffer from any pigmentation problems, physical SPF is going to be your best friend.

If you just want an everyday SPF and you don’t have issues with your skin, or even if you just need something that’s a little cheaper, or if you’re just going to the beach, a chemical does tend to be slightly cheaper so it just depends on kind of what your skin type is.

As far as the SPF rating goes, you want to have at least an SPF 30 and up to SPF 50. Once you get to SPF 75, you’re really not getting any more benefit from those than you are from a SPF 50 or a 30 or 50 really is the highest that I would say is actually more beneficial.

What’s the best way to keep your SPF topped up throughout the day without messing up your makeup?

Eve: I like Coola SPF (the Pina Colada scented one is my fave and smells like a tropical vacation in a bottle) and I’ve talked about it on Glamour and Gains by Eve blog because the ingredients are about as pure as you’re going get.

One of their slogans is farm to face, so I feel like I can kind of trust their ingredients. Otherwise, I just feel like I’m putting toxins on my face! I know it can be hard to keep the SPF topped up throughout the day, but it isn’t just a one-and-done in the morning thing.

Brands have been really good at solving this problem and there are a lot of really good SPF setting sprays now. I used COOLA’s SPF30 makeup setting spray in Italy this Summer over my makeup to keep my SPF topped up while we were walking around while not messing up my makeup. You can spray it over your makeup without making a mess of it and making your makeup and SPF last longer. 

What are the best ingredients for winter skin care that we can look for to help us during the winter?



Foreo serum and pink Foreo cleansing deviceForeo serum and pink Foreo cleansing device


Lauren: So you want to make sure that during the winter, along with your regular routine that you are incorporating certain treatments into your at home routine. One of those would be a hyaluronic acid serum.

How to use Hyaluronic Acid

You can use this every single day, it’s safe for all skin types. Hyaluronic acid is not an acid like you would think of because it doesn’t have any of those exfoliating properties. It can hold 1000 times its weight in water ,so when you put it on your skin it draws water into your skin and plumps your skin.

Hyaluronic acid really adds your hydration of your skin, so of course we want this in the winter and it helps to keep your face hydrated all day.

One thing to remember with this though, is to always use it in conjunction with a moisturizer. Because if you just use hyaluronic acid, it’ll actually have the opposite effect and dehydrate your skin! Moisture can be pulled out of your skin into the environment if you don’t have that barrier of a moisturizer on top.

Best Foreo UFO Facials & Professional Skincare treatments in Winter



Foreo H2Overdose facemasks and blue UFOForeo H2Overdose facemasks and blue UFO


Lauren: One other thing that you can add into your routine, is making sure that you’re using a good hydrating mask during the winter.

Foreo UFO Smart Masking Device

Foreo has what we call our UFO smart masking device. It basically takes your 20 minute sheet mask treatment and puts it into just 90 seconds using LED light therapy. As well as heating and cooling and T-Sonic pulsations to hyper infuse these ingredients into your skin.

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We have a mask that has hyaluronic acid in it, so it’s called H2Overdose (Sephora $19.99 for 6). Again, with that smart masking device, it’s going to push those ingredients deep into your skin. You leave the mask on overnight and you get such great hydration the next morning.

Eve: As much as I love going to the spa for a facial, I just can’t fit them into my schedule as much as I’d like to. So being able to do that at home and have it feel like a spa quality facial treatment with LED lights and with hydration is great for time saving.

Lauren: It’s such a great device, I take it everywhere. Especially if you travel a lot, you can use it at home. Like you said when you don’t have time to get into the spa, it’s one of my favorite things and you get the added benefit of the LED which is so trendy right now. It’s such an amazing benefit for your skin. 

When’s a good time to do professional treatments v at home treatments?

Generally when it gets colder and there’s less sunlight, we’re outside less during the day. This makes it a great time for professional peels, microdermabrasion, and HydraFacials but it’s very skin specific. That’s where I would recommend everybody going to their regular esthetician. As well as kind of bumping up your routine at this time and doing a little more in-depth treatments as you’re not in the sun so much.

So you’re not going to be risking any excess sun damage so it’s a great time to add in peels or anything that you were holding off on in the summer.

Ways to take care of your skin in Winter



Foreo smart facemask collectionForeo smart facemask collection


  1. Exfoliate.

  2. Use deep moisturizing masks to help take care of dry skin in winter.

  3. Use a serum with hyaluronic acid in conjunction with a daily moisturizer.

  4. Don’t forget to wear SPF.

  5. You can also invest in a Humidifier which also helps reduce fly away/static hair

  6. Remember to hydrate.

    These tips for healthy skin are great not just in Winter but year round to combat dehydrated skin.

Where to find Foreo

Foreo is a Swedish beauty tech company and wellness brand that offers the latest in beauty and wellness Solutions. Foreo has everything from facial cleansing devices to smart masking treatments to really innovate your skin care routine and get the best out of your products.

You can shop at and select retailers such as Sephora, Nordstrom, and ULTA.

Foreo Instagram

Lauren Kruger, National account manager at Foreo North America, Licensed esthetician, and skin care specialist 

Winter Skincare Products


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You’re going to be seeing a lot of cruelty-free skincare blog posts from me. As a beauty blogger over 40, my skincare’s more important than ever and I’ve definitely been noticing changes I want to slow down and get in check. Such as my eyes starting to get hooded and one side more than the other. Anyone else have this issue or just me?

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