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The Ultimate Vegan Gift Guide | Gifts She’ll Love

The Ultimate Vegan Gift Guide | Gifts She’ll Love

Vegan gifts for her that won’t get regifted

These vegan gifts aren’t just for vegans and cover everything from food, to clothing, to beauty and nutrition. Vegan gift ideas that start at under $15 and includes something for every woman of any age whatever your budget.

In the past, buying vegan gifts could seem limited but they’ve got so much better and cuter. The items here would be appreciated by anyone, vegan or not.

It can be hard to be original and thoughtful. Often the choices can be completely overwhelming or the labeling difficult to figure out, not to mention time consuming, so I did the work for you.

Updated 2021

Red dawes custom cosmetics vegan lipstick grey striped cat

To save you time and error, this list is a guide to our favorite vegan presents that won’t end up in the regifting pile.

All of the products have been hand selected from experiencing them and are from conscientious companies, with high quality ingredients and craftmanship. Vegan gifts that will have whomever you’re buying for looking and feeling great from the inside out with no harm to any animals at any stage.

What are you waiting for? Start gifting.

8 Vegan Gifts For Her

  1. Juno Revelation Kit + Pixie Bag 63

Love, Peace, & Simplicity. Natural, raw, vegan ingredients and the highest quality handmade products that create the feeling of a spa treatment in your own home.

Not sure where to start with this range? The Revelation Kit is the best way to explore Juno Skincare’s luxurious range and makes a cute vegan gift for those that love the spa and skincare. It is the complete range in miniature which makes it perfect as a gift, a travel essential kit or just to try for the first time. Another perk is that it comes with a bespoke design, handmade travel bag.

Use code JUNOEVE18 for 10% off.

Juno Skincare vegan skincare gift set

2. Insomnia Vegan Cookies Box of 12 $29

I fell in love with Insomnia cookies a few years back and am happy to see they’ve sprung up everywhere now. Whether you treat yourself to a giant deluxe cookie or opt for a healthier, smaller vegan cookie, Insomnia will have you hooked. PS: The smell in the bakeries is heavenly if you’re a sugar monster like I am.

New limited time offer Vegan Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies Box of 12!  A perfect gift for clients, family or friends.

vegan gift Insomnia vegan gluten free chocolate chip cookie


If you’re looking for a vegan gift that she can wear, these boots are a more humane version of UGGS. Super-cute with no animal suffering. They’re just as comfortable and warm and look pretty much identical. Another bonus being they’re offered in five different colors, many patterns and are stain and water resistant.

100% Vegan! Made of high-quality synthetic suede and faux fur, or faux shearling.

4 girls wearing vegan UGGS PAWJ

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4. Be Mixed Zero Calorie Margaritas $19.25

Love cocktails but hate the sugar and calories? That’s definitely me. I found Be Mixed on Instagram and looked into the brand. These mixers come in 3 flavors: Cucumber Mint, Ginger Lime (for a Moscow Mule), and Margarita flavor. Plus you can make it as strong or as weak as you like, unlike some other pre-mixed drinks.

Low carb and calorie, gluten, sugar, dairy & guilt free! Sounds and tastes like a winner to me. With no artificial flavorings, colors or preservatives, Be Mixed’s clean ingredients are complimentary with common dietary restrictions like diabetes, vegan, the Keto diet, or Weight Watchers without sacrificing the flavor. Bring on cocktail hour and celebrating Christmas or her birthday!

Be Mixed zero calorie margarita mixer

5. Straight to Hell Vegan Faux Leather Gloves $33

An affordable way to add a touch of cruelty-free luxury to their vegan wardrobe with a pair of faux leather gloves featuring a snap fastening and classic driving glove style. This is a vegan gift idea both vegans and non vegans who love fashion will adore.

Black vegan leather gloves straight to hell

6. ‘Sweetie’ Red Vegan Lipstick by Dawes Custom Cosmetics $35

Another vegan gift that anyone who loves makeup will love. Sweetie red lipstick is not only organic and vegan. This is a beautiful deep ruby red jewel toned lipstick made with an all natural moisturizing base that contains vitamin E and SPF to nourish and protect your lips. The carrot cake flavor and vanilla scent make this a calorie free sweet treat to beat your dessert cravings.

Moisturizing, highly-pigmented and non-drying for a long-lasting finish.

Vegan Gift Ideas | Get Gifting

All of the vegan gift ideas are hyperlinked to make them easy to shop. Don’t see anything that catches your eye? Check out Dawes Custom Cosmetics full line.

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