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What you'll need | Bleached Eyebrow Makeup

1. Primer 2. Concealer 3. Spoolie 4. Eyeshadow/setting powder 5. Makeup sponge/brush. 6. Setting spray

Make sure they're not invisible

You still want to see the brows they should just look very light & bleached for this look.

Bleached Eyebrow Makeup

User a little primer on eyebrows to help the makeup stay.



Use a yellowy/peach color concealer for a more natural look. You want some pigment not completely white brows


Coat Spoolie With Concealer

Dip your eyebrow brush in your concealer and wipe off excess before applying to your brows.


Coat both sides of eyebrows

Brush concealer on against direction of hairs & in the same direction of your brows to fully coat them


Set your bleached eyebrows

Press or dust on a nude eyeshadow or setting powder to set this bleached brow look in place.


Clean up the shape

Clean & shape your brows with a makeup sponge, eyeshadow & powder to give the shape & definition you want.


Set your eyebrows

To make your bleached eyebrow makeup last, mist with setting spray as you would the rest of your makeup.


You can make this bleached eyebrow look as natural or dramatic as you like. Have fun with this eyebrow trend.

Done! Finished bleached eyebrow makeup look. Watch the full tutorial below.

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