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How to Get The Bleached Eyebrows Trend With Makeup

How to Get The Bleached Eyebrows Trend With Makeup

bleached eyebrow trend 2022 beauty blogger Eve Dawes

Last Updated on May 30, 2022 by Eve Dawes

Put the bleach down! Do this makeup hack for a commitment free bleached eyebrow look

The Bleached eyebrows trend and bleached eyebrow makeup is everywhere from Kim Kardashian, Georgia May Jagger, TikTok, fashion magazines and the runways. It’s one of the eyebrow trends for 2022. If the thought of bleaching your brows gives you a mild panic attack, don’t worry. There’s no bleaching required to nail this look either with a 1 and done product or customizing your bleached eyebrow makeup application.

Bleached Eyebrow Trend 2022

I always find it fun trying new looks and changing things up. So I’m always up for trying something new. After having my makeup done last week with a bleached brow effect, I picked up a few tricks to give this look a go. They did more white on mine than you normally see for a fully highlighted look so skip this for a more wearable look IRL like I did below.

Don’t like it, wash it off. Love it, just do it again.

bleached eyebrow makeup natural beauty blogger Eve Dawes

If you don’t love the bleached brow look, just skip it. There are lots of other eyebrow trends to give a go instead. These are 5 of the eyebrow trends for 2022 to watch out for and play around with:

Besides the bleached eyebrows trend, there’s everything from natural to crazy colorful looks so try. I’m all for the natural look and saving time in the morning!

  1. Au natural brows
  2. Straight instead of arched brows
  3. The bleached brow
  4. Full & fluffy
  5. Colorful (after bleaching out your eyebrows with makeup, coat brows with colorful mascara).
bleached eyebrows trend 2022 beauty blogger Eve Dawes makeup

Bleached eyebrows are definitely a statement brow that you can make as dramatic or natural as you want. Either way, don’t be surprised if you get a few looks or comments. After years of darker brows being the focal point to frame your face, these might get some getting used to. In the meantime, I’ve put my microblading touch up on hold.

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How to do the commitment free bleached eyebrows trend with makeup only

bleached eyebrows makeup blonde beauty blogger Eve Dawes makeup

Create bleached out eyebrows without touching the bleach, unless you want to of course. There are 2 ways to do bleached brows with makeup. One: with a 1 and done product like KVD Beauty super pomade vegan eyeliner, shadow & brow pigment in shade ‘bleach’. This works well if you have brows to work with. Two: with customized application for a more custom color and to build up brows if you have pretty much no brows to work with like me.

  1. Prime with a non-greasy primer so that your eye makeup doesn’t slide. Some people find slicking them back first with a clear lash gel or glue made for the skin works best for them. Others find it better to go straight in with the concealer. So play around and see what works best for you.
  2. Apply concealer in thin layers so that it doesn’t cake over your eyebrows to cover them. You can see if your regular one will work but some are too light and white and don’t look natural. Or you can run a beige/peach eyeshadow over the top after instead of translucent powder to set them and add color. Makeup artists recommend using a warm peachy tone concealer that’s 1-2 shades lighter than your skin color or using 2 colors. Starting with a light concealer base topped with a peachier top coat.
  3. Brush the concealer through your eyebrows in the opposite direction to the hairs with an eyebrow brush. Then brush them back in the right direction. This will ensure they’re completely coated and bring back the brow texture so you can still see the hairs and it doesn’t look like you don’t have brows.
    The bleached eyebrow trend for 2022 is about being light not invisible.
  4. Try and get your brow color as natural and as close a match to the rest of your face as possible.
  5. Blend to make sure there’s no hard concealer lines.
  6. Set with translucent setting powder and setting spray for good measure.
  7. If your eyebrows are looking unnaturally matte, pop a small amount of highlighter or slightly shimmery yellowy/peach eyeshadow on a small brush. Then run it lightly over the lengths of your eyebrows.
  8. My makeup artist added both a smoky eye and dark lip. As having a pop of color prevents bleached eyebrows washing out your look.
eyebrow trends 2022 makeup tutorial beauty blogger Eve Dawes

Bleached eyebrow makeup tutorial

This is a super fun, quick & easy eyebrow trend for 2022 to try. It only uses a few makeup products which you probably already have in your makeup bag. It’s one of those makeup looks you can play around with and make as natural or as dramatic as you want.

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bleached eyebrow trend 2022 blonde brows beauty blogger Eve Dawes

Quite a few YouTube bleached eyebrow makeup tutorials use Elmers glue which is generally non-toxic but most dermatologists don’t recommend using it on your face. I’d personally use clear brow gel if you want to use anything but I just used primer before starting with the concealer.

Shop the bleached eyebrow makeup you need for this look

The bleached eyebrow trend doesn’t need many products to create this look. A concealer, spoolie, setting powder and setting spray is basically all you need to create custom bleached brow makeup. If you have full brows which don’t need help with volume a single product like a blonde brow mascara might be enough for you. There’s a couple of great pale blonde shades in the Ulta Beauty eyeshadow palette (cruelty-free) you can use instead of translucent powder to create a more natural color.

Have you tried this eyebrow trend for 2022?

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