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The Best Carrie Bradshaw Outfits | How to Make Her Most Iconic Sex And The City Looks Work in 2021

The Best Carrie Bradshaw Outfits | How to Make Her Most Iconic Sex And The City Looks Work in 2021

carrie bradshaw black bodycon dress sex and the city

And just like that…they’re back!

Carrie Bradshaws outfits and Sex And The City fashion have always stolen the scene and been iconic. The Sex and the City dresses and outfits from Carries tutu and bodysuit and the little black dress to the Christian Dior newspaper dress, Manolo’s and designer bags. Her looks inspired so many fashion trends. In case you haven’t heard, SATC is making a comeback so more Sex And The City fashion is headed our way!

I can’t wait to see the latest Sex and the City wardrobe, Carrie Bradshaw outfits as well as Charlottes! I love Carrie’s fashion sense for being so on trend and brave and Charlotte’s for being so elegant and classic. I’ve hunted down and shared the most iconic and wearable outfits she wore in the TV series and movies that are still fashionable now. As well as keeping an eye out to be able to share the new outfits as soon as the new Sex And The City season starts!

Sex And The City Fashion

The original Sex And The City series always takes me back to my teens and early 20’s. Whenever I’d visit NYC to see my friend Jo after that, I’d think of the show. Sex And The City is one of those iconic television shows that shaped how a lot of us women dressed and lived in our 20s and 30’s. How we thought about men and sex, careers and fashion! I could never get enough of Carrie Bradshaw outfits and fashion. I can’t believe the last taste we had of Sex And The City was the 2nd movie sequel in 2010!

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If you’re a Sex And The City fan you already know that Sex And The City is getting a reboot and coming back! What am I most excited about? The fashion! Forget a story line, I could sit and watch hours of the show just for Carrie Bradshaw outfits and Charlottes classic style. But the plot and lines have always been great too.

And just like that the story continues…

Sex And The City Trailer

Find the Carrie Bradshaw outfit you’re hunting down

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Sex And The City fashion and outfits forecast

Since they haven’t started filming the new series yet I haven’t had a sneak peak at the wardrobe or any of Sarah Jessica Parker’s / Carrie Bradshaws outfits. But you know it’s going to be glitzy, stylish and that I’m going to be hunting down every single one of Carrie Bradshaws outfits, some of Charlottes styles and maybe some of Mirandas too and sharing them with you here.

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Get Sex And The City Fashion & Shop Carrie Bradshaws Outfits and Wardrobe

I’ve hunted down Carrie’s most iconic and unforgettable outfits from every season and both movies that still work in 2021 to make recreating her looks easy. As well as some styling tips to make bring them from the 90’s and 00’s to now.

With Carrie and the girls preparing for the next season of Sex And The City, every time I see a new outfit ahead of time as well as when the new season of Sex And The City starts I’m going to share the outfits here and where you can shop for them online. If I can’t find the exact ones I’ll share and link to the closest match that I can find.

I’ll probably even do both most of the time to make sure there’s affordable as well as designer options to shop. Plus some fashion hauls and how to style YouTube videos.

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How to get the latest Carrie Bradshaw outfits and Sex And The City Fashion

The easiest way to get the latest SATC updates is to either subscribe or follow me on and if you see me prancing around in a tulle skirt and bodysuit don’t mind me, I’m just getting in the spirit.

For now, here’s a couple of Sarah Jessica Parker / Carrie Bradshaw’s most iconic outfits. They’re still ever so stylish and I just ordered a few tulle skirts so will add the fashion haul here for you to compare.

Sex And The City Fashion | The Shoes

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20 years later and Manolo’s are still just as gorgeous and coveted as ever. I mean, who can forget the blue satin embellished Manolo’s in the closet and Big and Carries make up scene. If you don’t want to fork out for a new pair, the RealReal has lots of lightly and unused Manolo’s for less. These are the Manolos trending in 2021 but you know Carrie’s will be next seasons so I’ll update this as soon as they’re released and available.

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The Best of Carrie Bradshaws Outfits and How to Copy Them

While we wait for the new Sex And The City Season fashion, I’m starting things off with past Sex And The City looks that still work in 2021! Not all of these looks are always about copying Carrie Bradshaws outfits perfectly but taking inspiration from them and making them fashionable and work now.

Carrie’s iconic Sex and the City tulle skirt and pink top (from the opening)

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I think this is the most recognizable and iconic of all of her looks since it started every episode. Back when visible nipples were the trend (remember when Samantha had fake erect nipples to make them even more pronounced). If you’d rather be less visible but still want to go braless pasties are a woman’s best friend for creating smooth lines.

Patricia Field found the original tutu Carrie wore in a thrift shop but these come pretty close. Patricia also has a website with some of her own Carrie Bradshaw fashion dupes.

This would make a feminine summer wedding guest or baby shower outfit and you could choose a blue or pink bodysuit color for whether it’s a boy or girl you or they are expecting. Style your hair in a loosely curled updo or sleek bun and add some trending jewelry to make it more up to date.

Carrie Bradshaw Bias Cut Cream Dress | “Why wasn’t it me?”

Carrie Bradshaw off white slip dress Plaza New York

This Sex and the City dress was one of the harder styles to hunt down. The dresses were either too long or had spaghetti straps or weren’t the right color or neckline. I couldn’t find an exact copy but this outfit was over …. I did find some really pretty dresses that are close.

The Kayla seamed slip dress by Alice + Olivia and the Loulou satin dress in cream are my favorites from these finds. This off white dress would look stunning with a tan for dinner on a European city break or beach vacation. I’ve also added some champagne and blush color dresses as white can be hard to pull off and also then it could be worn if you’re going to a wedding.

Carrie Bradshaw | Vivienne Westwood Green Satin Skirt

The fitted white shirt and sexy green satin skirt by Vivienne Westwood Carrie wore still looks modern and fresh in 2021 thanks to the tailored white shirt that keeps it classy. Carries sex and the city green satin skirt had a super cute bustle at the back (you can always trust Carrie to put a unique spin on what looks like a normal outfit) but these green satin skirts are more wearable in real life. Plus, a fitted white shirt should be part of every woman’s wardrobe. This is one of the most stunning shades of a dupe for this green satin mini skirt I could find at revolve.

Carrie’s layered diamond horseshoe necklaces were scouted out by Pat Field from Mia & Lizzie and often on repeat, which since they cost over $2000 should be. I found a super pretty version for under $100.

Carrie Bradshaw green satin skirt diamond horseshoe necklace
Carrie Bradshaw gold diamond horseshoe necklace

Season 6 Paris Finale Green tutu dress

It doesn’t get much more romantic than this pale green tulle skirted midi dress. This style of romantic tutu traces back to ballerina Marie Taglioni to showcase her dancing en pointe. In SATC it showcases Sarahs toned calves and amazing gold strappy heels! It also circles back to Season 1 and the opening of every episode of Sex And The City in her tutu

Sex and The City Fashion | Paris Mille-Feuille Gown

This maybe one of the most memorable gowns from all of the Sex and the City dresses. The epically romantic, thousand layered, long grey mille-feuille gown Carrie wore in Paris when she was stood up in her hotel suite for dinner. I couldn’t find the exact gown 20 years later but I found some stunning gowns that are equally epic and romantic.

Carrie Bradshaw Outfits | The Christian Dior sexy newspaper print dress (Sex and The City 2)

While the exact John Galliano for Christian Dior newspaper dress Carrie wore in Sex and The City 2 is impossible to find, these 2 are pretty close. Not much needs doing with this dress to make it fashionable now, just throw on your favorite shoes and accessories for one sexy look.

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These are the closest 2 I could find.

  1. SJP Newspaper party dress | Celebrity dresses
  2. Newspaper print maxi dress with a sexy side split pictured below
  3. Mini newspaper dress | Add a white blazer to this mini dress for a more chic look.
Sex City Carrie Bradshaw newspaper dress sexy side slit

The Carrie Bradshaw Black Dress | Sexy Jersey Bodycon Dress On Repeat

This Sex and the City dress is hard to tell the exact color but the Carrie Bradshaw grey mini dress (or is it black?) is definitely an easy and affordable look to copy.

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Carrie’s not really one to wear the same thing twice but this bodycon dress made an appearance twice in Season 2 of Sex And The City. I’m not really sure whether this jersey mini dress is grey, black, navy or olive but it’s a super soft and more casual way to wear a bodycon. Basic doesn’t have to mean boring and this Carrie Bradshaw black dress is a fashion that’s survived and looks just as good now as then.

Carrie Bradshaw outfit little black dress lunch date

A cotton lycra little black dress is easy to dress up or down and this one is ruched at the sides to make it more flattering. Unless you’re a stick, they can cling in the wrong places. I’d normally wear my hair straight with this dress but was channeling my inner Carrie for this look. Nothing else really needs changing to wear this outfit in 2021. The same high heel strappy nude sandals, aviators, handle top structured bag and dainty gold necklace are still just as on trend and feminine.

Oh and don’t forget the tanned toned legs, Sarah Jessica Parker has one set of enviable legs. Ok, make that her entire body!

Carrie Bradshaws White Mini Jersey Dress | Easy Summer Style

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Carrie’s white v neck dress from Halston sold out everywhere a long time ago but here are some fresh white summer dresses that are on trend for 2021. Add some killer gold heels to this Sex and the City dress to add a more glam, summer golden goddess look and this outfit will take you from lunch dates to dinner dates or switch out the heels for some slides.

The statement necklace Carrie wore in this scene is from Solange and has the same silhouette as a Space Invader from the old video game. It’s not costume jewelry but exquisite fine jewelry set with square and princess-cut diamonds, emeralds, amethysts, rubies, black spinel and yellow, blue, orange and pink sapphires in blackened 18K white gold.  The price is upon request but as we know, Carrie likes her money where she can see it; hanging in her closet or in this case on her neck.

To keep this look fresh for 2021, swap out the necklace that costs more than a months or years rent and style with a classic gold chain choker necklace instead to coordinate with the gold pumps.

Carrie Bradshaw white dress gold heels Sex And The City outfit copy

Carrie Bradshaw Casual | The Oversized White Shirt Dress

Oversized white shirts and white shirt dresses are classic looks that still work in 2021. Plus you can steal your husband or boyfriends to save money.

Cinch the waist with a belt for a flattering silhouette and throw on some strappy sandals like Carrie’s or pumps that are close to your skin tone to elongate your legs. Let your hair do it’s own thing and you’re ready. This Carrie Bradshaw outfit is perfect for brunch with your girls or shopping.

Carrie Bradshaw white shirt dress and belt

Faint Inducing Carrie Bradshaw Oscar De La Renta Pink Dress

The pink dress and evening so romantic Carrie fainted on a date with Aleksander Petrovsky in the park! This pink Oscar De La Renta dress might have been from Spring 2004 but it’s such a timeless classic style it can do no wrong. The same dress is impossible to get hold of now but Oscar De La Renta has some equally gorgeous, feminine, romantic dresses in their current collection that make just as much of a fashion statement.

The black bow belt, silver Choos and black bolero jacket complete this classic look.

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Sleeveless, silk, faille, full-skirted dress with black patent leather bow belt; now that is pure poetry.

Carrie Bradshaw, Season 6 Sex And The City

Headscarves are back for 2021

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Here are some gorgeous satin scarves from designer to luxe for less. With the added benefit they cover any roots and can be used as a bag accessory!

All of the latest Sex And The City Season news

When will Sex And The City return to our screens? How to watch the new Sex And The City Reboot? Who’s in the new cast of Sex And The City?

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Tell me what you’re most excited about in the Sex in the City reboot

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