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And Just Like That Season 1 & 2 | Everything You Need To Know

And Just Like That Season 1 & 2 | Everything You Need To Know

And Just Like That Sex City new season new york

And Just Like That…they’re back! The latest on the Sex And The City reboot season 1 & 2

And Just Like That Season 2 is coming soon and here’s everything you need to know. Season 1 of the Sex And The City reboot brought back some of our favorite New Yorkers and Season 2 is about to do the same ! If you’re a Sex And The City fan you already know that the reboot And Just Like That is airing on HBO Max! Who’s in the new Sex And The City And Just Like That cast? What’s happening between Carrie and Mr Big in Sex And The City? Are they still married? How can you watch it? When will it air? Here’s what we know so far and And Just Like That…

And just like that the story continues…

Sex And The City

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And just like that Season 1 & 2 | Drama, heartbreak, martinis, sexcapades & fashion

The new Sex And The City season named ‘And Just Like That’ season 1 was only ten 30 minute episodes following Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda’s lives in New York in their 50’s. Sadly, they’ve written Samantha Jones out of most of the reboot besides a quick cameo in Season 2, as part of the natural evolution of our lives but the And Just Like That cast features a lot of the OG’s.

The last time the series ran they were in their 30’s (from 1998-2004) and friends naturally come and go throughout our lives. Especially city lives which tend to be more transient.

Season 1 was full of the same stunning New York city skyline, cool restaurants, bars but with more diversified characters and a plot line that works almost 20 years later! Season 2 will bring us more from the Big Apple and kicks off on a happier note than Season 1 did!

That show was as white as it gets. They didn’t ever have a person of colour as a series regular.

Chelsea Fairless, fashion editor, designer and co-founder of Every Outfit on Sex and the City

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Who is in the new Sex And The City And Just Like That | Cast and Plot Predictions

The Sex And The City teaser trailer was so ambiguous. It totally nailed the ‘teaser’ part of trailer. The only thing 2 things that were certain and are certain again for season 2 is that it’s set in New York City and and Samantha Jones (Kim Catrall) won’t be in it (besides a quick cameo by herself).

The original news was that Mr. Big (Chris Noth) wouldn’t be in Season 1. I won’t spoil this for you in case you haven’t seen And Just Like That yet but it was disappointing in that aspect as we only got a very small Big fix and he definitely won’t be in season 2.

But look who is back for Season 2:

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The good news is that John Corbett is back as Aiden for Season 2. So we’ll see if he’s still married or becomes a love interest again but they were holding hands on set.

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 “I couldn’t help but wonder… where are they now?”

We’re about to find out…

One thing I thought we could count on is was the fashion and I really hope it’s better in season 2. Episode 1 and 2 were really disappointing. With Charlotte’s daughter Lily’s Oscar De La Renta dress being the highlight. Thankfully it starts getting a little better in episode 3, especially with the bags.

I’m still living in hope that And Just Like That is going to include some fashion risks, glitzy dresses, fabulous shoes and stylish outfits.

I’m going to be hunting down and sharing the best Carrie Bradshaws outfits that are wearable in real life, and probably a lot of Charlottes styles too. You can find both her old styles that still work now as well as their new looks on the page dedicated to Carrie Bradshaws outfits! I’ve already found her purple sequin Fendi bag she’s wearing in episode 3.

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When will Sex And The City And Just Like That season 2 return to our screens?

There is no official release date for Season 2 of And Just Like That yet but I’ll add it here as soon as there is. Hopefully at the end of Summer 2023. So if you haven’t watched season 1 yet you have time to catch up. Bookmark this page and watch this space. For now here’s a first look:

How to watch And Just Like That the new Sex And The City Reboot

The new Sex and the City series ‘And Just Like That’ Season 1 and 2 are available exclusively on HBO Max. Other show revivals on HBO Max are Gossip Girl and True Blood. Time to get a subscription if you don’t have one.

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Who’s in the new And Just Like That cast?

The new season of Sex And the City executive producers are Parker, Davis, Nixon, and Michael Patrick King. When it comes to the cast, 3 of the 4 female Sex And The City lead originals are back.

  • Sarah-Jessica Parker will be back as the iconic and ever stylish Carrie Bradshaw.
  • Kristin Davis is back as Charlotte Yorke.
  • Cynthia Nixon is back as Miranda Hobbes.
  • David Eigenberg as Steve Brady.
  • Evan Handler as Harry Goldenblatt.
  • Willie Garson as Stanford Blatch.
  • Mario Cantone as Anthony Marentino.
  • John Corbett as Aiden.

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Get the latest Sex And The City reboot updates on And Just Like That

To stay on top of the latest SATC And Just Like That updates, you can either subscribe or follow me on If you see me prancing around in a tulle skirt and bodysuit don’t mind me, I’m just getting in the spirit.

Cheers to the premiere | Cosmopolitan martini recipe

I had to add a Cosmopolitan recipe to this SATC blog post so we can make them to watch the Sex And The City And Just Like That season premiere. This martini recipe uses Triple Sec but I personally prefer Cointreau or Grand Marnier if you want to give that a go. Cheers!

And Just Like That Season 2…What are you most excited about in the Sex in the City reboot

Share your ‘And just like that…’ fashion, quotes and gossip posts with me on instagram. If you want to stay up to date on all of the latest news, make sure you’re following this blog, the #SATCnextchapter #AndJustLikeThat hashtags and @justlikethatmax @hbomax on Instagram. Expect to see a lot of SATC And Just Like That inspired outfits on my feed, my credit card is about to get a workout!

If you’re a fan of reality shows, Nikki Glaser and the cast of F Boy had some super sexy styles to dupe. They’re seriously sexy looks to turn up the heat this Winter, perfect for date night.

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