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Beth Harmon Makeup and How to do The Perfect Winged Eyeliner | The Queen’s Gambit Makeup Tutorial

Beth Harmon Makeup and How to do The Perfect Winged Eyeliner | The Queen’s Gambit Makeup Tutorial

Queens Gambit Netflix Makeup Beth Harmon winged eyeliner

Last Updated on June 25, 2022 by Eve Dawes

Queen’s Gambit Makeup Tutorial and how to do winged eyeliner

Beth Harmon’s makeup from the Queen’s Gambit is sparking the revival of winged eyeliner and the mod 60’s makeup. I’m sharing the Queen’s Gambit makeup tutorial inspired by Beth Harmon the Queen’s Gambit lead character, played by Anya Taylor Joy. Including how to do the winged Queens Gambit eyeliner. I learnt young as I was a ballerina and my sister was a beautician and taught me how to do neat eyeliner not panda eyes at 11 for my first performance of Coppelia. So I’m sharing her tips in the liquid eyeliner tutorial below. Beth Harmons fashion and makeup evolves throughout the Queen’s Gambit as she grows up and develops her style.

Beth Harmon makeup & her different Queens Gambit makeup looks

The Queen’s Gambit makeup showed a lot of different looks on Anya Taylor Joy. From 60’s mod daytime to some very heavy black liner on both the top and bottom. As she experiments with makeup and ends the season with a beautiful, classic red lip and black winged eyeliner I’m dubbing the Queens Gambit eyeliner for this blog piece so you know the specific look I’m referring to as she’s walking through the park in white and sits to play chess.

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This queen’s gambit makeup tutorial is based is off of Beth Harmons makeup in the Netflix hit about chess. In this Queen’s Gambit makeup tutorial I’m sharing the classic 60’s makeup looks:

  • Queens Gambit black winged eyeliner | Cat eye kitten flick for a doe eyed look.
  • Red lips
  • Subtle flush
  • Full defined eyebrows
  • Long eyelashes

It’s not a complete dupe as I changed the eyeliner in this liquid eyeliner tutorial to a classic winged look that follows the eye contour and is more wearable in real life than a line going straight out. I choose this look as it’s more versatile and modern rather than some of her other looks which had heavy black eyeliner on the bottom too.

I’ve also shared some queens gambit makeup tips to help store your liquid eyeliner and variations on this Queen’s Gambit look.

The Queen’s Gambit Makeup Tutorial | YouTube

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How to do Queens Gambit eyeliner | Winged liquid eyeliner tutorial AKA cat eye makeup

Anya’s character Beth Harmon wears winged eyeliner for that defined cat eye look in a lot of episodes of the Queen’s Gambit. Here are my tips for getting the perfect black winged cat eye with liquid eyeliner.

  1. Use a black liquid eyeliner with a fine point. I like Anastacia or Kat Von D Dagger waterproof liner. The shape of Kat Von D’s Dagger eyeliner makes winged eyeliner easier.
  2. Use your pinky finger to stabilize your hand and prevent it shaking.
  3. You can either draw lots of little lines and link them together or one long line, whichever you find easiest.
  4. Create a cat eye / winged eyeliner by extending the line past the outer corner of your eye upwards and outwards.
  5. Allow your eyeliner to dry before adding false eyelashes for a really 60’s glam look. I personally prefer magnetic lashes as I find them easier to use & remove.

If you’re struggling with liquid eyeliner try a winged eyeliners stamp.

Winged eyeliners stamp(s) are supposed to take the effort out of doing the winged part of the eyeliner and make it easy by just stamping it on. I tried the eyeliner stamp and couldn’t get the hang of it so went back to the traditional liquid liner. But if liquid liner’s a struggle for you, it might be worth giving it a go to copy this Beth Harmon Queen’s Gambit look or for any winged eyeliner or cat eye makeup.

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beth harmon Queen's Gambit makeup netflix

Cruelty Free Makeup used for this Queen’s Gambit inspired makeup

This is all of the makeup I used in this Queens Gambit inspired makeup tutorial.

  • Kat Von D Primer 
  • Bare Minerals Foundation 
  • Too Faced Born This Way Super Coverage Multi-Use Concealer
  • Beauty Blender 
  • Kat Von D Natural Eyeshadow palette 
  • Urban Decay lash primer
  • Charlotte Tilbury black mascara 
  • Kat Von D Dagger black liquid eyeliner for the winged eyeliner / cat eye makeup
  • Fake Bake bronzer 
  • Kat Von D Crush on Blush Blusher
  • Dawes Cosmetics vegan lip liner ‘Valentine’
  • Dawes Cosmetics vegan red lipstick ‘Seduction’
  • Lash Lovin’ You magnetic eyelashes. Use code EVED for 10% off your order.
  • Urban Decay setting spray 

Beth Harmon The Queen’s Gambit Makeup

Key points of Beth Harmon / Anya Taylor Joy’s makeup looks include:

  • Winged black eyeliner
  • Cupids bow (learn how to contour and shape your cupids bow or fake it in the YouTube video tutorial)
  • Full bushy eyebrows
  • Matte eyeshadow
  • White or nude eyeliner along the waterline
  • Dusty pink blush

Learn more about Queen’s Gambit Actress Anya Taylor Joy IMDB and find out what you’ll be able to see her in next.

Have questions about this makeup?

If you have any questions I didn’t answer in this Queen’s Gambit makeup tutorial drop me a comment below. Also, do you prefer talking makeup tutorials like this or silent ones with just music? Thanks so much for watching!

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