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14 Best magnetic lashes 2024 that actually stay on, work & how to apply them

14 Best magnetic lashes 2024 that actually stay on, work & how to apply them

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Last Updated on February 24, 2024 by Eve Dawes

Everything you need to know about magnetic eyelashes, how to apply & remove them safely & the most flattering styles

The best magnetic lashes for 2024 aren’t always the most expensive. I’ve picked these for their ratings, ease of use and quality. Magnetic lashes came onto my radar a few years ago and I definitely had some misses before finding the brand that works best for me. The best magnetic lashes magnets shouldn’t be so heavy that the lashes slide off. Nor should the strip band be so thick that you can see it and it creates an obvious line. Here’s everything I’ve learned over the last few years about how to apply magnetic lashes, remove them safely and the best magnetic eyelashes for 2024. Including both magnetic liner and magnetic lashes with no liner as I prefer those. Jump to shop the top rated magnetic lashes.

This best magnetic lashes 2024 post contains affiliate links which don’t affect the price in anyway.

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How to apply magnetic lashes

If you’re wondering ‘do magnetic lashes work’ a lot of it’s going to come down to how you apply them as much as it is about finding the best magnetic lashes for you. People who wear contact lenses may prefer ones that use magnetic liner to magnetic lashes with no liner. As sometimes getting that close to the mirror can blur your site if you wear contacts.

The first few attempts can be a bit tricky, just as learning how to apply stick on false eyelashes was. However, once you get it, it’s so quick and easy. It takes me less than 1 minute an eye, even with dropping them a couple of times. So give it some time and you’ll get to grips with it really quickly.

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Step by step guide on how to apply magnetic lashes

Start by curling your own eyelashes and then adding a good coat or 2 of mascara and allow that to dry before applying your lashes. Even better, start with a lash primer and then mascara. More is more when it comes to giving the magnetic lashes something to support them.

Try to get all of your lashes all the way to the inner corner so that the false eye lashes have something to attach to.

Each magnetic eyelash comes with a top lash strip and then separate magnets with lashes that attach underneath. If you’re using a magnetic liner vs magnetic lashes with no liner apply that. If you’re using magnetic lashes that don’t use a magnetic liner all you have to do is align the lash strip along the top of your own lash line and then align the lash magnets underneath. Try to get them as close to your lash line as possible, sandwiching your real lashes in between so that you don’t see a gap.

I find it easiest to start with the middle magnet, then do the outer corner and finish with the inner corner. Most magnetic lash sets come with applicators but I find it easier to use my thumb and index finger.

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How to remove magnetic lashes safely

Simply slide the magnetic apart and gently remove them. Don’t just pull them off or sleep in them. Clean them if they need cleaning and then put them back in their storage case to keep them clean and to prevent them from getting damaged.

Things to avoid doing with magnetic lashes

While I find magnetic eyelashes pretty straight forward there are definitely some do’s and dont’s for getting the best results:

  • Curl your eyelashes before applying your magnetic lashes otherwise the magnets will attach to your eyelash curlers and pull the lashes off.
  • Don’t just pull off your lashes when you want to remove them. Gently slide the magnets apart to remove them.
  • Apply your mascara and eye makeup first and try to keep them as dry and clean as possible so that they last longe.
  • Don’t sleep in them.
  • Don’t share them.
  • Keep them in their storage case when you’re not using them.
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Are magnetic lashes safe?

Yes, as long as you follow a few simple rules, they’re safe for most people. To keep your eyes safe and healthy, don’t share your magnetic lashes with anyone else, keep them clean and in their storage case when you’re not wearing them. Obviously avoid wearing them if you have any kind of eye infection or irritation.

The FDA requires that all false eyelashes and extensions — and the glues used with them — meet the organization’s rules for cosmetics.


Do magnetic lashes harm your eyes?

They should be much safer than false eyelashes you glue on. One because you’re not running the risk of getting glue in your eyes and two because you’re less likely to cause damage to your own lashes when you remove them. Just try to slide the magnets apart rather than pulling them off of your own lashes when you take them off.

Benefits of magnetic lashes | Pros

I very rarely wear the old fashioned glue on strip lashes after switching to magnetic lashes over 2 years ago. Unless a makeup artist applies them for me. The benefits of the best magnetic lashes are:

  • Many of them are 100% cruelty free. I couldn’t find cruelty-free lash glue or ones that didn’t irritate my eyes so magnetic lashes have been the perfect solution as they don’t need any glue.
  • They cause less irritation than the glue on versions as many people are sensitive to the glue.
  • I find them quicker and less messy to apply. As you don’t have to wait for the glue to dry.
  • Easy to remove.
  • No glue residue left on lashes.
  • They’re safer to remove and kinder to your lashes than the strip lashes that use glue when used correctly.

Do magnetic lashes actually work

A bit like most things, it comes down to the brand and applying them correctly. Definitely look at customer reviews and the top rated magnetic lashes like all of the ones below before you buy. Lash Lovin You are the brand I’ve found that works the best for me but I’m going to try a few more this Summer and will keep this post updated as I go.

Do magnetic lashes stay on

It depends on the brand. When they first came out, I’d order brands that didn’t work at all and just fell right off as the magnets were too heavy. They’ve come a long way since then and I’ve never had an issue with them coming off. Except when I’ve been crying to much during a movie and the water has made them slide off but I have the same issue with the glue on kind when my eyes get wet.

How long do magnetic lashes last

It depends on how often you wear them, the brand, quality and how you remove them.

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Each pair of magnetic eyelashes normally lasts me about 3 months when I remove them properly and don’t just yank them off.

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Shop the best magnetic lashes 2024

I haven’t tried all of these brands but researched and read other reviews to narrow down this list of the best magnetic eyelashes. A lot of pairs need magnetic eyeliner but I’ve tried to find ones with no liner as that’s my personal preference. As liner is an extra step, extra makeup to remove at the end of the day and because I have sensitive eyes.

I’ve also not included mink lashes as obviously they’re not cruelty-free. Faux mink and silk are perfect, like this pretty vegan mink luxe material lashes.

My favorite brand right now is Lash Lovin You and my favorite styles are Life of The Party, Dolly’s and Bella as I like tapered longer lashes. Shipping’s free on orders over $60 so definitely order the bundles which are cheaper or order with a friend. You still get to choose which lashes you want in your bundle and it means free shipping. Use code EVED on Lash Lovin You for 10% off.

A lot of these magnetic eyelashes are from Amazon as they offer free returns if they don’t work out for you. I also like the fact you can filter by the top rated magnetic lashes on their site.


If you have any questions re the lashes or recommendations that you think should be on the best magnetic lashes 2024 list feel free to drop me a message on IG.

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