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Gucci Marmont Bag + Classic Favorite Shopping Finds | Fashion & Beauty Diaries

Gucci Marmont Bag + Classic Favorite Shopping Finds | Fashion & Beauty Diaries

Gucci fashion blogger Glamour Gains

Last Updated on June 29, 2022 by Eve Dawes

White Gucci Marmont | Classic Summer Style

The small Gucci Marmont bag is something I’ve been eyeing for a while as the white is so perfect for Summer and why it’s top of this list. Yes, the Gucci Marmont bag is still in style for 2022. It’s a classic bag that’s not covered in monograms or the brand name that you can use year after year. Every few months I share the top things I’m shopping for in fashion and beauty and this edit includes a classic summer bag, tanning with Tan Luxe self tanning drops, white Holland Cooper jeans and Lash Lovin You magnetic lashes. Summer is here and events are starting to happen again! Which means having somewhere to get dressed up, tanned and throw on heels for.

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1. Padded white bag | Small white Gucci Marmont Shoulder Bag

Is gucci marmont out of style 2022? No, it’s a classic that you can use year after year.

This white Gucci Marmont bag was my first Vivrelle rental last year and as soon as I saw it I had to have it. It’s a little nautical feeling with its white and navy colors and quilted and padded bags are still in thanks to Chanel and Bottega Veneta. You can’t beat a white bag for Summer. Just remember a bag hook to keep it off the floor and to keep red wine drinkers at bay!

Small Gucci marmont bag white navy still in style fashion blogger Glamour Gains
Shop Gucci the Gucci Marmont bag

2. Holland Cooper jeans | White jodhpurs

White jeans are a classic Spring Summer essential and Holland Cooper jeans nail this style. White jeans can be hit and miss and are worth paying a bit more for so they don’t look cheap and for a more flattering cut.

I chose Holland Cooper as I already have the black ones which are the perfect fit on me and I know the qualities good. The gold touches on these skinny jodhpur white jeans from Holland Cooper give them a luxe look and the high waisted cut’s so flattering and goes perfectly with the Gucci Marmont bag. I try to buy whole outfits and pieces that go together rather than random pieces.

Holland Cooper sizing

Jade Holland designed these jeans to be sophisticated and to contour and lift. Size up 1 size in all of Holland Coopers jeans, especially if you have muscular legs like mine. If you’re tall these are going to hit above the ankle which is perfect for Summer wearing flats or heels.

Holland Cooper white jodhpur jeans classic Summer fashion
Holland Cooper white jeans | Los Angeles Apparel Mini O ring bag | Tan braided mules | Cat eye sunglasses

3. Lash Lovin You Magnetic lashes | Glue free, mess free lashes

Lash Lovin You magnetic lashes beauty blogger Eve Dawes Glamour Gains
Lash Lovin You Magnetic Lashes LLY

Time to restock. I haven’t worn the old fashioned glue on strip lashes in over 18 months after switching to Lash Lovin You magnetic lashes which are 100% cruelty free. I couldn’t find cruelty-free lash glue or ones that didn’t irritate my eyes so this has been the perfect solution.

My lashes are so fair, short and fine that I wear them most times I’m going out with my husband or friends. I’ve tried magnetic lashes before and they didn’t work for me. These ones do and stay on even on the windiest days.

My favorite styles are Life of The Party and Bella as I like tapered longer lashes. Shipping’s free on orders over $60 so definitely order the bundles which are cheaper. You still get to choose which lashes you want in your bundle and it means free shipping.

Each pair lasts me about 3 months when I remove them properly and don’t just yank them off. I’ll write a separate blog post with application tips and a how to video.

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Use code EVED on Lash Loving You for 10% off.

4. Tan Luxe self tanning drops

I wear a lot of white in the Summer including accessories like the white Gucci Marmont bag and white heels. Since I don’t tan in the sun anymore but have an addiction to a golden glow I use tanning drops to keep a tan going through Spring and Summer. It stops you looking washed out wearing lighter colors and makes the white Holland Cooper jeans look even whiter.

You can’t go wrong using Tan Luxe self tanning drops as they’re about the most fool proof way to self tan and build color gradually to the shade you want it. Their products are cruelty-free, vegan and small enough to travel with.

I’ve tried most of their products and find their tanning drops work the best.

Tan Luxe self tanning drops application tips

  • I recommend ordering medium dark not light medium so you get more for your money and experimenting with the amount of drops you use. 
  • Try starting with 3 drops per body part to gauge how much you need to customize your color. I use 1 full dropper for each leg and each half of my upper body 2-3 x per week. 
  • Use a different self tanner for your face that’s made specifically for your face like Tan Luxe Face
  • Exfoliate once a week and start fresh so that you don’t get too much build up or start to go blotchy.

Shop the edit including this off white Gucci Marmont bag


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