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Versace Bag La Medusa Review + 5 Ways to Style Dua Lipa’s Bag

Versace Bag La Medusa Review + 5 Ways to Style Dua Lipa’s Bag

Versace bag new medusa pink small fashion blogger spring 2022

Was the La Medusa Versace bag the right decision or do I have buyers remorse

Versace bags have always been my go to brand and the Versace La Medusa bag is the latest designer purchase I finally made. Dua Lipa and Kacey Musgraves have made this Versace bag one of the most wanted bags of 2022. It took me about 6 months to find the perfect new designer bag after looking in so many stores and websites. I was torn between a few brands, Chanel, Dior, Versace and Valentino but I ended up with the small, top handle, pink Versace Medusa Bag for the reasons below. 

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Versace bag medusa pink top handle fashion blogger spring red knit outfit

Small La Medusa Versace Bag Review + 5 Ways To Wear It

My honest review of the new small La Medusa Versace bag. I ordered a couple of extra pieces to be able to style this bag as many ways as possible.

  1. With the acrylic chain the Versace Medusa bag comes with.
  2. With the leather shoulder strap it comes with.
  3. By its top handle.
  4. With a Versace gold chain shoulder strap (sold separately).
  5. With a twilly or skinny scarf to protect the handle & change the look.
Versace medusa bag pink luxury fashion blogger Eve Dawes
Versace medusa bag pink | Romper | Dior shoes

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What made me choose the pink Versace Medusa bag

I was looking for either a beige, white or pink designer bag that I could use for both the day and night. I like to have 2 main designer bags that go with pretty much everything that I use the most and then more evening or casual bags I can rotate in.

I ended up with the pink Versace bag. Pinks a neutral as far as I’m concerned as I have so much of it. I also got the Lady Dior in beige as a more classic, true neutral for Spring Summer versus the pink which is more fun and fashion forward.

I also already have a large white tote and a small white Versace clutch and recently sold my large pink Versace tote bag that was an older style so now don’t have a pink bag. Which is kind of shocking since it’s my favorite color.

new Versace handbag pink gold chain medusa style influencer white dress

What made me choose the Versace La Medusa bag shape

I wanted a top handle bag that would be large enough for my phone. I also love gold chain straps strap and structured styles like mini tote bags. I wanted a classic but fashion forward style and the Versace La Medusa small tote handbag is the newest bag from their Spring Summer 2022 runway show.

This style of the Versace Medusa bag is so new I couldn’t find photos of this exact one anywhere beside from the runway shows. If I could afford every color in this bag, I probably would have it.

I was also looking at Chanel but I want to leave that for buying a black bag when I’m back in London next Summer. The La Medusa Versace bag is also a newer design.

Versace medusa bag white gold chain fashion blogger street Eve Dawes

I’d seen the Versace La Medusa bag in black and gold and loved it. What I didn’t love about the pink version was the matching acrylic chain strap. Acrylics very on trend this season and has grown on me but it will date.

However, Versace sells a chunky gold chain shoulder strap that you can swap it with. It’s pretty pricey but I’ve also been using it on my white Versace bag as the chains removable to be able to convert it into a clutch.

new Versace bag medusa pink fashion blogger top bag pick Spring 2022

This is what I love about Versaces designs, they’re so versatile. As now I can swap out shoulder strap and create 4 looks with 1 bag: pink chain, pink leather strap, gold chain (bought separately), without a chain & carrying it by the top handle.

The acrylic strap’s good for casual looks for the day and the gold chain for nights out or for when I’m wearing gold accessories.

Why I chose this size Versace La Medusa bag

I wanted a bag that I could use for both the day and night and it had to be big enough to fit my phone (the iPhone 13 Pro is basically 6″). I’ve been downsizing and minimizing what I put in my bags anyway. As it’s better for their shape and the handles. The Versace La Medusa bag only comes in 2 sizes.

So that made the decision easier for me as the small Versace tote bag works better with my petite frame and the medium is too big to use for the evening and doesn’t come in pink.

Versace Small La Medusa handbag measurements:

Depth 3.9 in
Handle 2.8 in
Height 7.1 in
Strap 19.7 in
Width 8.7 in

Versace bag Medusa small pink fashion blogger Spring 2022 runway show

What material is the La Medusa Versace bag

I’m really picky when it comes to material. I’d passed on a lot of bags because they were made of lambskin leather which as pretty as it looks is fragile and scratches easily.

The La Medusa Versace bag is 100% leather and textured not smooth. I’ve had my Prada Saffiano tote for 8 years and it’s worn so well because it’s textured so I knew I wanted this kind of leather.

Why am I loyal to Versace

If you’ve read the blog for a while, you know I’m pretty loyal to Versace. I love their glamorous, feminine, statement making styles. They’re not known for their subtle prints or designs and I’m fine with that. Their sizing and qualities always consistent and things like the gold chain handbag strap I bought can be used with a lot of their bags.

How a bag shapes my wardrobe

To me the bag or shoes is the base for the outfit as it’s normally the most expensive piece and normally makes the biggest statement. Once I knew my Versace tote bag was going to be pink, I could figure everything else out.

I just bought the Dior ribbon slingback heels in pink patent to go with them and flat pink slides will probably be the next addition as I love coordinated or monochromatic looks. I also know I have lots of pink in my wardrobe already and it’s a color that goes with black, white, and pretty much all of my Summer wardrobe.

I’m excited for it to get warmer again so that I can use the small pink Versace La Medusa bag with my Versace outfit and the Versace bralette with denim shorts and the original pink acrylic chain for a more casual look. As well as the new pink and red Burberry silk scarf my friend just got me for my birthday.

Versace medusa bag pink luxury fashion blogger Glamour Gains Eve Dawes Vegas
Versace medusa bag pink | Romper | Dior shoes

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Wheres the best place to buy Versace bags

The online store I bought my Pink Versace bag from also offers free shipping and returns. So if it’s not everything I hoped it would be, doesn’t suit me, the color wasn’t accurately pictured then I’m covered.

If you’re thinking of buying a designer bag, here’s everything you need to know before you buy so that you don’t end up with buyers remorse.

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