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Lady Dior Bag Is The Hottest Bag Trend About To Explode in 2021 | What You Need To Know Before You Buy

Lady Dior Bag Is The Hottest Bag Trend About To Explode in 2021 | What You Need To Know Before You Buy

Lady Dior bag buying guide review

From the new Sex and The City to the upcoming Princess of Wales ‘Spencer’ movie The Lady Dior Bag is the bag du jour

The Lady Dior bag is quickly becoming the it bag to round out 2021 heading into 2022 and I predict that it’s only going to get bigger. From the 1st episode of Sex And The City (Charlotte York) to the new Lady Diana movie ‘Spencer’ coming out on November 5th. If Charlotte and Princess Diana wore it, we tend to all want it. Just look at what Carrie Bradshaw did for Manolo’s. The Lady Dior bag, from the Lady Dior micro to large is such an elegant and classic style but is the Lady Dior handbag worth the heavy dent to our wallets?

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After Princess Diana was gifted her 1st one of this style in 1995 by France’s First Lady, Bernadette Chirac, she famously bought it in every color. Which is why Christian Dior renamed the bag Lady Dior in 1996.

Originally named ‘chouchou’ (French for ‘favourite’) it was given its current moniker as a tribute to the princess – who was known as Lady Diana Spencer before her marriage – in 1996 after she fell in love with it. She faithfully carried it for years. 


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Is the Lady Dior handbag worth it?

Investing in a new handbag that’s on the pricier side is a big decision. No one want to have buyers remorse or end up with a bag they don’t want to use. Yes, there’s resale prices but you rarely get back what you paid for it. Even if they sell it for more than you bought it for, you’re only going to get a percentage back from the reseller not the full amount. Which is why I’m picky about what I buy and do a ton of research before biting the bullet.

The Lady Dior bag is one of Dior’s more classic styles and a bit more affordable than Chanels quilted bags. I also love Dior’s Caro bag with the gold CD logo which looks a bit more current and modern. Versus the Lady Dior that’s more classic and elegant. Which is why the stylists picked it for Charlotte York in the new SATC.

However, it’s also more staid than some other styles. In my opinion, the Dior Caro or Chanel 19 flap bag would be better if you’re looking for a more modern style. Chanel bags also hold their value better than Dior so it’s worth considering picking up a Lady Dior second hand.

Lady Dior Vs Lady D-Lite

Dior released a new version of this bag in 2020. The new version of the Lady Dior, the Lady D-Lite bag is softer and more modern. The D-Lite fully embroidered with the signature black Cannage motif but also features the ‘CHRISTIAN DIOR’ signature on the front which isn’t on the Lady Dior handbag. It’s also a material not leather bag.

Personally I prefer the more elegant, refined and low key original leather Lady Dior bag without the name across the front.

What sizes do the Lady Dior Bag come in? How much does a Lady Dior cost?

This handbag comes in several different sizes and in a wide variety of solid and patterned colors. They’ve also started adding embellishments and custom embellishments. Like the ABCDIOR bag which you can personalize with a choice of charms and letters.

Lady Dior sizes in cm and inches

  • Micro Lady Dior : 12 x 10 x 5 cm / 5 x 4 x 2 inches. A tiny bag for just the essentials like your lipstick, credit card and keys $3500
  • Mini Lady Dior Bag 17 x 15 x 7 cm / 6.5 x 6 x 3 inches | Black lambskin $4300 | calfskin $4600.
  • Small Lady Dior Bag 20 x 16.5 x 8 cm / 8 x 6.5 x 3 inches. Black calfskin $4600
  • Medium 24 x 20 x 11 cm / 9.5 x 8 x 4.5 inches a great size for a day to night bag. $5200 black cannage lambskin.
  • Large Lady Dior 32 x 25 x 11 cm / 12.5 x 10 x 4.5 inches. This bag’s big enough for an everyday tote Dior $5600.

I’m always considering which material to get it in and what I’m going to use it for. I was looking for a black day to night bag when the Lady Dior handbag ended up on my short list. I love the large and medium Lady Dior but the small or mini Lady Dior bag make more sense for this. The micro doesn’t fit a phone so that ruled that out for me.

What material should I get the Lady Dior bag in?

The bag also comes in satin, lambskin, calfskin, bullskin leather and microfiber. I know from past experiences how easily lambskin leather gets scratched. So if you’re looking for a more durable, long lasting bag, even though the calf and bull leather is the more expensive option, it’s the best bet for this style if you want it to last.

What color Lady Dior bag should I buy?

I was torn between getting the pink or black quilted version. I love pink, have a lot of that color and black and white in my closet that it’d go with and it’s more of a statement piece. But the black quilted Lady Dior is just such a classic that will go with everything and feels like more of an evening bag. Colors are so personal so find one that feels like you and that will go with a lot of your outfits.

Gold, silver or black hardware?

Then there’s the choice of gold, silver or black hardware which comes down to personal preference. I personally think the gold looks more luxe and I’ve been wearing a lot more gold jewelry the last few years. Plus it’s the color Lady Diana and Charlotte wore.

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Is Lady Dior a classic bag

Absolutely! It’s been around for 25 years and still one of Dior’s best sellers. The non patent styles are more classic than the shiny patent versions or one’s with artwork. Dior bags don’t hold their value quite as much as a Chanel classic flap bag but it’s a bag that won’t go out of style and you can use year after year.

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Where to buy a Lady Dior Bag

New or Pre Loved Lady Dior Bags

The best place to shop for a new Dior handbag is either directly from their stores or website. If you’re not worried about having the latest color, you could also shop for a pre loved Dior.

Dior bags don’t normally hold their value or appreciate like like some other designer brands so the prices are a lot lower. Just be sure to get them from somewhere like The Real Real or Fashionphile where they’re authenticated. They’re just not as shiny and new as brand new ones. You also miss the whole in store experience but you do save a decent chunk of change. If I get one, this is the route I’d go as long as it’s in pristine condition.

Street style stars and fashion insiders with the Lady Dior handbag

The Lady Dior handbag has always been a classic bag to wear but is now in the spotlight. It’s one of those investment bags you don’t really have to worry about going out of style. If you want to play it safe and have a bag that won’t date, go for a classic color and material. If it’s just your bag for this season then have fun with the print and materials.

My one last shopping tip before you buy is to make sure the size works for your lifestyle and body type. I love the micro but I need something that will fit my phone. I also love the large for an everyday bag but being petite it looks a bit disproportionate.

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Trend watch & things to shop for now

Dress like a lady. With movies like Spencer coming out, the ladylike trends are going to be seen more and more. So whether you want to take style inspiration from Princess Diana with her Lady Dior or from Charlotte in SATC, here’s how to complete your look. Starting with a chic hair bow as seen at Chanel. Here’s how to wear it think more Hailey Bieber and Chanel and less playground.

Plus the latest bag fashion trends and Sex And The City news.

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