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How to tie a twilly on your neck, bag & hair | 34 stylish & chic ideas

How to tie a twilly on your neck, bag & hair | 34 stylish & chic ideas

how tie twilly scarf mitzah womens style

Last Updated on September 16, 2023 by Eve Dawes

How to style and tie a twilly scarf | Classic and unexpected styling tips for you neck, hair and bags

Twillys, Mitzahs and skinny scarves are actually a really versatile accessory and can be tied so many different ways so I’m sharing lots of ways to style and tie a twilly scarf to get the most wear from yours. Because if you’re anything like me they tend to end up being used the same way on repeat. Normally by wrapping a lambskin bag handle to protect it. I’m definitely guilty of that!

how tie twilly scarf neck
1 idea for how to tie a twilly on your neck

Since I have a few really pretty ones sat in a drawer I wanted to find more ways for how to tie a Mitzah scarf that I’d actually use, besides around my Lady Dior bag handles.

Using a Hermes twilly scarf (or any brand) as a neck tie can be hit or miss. They can either look really chic and sophisticated or a bit mature or dated. So I played around with some fashion forward ways of how to style a twilly scarf and how to tie a twilly on your neck, bags, in hairstyles and as accessories.

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There’s not really any right or wrong ways on how to wear or style a twilly or how to wear a Dior Mitzah scarf. These are just some ideas to help you get the most use out of them.

What’s a Twilly or Mitzah scarf

The Hermés twilly scarf is probably one of the most famous and original Twilly. Masterminded by them in the late 1930s. There’s not any difference between a silk twilly scarf, skinny scarf or Mitzah scarf, it’s just that different brands call them by different names.

The name ‘Twilly’ is a diminutive form indicating it is meant to be having fun, a ‘candy size’ version of the more serious full silk carré. The term also refers to the technique used to weave the silk from which it is made.

Louis Jane
dior mitzah scarf how wear toile de jouy hair
How to tie a Mitzah scarf in your hair

6 ways to tie a twilly on a bag

All of these styling tips and ways to tie a twilly and mitzah are in the twilly tutorial video below. I know watching makes it a lot easier than reading for a lot of these ways to tie them. Especially some of the more intricate neck and hair tie ideas.

Versace bag medusa pink fashion blogger top bag trend
  1. Wrap your bag handle with your skinny scarf.
  2. Tie a neat bow at the end of the handle.
  3. Create a giant bow with your twilly. This looks pretty on beach totes & raffia bags.
  4. Wrap your bag handles from end to end and finish one end of the scarf in a twilly bow (see video for instructions).
  5. Replace the original shoulder strap with a twilly. This is perfect for when you’re wearing a strapless top and don’t want the shoulder strap to dig in.
  6. Wrap the bag’s shoulder strap with your Mitzah.
dior toile de jouy mitzah scarf matching dway slides
How to tie a twilly on a Lady Dior bag

How to tie a twilly on your neck 12 chic ways

If you’ve been searching for ideas for how to tie a twilly on your neck, these 12 different ideas will put it to good use without looking like a Flight Attendant.

If you want to show off the print or name on your twilly or Mitzah, the neck ties with the loose ends rather than bows lets you see more of the fabric. If I’m tying the scarf at the back, I tend to prefer bows when my hair’s up and loose ends when it’s down so that my hair lies flat.

Whether you tie it at the front or the back on both your neck and hair all comes down to personal preference and the aesthetic you want. It’s an easy change so just play around with both ways and see which you prefer.

How to wear a Dior mitzah scarf
How to wear a Dior mitzah scarf
  1. Create a simple neck drape.
  2. Tie the twilly in a loose and low knot.
  3. Knot the Mitzah in the center and place in the front of your neck, then tie it at the back.
  4. Create a scarf choker by wrapping the skinny scarf once making sure it’s flat so that you can see the print and then tie loosely at the back with the ends hanging.
  5. Tie a choker as in number 4 but end in a pretty bow.
  6. Wrap your scarf twice around your neck and tie in a knot at the front.
  7. Wrap your scarf twice around your neck and tie in a knot at the side.
  8. Double wrap your Mitzah and tie at the back for a look that’s similar to the single wrap choker.
  9. Double wrap your twilly and tuck both ends in for a seamless choker necklace.
  10. Single wrap your scarf ending in the front and fold once over (don’t knot. As shown below).
  11. Create a loose knot in the center of your scarf, place that center front of your neck, wrap the skinny scarf around your neck and weave both ends through the knot. Tighten the knot to finish to hold everything in place.
  12. Simply wrap in like a regular neck scarf and leave both ends loose at the front.
dior mitzah scarf neck tie

How to tie a twilly in your hair

Twilly scarves and Mitzahs look super cute and feminine in the hair and are kinder to it than an elastic hair band. When tying it in your hair be careful not to catch your hair in the bun or knot and be careful when removing it so you don’t accidentally pull on your hair.

Here’s some ideas and inspiration for how to wear a mitzah scarf or twilly in your hair:

skinny scarf dior mitzah hair tie
Dior twilly scarf
  1. Simply wrap the scarf as Alice band knotted or tied in a bow on top. If you feel like it’s going to slip, pop a bobby pin in either side to secure it. It tends to stay better on hair that’s been curled than straightened.
  2. As an Alice band but leave some hair loose in front for a softer look.
  3. As an headband with your hair in a ponytail or bun.
  4. As an Alice band but tied underneath.
  5. If you feel like your headband’s slipping or you have a smaller head, try folding your narrow scarf in half.
  6. Create a scarf braid using the twilly as the 3rd piece of hair to create the plait with.
  7. Tie it around your ponytail & create a bow on the top or a simple knot at the bottom.
  8. Scrunchie effect: Wrap all of the Mitzah scarf around your ponytail and tuck the ends in.
  9. Wrap a bun with a bow at the top. Great for hiding fly-aways.
  10. Wrap a bun and tie a bow at the bottom.
  11. Wrap a bun and leave the ends loose. Great if you want to show off a pretty print.
  12. Style your hair half up, half down and tie the twilly around the hair band.
dior mitzah scarf twilly hair

If you’ve been struggling to keep your silk scarf in your hair you can either try tying it with an elastic band first and then weaving the scarf through or pinning it into place. If that fails, try Dior’s silk headband instead. Although I find it runs big and have to pin that in place too if I’m styling it with a sleek up do.

How to style a twilly scarf and mitzah as accessories

Besides tying your twilly on bags and your neck you can also use your twilly as an accessory. It’s an easy way to tie colors together or make a look more cohesive.

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For example, I tend to tie my Dior Mitzah scarf around my sun hat when I’m wearing my matching Dior Dway slides for a coordinated resort wear look. Here’s how to tie a designer or Dior mitzah scarf as an accessory:

  1. Tied it around your hats to coordinate with your outfit.
  2. Create a scarf wrist wrap.
  3. Wear it as a Belt.
  4. Tie a bow with it on a belt loop.
how tie dior mitzah twilly scarf lady dior bag
Another idea for how to tie a Dior twilly scarf on a Lady Dior or any bag

30+ ways to tie a twilly scarf on your bag, neck & hair

I love using twilly’s and Mitzahs to tie my outfit together. So if I have my Dior Dway Toile De Jouy slides on I tend to find some way to incorporate the matching Dior Mitzah scarf into my looks too. Whether that’s on my bag, hair or hat.

I’m sharing over 30 ways of how to style and tie a twilly on your neck, bags, hair and as an accessory to get the most use out of them for all seasons and all occasions from the office to the beach in this Twilly scarf tutorial.

Shop for Twilly’s and Mitzah scarves

Besides Hermés and Dior, there are lots of other brands to shop for super pretty skinny scarves. Whether you’re looking for something colorful or more muted, here’s some of the prettiest styles I came across, both new and pre-loved.


If you have more ideas for how to tie a twilly or how to style a twilly scarf, tag me in your photos so that I can share them on my stories #glamourandgains

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