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Sephora Squad | #SephoraSquad 2021 Have Your Say

Sephora Squad | #SephoraSquad 2021 Have Your Say

Sephora Squad Eve Dawes blue dress

Sephora Squad 2021

I just plucked up the courage to apply for the Sephora Squad again. You can give your input and have your say by leaving a Sephora Squad testimonial. #sephorasquad 2021 seemed like the natural thing to do since my life is fashion, beauty and helping others to look and feel their best via my blog and coaching.

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The impact of makeup

Makeup’s been a huge part of my life ever since the age of 11. Where the older cast members of the ballet company taught me how to do my lashes and makeup. I always looked up to them; they looked so beautiful and feminine and I wanted to be just like them. Ballet is a beautiful world of make believe and escapism where any girl can become a princess or heroine and the makeup is just as much a part of that transformation, as the costume and choreography.

Cat Dawes Cosmetics cruelty-free lipstick

My love of makeup and playing with it never stopped and even led to me creating my own cruelty-free brand as there was a gap in the market for luxury cosmetics, made in the USA that didn’t test on animals. I grew up as a teenager with the Body Shop makeup and just assumed every company was cruelty-free. Once my eyes were opened, I couldn’t turn back and advocating for cruelty-free beauty became important to me. You’ve all seen my fur babies on Instagram, they’re my world.

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As well as a company that puts the consumer in control and gives them exactly what they want. Which is where the custom cosmetics concept comes in. I wanted it to be an experience and to make the user feel special and their most beautiful. The same way that shopping in Sephora is an experience that leaves you feeling more confident. It’s like an adults candy shop minus the calories.

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Leave a #sephorasquad Testimonial

Sephora Squad 2021 is looking for the most authentic and inspiring voices in the digital beauty space to take part in their long-term ambassador partnership. If you know one thing about me, it’s that I’m crazy about makeup and helping others and that this is the dream partnership.

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They’re looking for Sephora squad testimonials from YOU… from readers and followers to strengthen our applications – your testimonial helps!

Sephora squad 2021 testimonials cruelty free beauty blogger Eve Dawes

So if I’ve helped you in anyway, please spare a couple of minutes to leave some love so that I can help more people feel confidently beautiful and find makeup and skincare choices less overwhelming.

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Your comments can be anything e.g. why you keep coming back to my blog or instagram or the impact I’ve made on you. Thanks so much my lovelies. Here’s to women empowering women and enabling me to keep doing what I do – sharing the best in makeup and skincare with you!

Thanks so much for being here for me and all of your support with Sephora Squad. If there’s a beauty question or tutorial you want to see on the blog let me know in the comments below. I love creating for you and love seeing your looks so don’t forget to tag me on Instagram.

Much love

Eve xo


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