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Dyson Flyaway Attachment | Everything You Need to Know

Dyson Flyaway Attachment | Everything You Need to Know

Dyson flyaway attachment review how to

Last Updated on November 19, 2023 by Eve Dawes

Is the Dyson flyaway attachment worth it & how does it work?

The Dyson flyaway attachment is my latest Dyson investment so of course I had to do a Dyson flyaway attachment review. I have naturally very wavy and frizzy hair so as soon as I saw the Dyson Supersonic flyaway attachment for the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer demoed I wanted it. It wasn’t for sale when I first saw it but as soon as it became available I pounced on it.

The Dyson Flyaway attachment for the Dyson Supersonic hair drier looks and sounds great but it’s over $50 after tax and shipping. So does it work and is it worth it? This is my honest Dyson flyaway attachment review (not sponsored) and 1st time using the Dyson Supersonic flyaway attachment. If it’s static hair you’re battling, check out these 17 tips for stopping static hair.

how use Dyson flyaway attachment Supersonic hair drier

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Dyson flyaway attachment review & How to use the Dyson flyaway attachment

This was my first time using the Dyson flyaway attachment with my Dyson Supersonic hair dryer so you can see exactly how easy/hard it was to figure out and use and the results with my first attempt. I definitely learned a few things as I went on how to get the best results from this styling tool attachment.

Dyson flyaway hair dryer attachment review

How do you use the flyaway attachment on a Dyson hair dryer?

It simply snaps into place on the Dyson Supersonic hair drier as the hairdryer and the flyaway attachment are magnetic. Be careful switching out the blowdrying nozzle for the Dyson flyaway attachment if you’re using it straight after blowdrying your hair as it’ll be hot.

Can you use Dyson flyaway attachment on wet hair?

Unfortunately not as that would have been a great time saver. The Dyson flyaway attachment is designed to be used on dry hair after you’ve blowdried your hair. I found it a good alternative to straighteners for keeping volume and using less direct heat.

Dyson Supersonic hair drier Beauty blogger drying hair

Is the Dyson flyaway attachment worth it?

It really depends on your hair time and the climate you live in. For me the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer definitely was as I have thick wavy hair that takes forever to dry with other hairdryers. This cuts down the drying time and reduces the frizz.

I’m undecided on the flyaway attachment, I need to try it a couple of more times to see if it really makes a difference or not. I have really wavy hair that tends to need blowdrying and flat ironing for a sleek finish.

The Dyson flyaway attachment doesn’t give as flat and sleek a finish as my straightening irons. However, I do like that it makes it smoother than blow drying alone but leaves it with more body that irons do. It’s also still heat styling but less than using my flat irons.

I also have really static, flyaway hair in the Winter, even with our humidity so I got it to try to tame both frizz and flyaways.

Dyson flyaway attachment in use long hair model

What does the Dyson flyaway attachment do?

The Dyson Supersonic™ attachment claims to hide flyaways in a single pass to give hair a smooth and shiny finish. It’s designed for all hair types (straight, wavy and curly) and all hair textures (fine, medium and thick). I found it took multiple passes on my fine hair.

It works by lifting longer hairs to hide flyaway hairs under longer hair for a smoother shinier finish. They call it their Coanda effect. The idea is to get a shiny, sleek finish with less heat damage than with flat irons. Flat irons can also make flyaway hair worse as it’s more drying, making static hair even more static.

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Dyson flyaway attachment supersonic hair drier results

Does the Dyson flyaway attachment fit the Airwrap?

No, it only works with the Dyson Supersonic hairdryer.

Where to buy the Dyson flyaway attachment

I got mine directly from Dyson’s website as it wasn’t available on Sephora yet, it is now. It’s the same price, $39.99 plus tax from both Sephora and Dyson. However, Dyson charges shipping whereas Sephora VIB (free shipping over $25) and VIB Rouge get free shipping.

So if you’re Sephora VIB, save yourself the shipping fee and order from there if it’s in stock. The caveat being, it’s normally in stock at Dyson and goes in and out of stock at Sephora.

Shop the Dyson flyaway attachment

Dyson Supersonic flyaway attachment styling tips

If you don’t want the flick at the end of your hair, don’t run the flyaway attachment all the way to the end of your hair. They have more styling guides on the Dyson website.

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