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Hair bows are back in style! Here’s how to wear them like Hailey Bieber not a kid!

Hair bows are back in style! Here’s how to wear them like Hailey Bieber not a kid!

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Last Updated on December 28, 2023 by Eve Dawes

Hair bows are back in style again and a major fashion trend for 2024. They were all over Chanel’s Fall Winter fashion show back in 2021 so it was only a matter of time before the fashion squad jumped all over it. Case in point, Hailey Bieber showing us how to wear a velvet black hair bow clip and not look like a 5 year old. Hair bows might be one of the more unusual hair trends for Winter but I’m totally here for it! Whether it’s a giant bow, long ribbon, or mini bows, try one of these celeb or fashion show styles to keep it chic, on trend, and to serve fashion rather than playground looks.

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Celebrity crush | Hair bow trend 2023-2024

Bows, hair bow clips and bow adorned headbands aren’t just for babies. Hailey Bieber, Olivia Culpo and Chanel have shown us time and time again how to make this trend elegant and fashion forward and they’re not alone.

This year, celebrities, fashion designers, hair stylists and influencers have been flocking to this trend in the masses. As seen of celebrities Sarah Jessica Parker, Emma Watson, Hailey Bieber, Dakota Fanning, Olivia Culpo and Sydney Sweeney.

As well as on the runways at Dior, Zimmermann, Max Mara, Versace and Vivetta where black ribbons from thick or skinny, straight to textured all made appearances.

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Are hair bows in style for 2024

Yes hair bows are back in style and trending in a major way for 2024. While they’re always a timeless and elegant classic, sometimes they’re more of a trend than others and right now they’re hot. This Fall/Winter it’s black velvet bows, both long and mini that are on trend for a more polished, grown up look.

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Not just a red carpet or influencer must-have but for anyone who wants to update their look. It’s such a quick and easy way to add a stylish statement piece to any outfit whether you’re styling your hair up or down.

Style them with other preppy trends like loafers, plaid prints and blazers, with a cute sweater dress or even with a cocktail dress. Just be careful the look doesn’t get too twee or take on too much of a school girl aesthetic.

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How to style a hair bow as an adult

This look can be as glam or as laid back as you want but a black velvet hair bow is always going to be feminine and gives a luxe touch to any outfit. Different textures will lend a different aesthetic. Velvet, organza and satin looks sophisticated and elegant whereas crystal adorned styles look beautiful with evening wear.

I’d recommend keeping your outfit sleek and womanly rather than too voluminous or youthful for this style to avoid looking like a kid. Although Sarah Jessica Parker styled hers beautifully with a tulle midi dress at the New York City Ballet’s Fall Gala red carpet. Proving that balletcore is still very much alive and going strong.

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How to style hair bows for adults

How do you use a hair bow or hair clip bow? There are so many ways to wear hair bows both with updo’s and hair styled down. Although, for the most polished and grown up look try to ensure your hair is glossy and frizz free.

how style hair bows adult womens fashion trend celebrity style

Here’s some ways to wear them to give you some hairstyle inspiration this season:

  1. Copy Hailey Bieber and tie or slip a bow hair clip into the top of a high sleek ponytail.
  2. Tie a ribbon or hair scarf into the bottom of your braid.
  3. Slide it into a braid at the nape of your neck instead of the bottom if you find it falls out of the bottom or have fine hair.
  4. Clip into a reverse braid as seen at Chanel (above).
  5. Do a sleek high ponytail, create bobbles along the length of the hair with clear hair elastics and tie a mini bow to cover each hair elastic like Tessa Thompson (photo below).
  6. Slide into the back of a half up, half down style (scroll down).
  7. Adorn the top of your bun like Olivia Culpo.
  8. Use an oversized bow for an instant statement making look.
  9. Stick to monochromatic outfits and matching bows for a chic look.
  10. Play with textures and colors for a high impact look.
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“The hair bow today most commonly projects ideas of innocence linked to children and a concept of femininity as linked to qualities of gentleness, softness and compliance.”

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One of my personal favorite ways to wear this trending hair accessory is with my hair half up, half down. It still keeps the look soft and feminine but keeps my hair out of my face. I’ve also been wearing it with my buns to soften up what’s otherwise quite a severe look.

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Shop this winter hair trend

Whether your black velvet hair bow is a scrunchie or clip in, it’s one of the most affordable trends for 2024 to jump on. It’s also perfect for the holiday season and hiding hair elastics.

Revolve has one of the most extensive collections of hair bows and ribbons of all lengths, materials and colors. I’m going to get a longer, slightly less rigid one to wear with my buns. I tend to like the pre-tied ones for convenience as because I love the symmetry of them but you can also use any hair scarf or twilly and tie it yourself.

Use code RF-220X-D9218D at checkout on Italist to be entered to win $500 in their monthly give aways.

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