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How to Use Stick On Hair Pearls Safely & The Most Beautiful Pearl Hair Accessories

How to Use Stick On Hair Pearls Safely & The Most Beautiful Pearl Hair Accessories

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Last Updated on May 30, 2022 by Eve Dawes

Hair pearls that stick on, pearl hair accessories and pearls in hair are a massive trend this Summer and not just for bridal hairstyles but in all things fashion. It’s one of the prettiest hair accessories and an easy way to elevate a hairstyle, so it’s easy to see why it’s caught on so fast. My biggest concern wasn’t how to get stick on hair pearls to work but how to do it safely and how to take out adhesive pearls for hair without ripping out any of my hair! I’ve spent forever growing it, the last thing I wanted was bald spots along my part.

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The best stick on pearls for hair

I looked around for ages to find stick on hair pearls. The photo’s on the adhesive pearls for hair product description pages all showed them being used in hairstyle but no one seemed to know if they were actually safe to use or if they’d stay on. A lot of feedback in the Q & A sections said they thought they’d fall off.

After speaking to my hairdresser, I ended up ordering these Amazon adhesive pearls for hair. I liked that the photo showed them being used as pearls in hair and that they came in different sizes as I wanted to be able to experiment with a few to see which looked the best.

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How to apply pearls to hair safely

  1. Try to avoid styling creams or oil based styling products that will cause the stick on pearls for hair to slide.
  2. If the self adhesive on the pearls isn’t enough to keep them stuck to your hair try hairspray as well.
  3. If that doesn’t work, I’ve found the best way to apply them is with a small amount of brush on lash glue. Brush on lash glue works better than tubes as you can control how much you use a lot easier. You only need the tiniest amount.
  4. Let the glue dry for about 10 seconds and then you can either use tweezers or your fingers to apply them wherever you want them.
  5. Press gently on them for 5-10 seconds to ensure they’re set and in place.

How to remove pearls from hair safely

Don’t just pull off the pearls in your hair. Gently try to slide them off with your fingers and if you feel any resistance don’t pull them. A couple of mine came off easily and the others I used some hair oil to remove. Simply gently rub it over the pearls and under the edges until they slide off easily.

I throw mine away once I’ve worn them and use a new set each time as I bought a set of 990 pieces for under $10.

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The prettiest pearl hair accessories for hair, face & body

These self adhesive pearls and crystals are made to be worn in your hair and on your face and body. A lot of them still don’t tend to stick well on their own, especially if you’ve got leave in hair conditioner or moisturizer on. If they don’t stick by themselves just use the easy application method above. You could also mix in crystals with your hair pearls for a more sparkly glam look.

If you’re still not sure about sticking pearls on your hair, there are some stunning pearl hair accessories, pins and barrettes as well.

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