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What is Pearlcore & how to rock the pearl trend

What is Pearlcore & how to rock the pearl trend

Pearlcore pearl trend fashion blogger Eve Dawes

Last Updated on December 31, 2022 by Eve Dawes

How to wear this iridescent statement trend

Pearlcore started a couple of years ago thanks to Bridgerton and the pearl trend shows no sign of stopping and is becoming a closet staple. Which I’m fine with as I love the classic, feminine touch it gives to any outfit from jeans and a tank top to formal dresses. Pearl accessories are an easy way to glam up your everyday wardrobe. Whether that’s with a pearl choker necklace, pearl hair clip or stick on pearls for your face or hair.

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How to wear the pearl trend in 2023

Pearlcore is more about adding a feminine touch and contrast to casual outfits and less about creating a preppy or Stepford wives look. Whether it’s pearl accents on clothing, pearl jewelry, accessories, makeup or home decor, it’s all in.

black velvet hair bow Chanel pearl necklace fashion influencer Eve Dawes
Chanel pearl necklaces

The pearlcore trend is more youthful and less stuffy. It’s more about styling them with your streetwear and keeping it edgy rather than pearls and twinsets.

Bridgerton makeup Daphne pearl heandband hair accessory trend 2023

Pearls are such a statement piece that you can really let one piece be the focal point of your outfit. I’ve been stocking up on pearl chokers, necklaces, bracelets and earrings from French Kande for a modern but vintage take on the pearl trend.

Pearlcore trend pearl choker necklace
French Kande pearl choker necklace & jewelry

I’m trying to collect as many as possible to create a really striking layered pearl choker and necklace look to go with my denim, tees and a blazer.

Pearlcore | Pearl accent hair and makeup

If wearing pearl jewelry isn’t your style, add a pearl bag or pearl hair clip to still get the pearl trend in a more subtle way. I absolutely love the look of pearls along the hair part on an updo.

Pearl trend 2023 makeup
Adhesive pearls for the face & hair

Pearlcore inspiration

Chanel is a great place to get inspiration for how to wear and style pearls this year. As well as Pinterest where the search for ‘pearlcore’ is trending.

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Chanel pearl bag chanel pearl earrings Eve Dawes
Chanel pearl bags

What is pearlcore

It’s a theme, aesthetic and vibe more than just an item. Following on from other aesthetics like cottagecore, pearlcore applies to embodying the pearl trend. From interior design accents to your closet and makeup.

Chanel inspired monochromatic outfit pearl headband trend 2023

Shop the pearlcore trend

Stunning pearl outfits and accessories to add the pearl trend to your closet.


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