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Clip In Bangs. How to get bangs without cutting your hair!

Clip In Bangs. How to get bangs without cutting your hair!

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How to fake it!

Clip in bangs are the answer to every girl who has ever cut her bangs and loves them but not the maintenance. Fake bangs are the quick and easy cheat for getting bangs without cutting your hair and with zero commitment. I’ve chopped a fringe twice in my life but the trims to keep it from being in your eyes, styling it, trying to deal with it while working out or on humid windy days are a nightmare. Plus the grow up phase is hard to make look cute. If you’re worried faux bangs might look fake, read my tips below to make sure they look real, how to put them in and where to get the best ones from.

blonde clip in bangs beauty blogger Eve Dawes pink dress

How to get bangs without cutting your hair

My hairdresser was the one who introduced my to clip-in bangs made with real hair a couple of years ago. Faux bangs are such an easy way to change up your look but not have to commit to cutting your hair. If you’re looking for clip in bangs, make sure they’re made from real hair not synthetic hair so that you can wash, dry and style them. Since they’re on your face, you’ll need to be able to wash them or at least spot clean them to get rid of any makeup that gets on them.

Benefits of clip in bangs

  • You don’t have to cut your own hair.
  • Since they don’t grow, they don’t need trimming.
  • You’re heat styling the clip in bangs not your own hair so your hair gets less heat damage around the front.
  • No awkward grow out phase
  • Covers roots
  • Covers wrinkles
  • A quick and easy way to change your look
  • Looks more youthful
  • Wear your faux bangs whenever you feel like and leave them out for workouts, the beach, hot days, etc.
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How to put in clip in bangs

The clip in bangs I use have 3 snap clips on them. I’ve found the easiest way to put them in is to start with my hair in a center part and tying my hair back in a low pony tail. Then lining up the faux bangs exactly where I want them and then snapping them into place. Once they’re in, I take my hair out of a ponytail and either style it up or down. Watch the video for the full tutorial.

How to style clip in bangs

You can style clip in bangs exactly the same way you would real bangs. Wash, blow dry, straighten, etc. The difference is faux bangs don’t need trimming, unless you have the odd stray in your eyes. Plus you can choose when and when not to wear them.

How do you make clip in bangs look real?

Definitely order clip in bangs made from human hair. Synthetic hair always looks too shiny and you can heat style it. Also, make sure the fake bangs you order match your hair color. My hairdresser even died some roots into mine to add dimension and make them look more realistic.

Where to get clip in bangs

Mine are by Hair Talk USA but you can’t buy from them unless you’re a hair professional. So just speak to your hairdresser about ordering them for you. Don’t worry if it’s not a 100% color match, since they’re real hair, your hairdresser can dye them and trim them to fit your face perfectly.

You can also get real human hair clip in bangs a lot cheaper from Amazon. I haven’t personally tried these ones but these are the clip bangs available on Amazon Prime that offer free returns. If they don’t work out for you or are the wrong shade you can just return or exchange them. Some of them even come with the choice of thick bangs, fringe bangs or wispy bangs.

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