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Fake Bake Self Tanner : How to get the perfect tan Eevery time

Fake Bake Self Tanner : How to get the perfect tan Eevery time

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Last Updated on October 19, 2023 by Eve Dawes

Preparation, application and how to make your self tan last with FakeBake USA Director of Sales Ladonna Sheridan

Fake Bake self tanner and tanning lotion has long been a staple in my beauty routine. I’d been looking forward to talking with LaDonna Sheridan, Director of Sales at Fake Bake USA for a while. I wanted to get the pro self-tanning tips and best self tanning product picks from the pro. From Fake Bake Flawless to their tanning water and makeup, she shared all of the tips on how to get the best results from any FakeBake tanning lotion.

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I first met the Fake Bake team at Faviana’s Red Carpet Oscar Viewing Party back in 2018 and got to try their bronzer and Fake Bake Flawless. Being a huge fan of both self tanner and cruelty free brands I was instantly hooked.

My bathroom cabinet and makeup bag is full of Fake Bake products from Fake Bake Tanning water (all of their self-tanning products come with an applicator glove you don’t need to wear plastic gloves) to Fake Bake flawless self tan liquid, tinted lotions, exfoliating wipes and bronzer as I have a self-tanning addiction and try to avoid sun exposure.

I’ve always been on a mission to be as tanned as possible. Even back in the 90’s (when Sun-In was also thing!) and early 00’s. Back when it used to be actual tanning when I was working in Portugal and the Caribbean, shhhh! I was less educated on how damaging it was, everyone else was doing it and thought I’d never age!

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Why Use Fake Bake Self Tanner V other brands?

Now my tan’s all fake, safe and not reliant on the weather. Plus, I don’t have time or desire for the upkeep of a real tan when I can do it at home in 5 minutes. I love a beautiful beach but I’m the one with the big hat covered in SPF 50 and normally shade bathing.

I’ve tried at least 4 different popular brands off of the recommendation of friends or influencers especially when as sales been going on. I always end up coming back to FakeBake flawless, as I love the professional application mitt it comes with, the ease of application and the golden glow it creates.

If I’m building a gradual tan I’ll use Tan-Luxe but if I want instant color my go to is Fake Bake tanning lotion. I just can’t find a better color or one that lasts as well. Plus it’s cruelty-free which are the only products you’ll get me talking about or using.

An interview with Fake Bake and everything you need to know about getting the perfect cruelty-free self tan

I got the top beauty pro at Fake Bake to share with us how to get the perfect tan every time, how to highlight, contour and get glowing skin with Fake Bake self tanner and beauty products. As well as lots of other self tanning tips including how to use the enclosed application mitt, how to make sure all areas are covered using circular motions and a mirror, how to tan hands and feet and avoid excess tanner.

Keep reading to find out:

  • How Fake Bake got started and why
  • What are best Fake Bake tanning lotions and self tanning products?
  • What is best self tanner for fair skin and darker skin?
  • Which is the best self tanner for face?
  • What do peptides in the self-tanner do?
  • What PAM is (and it’s not the spray oil)
  • How often you should use self tanner
  • How to prep for the best tan application
  • How to take care of your tan and make it last longer

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How Fake Bake Got Started

Fake Bake self tanner has been around for 22 years and LaDonna’s been with them for 20 years so I couldn’t wait to get all of her tanning tips and product picks. One of the things that got Ladonna away from sun beds was seeing how aging it was and wanting to look better and not do long term damage to her skin.

I’ve had similar issues with seeing the physical damage from the sun. I’ve been developing keratoses over the last 5-10 years. Which is is a rough, scaly patch on your skin that develops from years of exposure to the sun.

A small percentage of actinic keratosis lesions can eventually become skin cancer. Recently they became so bad, that I had them removed with Cryo Surgery by a dermatologist.

One, because if treated early, almost all actinic keratoses can be cleared up or removed before they develop into skin cancer. Two, honestly, from a vanity perspective. As I had so many my skin felt like sandpaper and they looked awful.Which is another reason I’m a fake baker not a sun worshipper anymore.


Model Blogger Eve Dawes  Faviana’s  Red Carpet Oscar Viewing Party with FakeBake

LaDonna’s Fake Bake Flawless Self-Tanning Product Picks

2 of LaDonnas’s favorite FakeBake self-tanners which both have tanning guides so you can see what you’re doing for a fool-proof tan are:

  1. Fake Bake Flawless (good for oilier skin types)

  2. FakeBake Original Lotion (for dry skin) $32

My personal favorite is Fake Bake Self Tanning Water. It’s colorless so harder to see what you’re doing but I’m so used to do it I find it easy. Plus theres no chance of it staining your clothes and it applies as a beautiful foaming mousse. For those new to self-tanning you might prefer one of the ones above which have a tinted tanning guide.

Fake bake tanning water lotion products

My Top 3 Fake Bake Self Tanner Products

Fake Bake has so many self tanning products but these are my 3 favorites:

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  1.  Beauty bronzer as it never looks orange or muddy. I use it to contour along my hairline and under my cheekbones.

  2. FakeBake Tanning water which is a colorless self tanner. So it’s good if you’re tanning in the morning and are worried about getting it on your clothes. Although non of their self-tanners have stained anything of mine and wash out if you get it on anything.

  3. FakeBake Tinted body glow for the face and body (especially on my chins, shoulders and collar bones). It’s a gorgeous lotion that leaves a glam glimmering finish but isn’t glittery. You can also use it on your face, either all over or as a highlighter. Play around and see what works best for you.

  4. TIP: Apply FakeBake Tinted Face and Body Glow $18.50 before dressing and let dry for a few minutes. It’s also available on Amazon Prime

    Full video review of these Fake Bake Flawless products at the bottom of this blog.

Fake bake tanning lotion Beauty blogger Eve Dawes applying Mexico

Where to find Fake Bake USA

Fake Bake USA FakeBake website

Fake Bake IG: @fakebakeusa

Fake Bake self tanner and tanning lotion application tips

How to apply your Fake Bake tanner for the most even, long lasting results. Another thing I love about Fake Bake is that they’re cruelty free.

Fake Bake self tanner review and application tips

More self tanning and glowing skin tips

From making your tan last longer to beautiful skin from the inside out:

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