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12 How to make makeup last in the heat

12 How to make makeup last in the heat

Last Updated on June 28, 2023 by Eve Dawes

Pro makeup artist tips on how to make makeup last all day in heat and humidity

How to make makeup last in heat and to create glowy not sweaty summer makeup looks. I know it’s dry heat in Las Vegas where I live, but when it’s 110-120 degrees, it doesn’t matter if it’s dry heat or if it’s humid. You’re going to sweat and you’re makeup’s going to slide if you haven’t done a few things to help make it last and beat the heat. Beat the heat and melted makeup mess with these pro makeup artists tips on how to make makeup last all day.

One of the biggest problems we come across with our summer makeup looks on hot, humid days or vacations is it melting and trying to make it last.

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Makeup to Beat the Heat 

I chatted with my good friend and makeup artist Jessica Resendez of Gossamer Beauty on the Glamour & Gains podcast about how to beat the heat and how to make makeup last all day in the heat. She’s actually done my makeup before when I was outside shooting at 110 degrees. So I know she knows what she’s talking about. I use most of these beauty tips already but I put them to the test again in Italy this Summer after this podcast.

So let’s get to it, Jessicas favorite ways of how to make makeup last all day in the summer and some of her favorite cruelty free products.

Jessica: Alright, so heat makes everything melt. When you’re trying to keep your makeup long lasting for your summer makeup looks, the important thing is is that you need to make sure that you’re wearing products that matter most.

If you constantly add on 5-10 different products on your face and you layer them on, you’re just inviting the heat to kind of melt that off. That’s not pleasant. So you need to stick with water based products and matte products that are going to stick to your skin and not move around to beat the heat.

Beat the Heat | How to make makeup last in the heat

Try to avoid the oil based products and go for powders and anything matte, those are your friends and definitely use setting sprays. Anything that’s going to keep them on your skin. We want to avoid high emollients and high oils and just once again stick with things that are dry. That’s going to keep everything on on hot days and for your summer makeup looks.

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Photo: Eve Dawes at the Grand Opening of Celestia, Las Vegas. Thankful for Urban Decay Setting Spray as temperatures reached 100*!

What makeup products do we need for our summer makeup to make makeup last all day

Eve: So if we’re in Sephora or we’re shopping online, it’s a good thing to start looking for that, is there anything going to be listed in the ingredients or that’s going to say in the name of it that might help us as a starting point?

Jessica: I definitely would stick to Settings Sprays, and there’s a plethora of them. We have Kat Von D, Urban …urban decay is amazing…they have like five.

Eve: Definitely and I don’t know what my favorite is but I’m using the white one at the moment, the De Slick Original Formula Oil Control Setting Spray. I like this one for the Summer as it controls oil but I also love All Nighter.

What are your favorite Setting Sprays to make makeup last in the heat?

Jessica: All nighter is a classic, they also have a few other settings sprays that kind of cater to different needs such as anti aging. There’s tons of good cruelty free, vegan, setting sprays that I love that you can get at the drugstore, Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid that you can go with.

I also recommend Milani or Flower Beauty Seal The Deal Long-Lasting Setting Spray which is exclusive to Walmart, and for I’m serious under $10 they have a phenomenal setting spray. It’s great for being out in the heat and it’s very refreshing and if you just reapply it’s beautiful.

What’s the best oil free foundation that you recommend?

Jessica: Well I there’s a plethora of oil free foundations that you can go ahead and use but I really really love Bare minerals. Now I know when we think of Bare Minerals, we’re kind of like that’s what our that’s our grandmas and you know, our moms use, and No!

Eve: It doesn’t look cute and trendy, and I think everyone sees color pops like Jeffrey Star.

Jessica: I know, but I just love Bare Minerals, I was introduced to them about a year ago and they are awesome. Because not only are they full coverage but I’ve used them in photo shoots on myself and know it lasts. You know I’ve gone partying, I’ve gone out, and at it stays on and I love it and they have many, many finishes. Matte, glowy, and everything in between and it’s just phenomenal.

What’s better to beat the heat? Matte or dewy summer makeup looks 

Eve: Do you think it’s worth going with matte and trying to fight the humidity or go for a more natural dewy look or it really doesn’t matter?

Jessica: It’s all about the product, it doesn’t matter because it depends on your skin. It’s very subjective because everyone is very different. For example, I could put on a matte foundation on myself and then put the same one on you, and it can turn very different from your chemistry as you wear it throughout the day.

So I can wear a matte foundation, like Kat Von D…

Eve: If you don’t know about Kat Von D’s products, they’re vegan and cruelty-free, they’re beautiful and most of them are really heavy coverage. So you do get that full coverage look but you can also thin them out.

Summer Makeup Looks | How to make Foundation match your skin tone in summer

I’ve been putting a bronzy primer serum with mine and mixing it together with a bit of SPF which makes it a little bit lighter for the day. Then for the night, I’ve been going full coverage and it doesn’t crease either. I use these 2 Kat Von D shades; This for when I’m paler, and this for when I’m more tanned. I mix both shades for when I’m in between.

Kat Von D Lock-It foundation (I use shade 53 medium neutral mixed with bronzing drops or bronzing serum). I’ve used the other shades but always come back to this. That way just 2 foundation shades work for me year round and I add more of this the more tan I am.

I recently discovered Beauty Kitchen makeup setting spray and my summer makeup looks survived these steps (below) and 8.6 miles of walking. These weren’t the smartest shoe choice but my new sneakers were rubbing!).



how make makeup last hot days summer makeup looks Eve Dawes steps Italy lemon print dress


Jessica: I love her. It’s amazing.

You know, the good old little bit of lotion, a little bit of foundation, and it just smooths it out so beautifully. It’s the best trick in the book.

Whats the best primer to beat the heat | Summer makeup 

Eve: We’ve probably talked a bit backwards here, we talked about setting spray, we talked about foundation. Do you have a nice primer that you like?

Jessica: Oh my goodness, there’s several. Personally I have several ones that you can get at the drugstore once again, but one of my most favorite primers is believe it or not the good old Smashbox – Photo Finish Primer The Original Smooth and Blur which is the silicone clear one.

Eve: And it’s the clear one right? Because I’ve tried the ones that you get different corrective versions of, but I actually really like the clear one as well. Plus it doesn’t pile up like some of them do and you can use it year round.

Jessica: It’s very sheer which is really nice because you know for primers, they have many different uses. If you’re trying to just have them long for longevity, plumping the skin. You can use them many many different ways but the Smashbox primer is just wonderful because it’s good on everyone.

Testing setting sprays to beat the heat Vegas

Putting setting sprays to the test in Vegas. Photo Mario Ramirez

Straight off the plane to a winery lunch in Tuscany. Putting the lippy (it’s ‘Exposed’ from my mini lipstick trio perfect for traveling) and crease-free eyeshadow through the test. After a 24 hour journey to get here, wine and heat , I’ve got you girls 😉



beat the heat makeup wine tasting summer Italy


Some of you were asking on IG where my necklace was from that I was wearing on vacation. Silver personalized initial necklace Sincerely Silver. Use code SINCERELY to get 15% off. I did a D instead of an E so I can wear it to work at the lipstick lab.





How do you prevent eyeshadow creasing

Eve: Sometimes makeup can crease in the heat especially with eyeshadows. Do you have a nice crease free eyeshadow that you like?

Jessica: Well, when it comes to how to make makeup last all day and prevent creasing, what’s going underneath the eye shadow I actually kind of find is a little bit more important than what the eye shadow is. Because some brands have a cream eyeshadow or the pigments are more creamy. So when you put it on, they automatically crease. I usually prefer good old matte eyeshadows that you can get from Urban Decay, Tarte, Too Faced, etc.

Long Lasting Eyeliners to beat the heat

Eve: Urban Decay has amazing eyeshadows and eyeliners. I can’t actually, she knows from doing my makeup, wear eye shadows under my eyes because it irritates them. Then they water, the eyelashes don’t stick and the liner runs.

So I’ve been using Urban Decay (Bourbon is my favorite color, it’s a shimmering dark bronze/brown) and Morphe eyeliner underneath. The Urban Decay Bourbon shade has a little shimmer to it and they do so many colors you can get it to match with your eyeshadow. So it’s more complimentary and softer than a harsh black liner. Plus it’s made to be long wearing.

Jessica: Actually, Eve is wearing one of her eye shadows (Dawes Custom Cosmetics Long Wear Crease-Free Eyeshadow) on her eyes today. I put a little bit in the inner corner and my god it’s just so beaming and so beautiful. I would say Eve, kind of has a good formula that does not crease because it looks absolutely flawless from what I can see.

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Eve: I like them because they’re although they’re loose, they are crease free. They’re long wearing, and they don’t have that fall out but a lot of loose line shadows can.

Jessica: Absolutely flawless.

Should I wear highlighter for my summer makeup looks

Eve: Is highlight a yes or no in the summer? Or will it just make me look even shinier?

Jessica: Yes, absolutely.

Eve: I totally agree. I love a highlight as you can see, all the time.

Jessica: Absolutely. You know you’re out in the sun and you want to get all those high points I hit your face. Remember everyone is different, everyone’s face is very different. So where you place that highlighter is where the sun is going to hit.

So you know, go in front of a light bulb go in front of the sun and really pay attention to the high points of your face and highlight those with your favorite highlighter. Just do whatever is complimentary to you.

You know Eve has such a beautiful face and it’s so flawless. Just a little bit of highlight up on the higher cheekbones, a little bit on the nose. A lot of women like to take it farther down the nose bridge.

You don’t have to highlight everything on your nose, but just a little bit on the bridge on the cheeks makes you look just a young, fresh and beautiful.

How does face shape affect how you contour and highlight

Eve: You’ve got to think about your face shape, not just go off of what’s on YouTube. Because if you’re highlighting it, it’s going to bring it forward. So if you’ve got a more prominent nose, you might not want to do it as it’s going to make it even more so.

It’s the same with contouring. Ff you’ve already got skinny cheeks, you probably don’t want to hollow them out more. If you’ve got a really narrow nose you might not want to narrow it out more. So really think about your face and what you’re trying to achieve with it, rather than just doing a paint by numbers.

Jessica: Absolutely. I couldn’t agree more.



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What are the best lipsticks or for our lips to beat the heat 

Eve: The last thing I want to ask you about for the face for summer is the lips. Do you have any recommendations and does it matter whether we do a matte lipstick or gloss, or it depends on preference?

Jessica: It definitely depends on preference. I mean I’m not gonna lie, I love a good lip gloss you know when you’re out and it’s sunny, beautiful.

Eve: As long as it’s not windy, in the Vegas wind and it’s all stuck in your hair.

Jessica: It’s horrible, it feels like you’re making out with your hair! But I love a good gloss in the summer but also matte lips look beautiful too. And you know it’s even better when you pair them both, pair that beautiful pigment of color and gloss on top.

Summer makeup looks SPF Protection for Lips

Eve: That makes it easy to take from day tonight and especially if your lipsticks got an SPF in as well. What you might not realize is a lot of lipsticks, even if it doesn’t say SPF in there, the more heavily pigmented it is, the more natural SPF protection you’re going to get from it.

So I would suggest to go towards, more pigmented than sheer lipsticks in the Summer just for the extra SPF protection unless it has added SPF.

summer makeup looks how beat heat Eve pink outfit waterfront

Jessica: I agree, because it’s exposure, if your skin is exposed to the sun it’s kind of a free for all for your skin. But now I love the idea of a really pigmented lip. Because believe it or not having foundation on, having eyeshadow on, those layers of product really do help protect you against those harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Eve: I love this women, if you need your makeup done in Las Vegas or if you have any questions you want answering. You can find her at:

Jessica Resendez makeup artist & hair stylist

If you have more questions about how to make makeup last all day, you can message Jessica on her Instagram or via Email:

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