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How to Make Your Foundation Match Your Skin All Year

How to Make Your Foundation Match Your Skin All Year

Save Money and Space With These Foundation Matching Beauty Tips

Foundation match problems solved! Who else has a drawer full of different foundations to match their skin tone throughout the year? I’ve ended up with tons of them in the past in an attempt to match my skin tone but it gets super expensive! Plus your drawers get cluttered and they end up going off before you finish them.

I have a few beauty hacks for only needing 1 or 2 foundations throughout the entire year. I tend to use a lot of fake tanner in the summer because I like to have a golden glow but I don’t like to sunbathe. Then in the Winter I’ll let myself go more pale but still make my foundation match my skintone.

I love going out in the sun and used to love sunbathing but I’m really trying not to age my skin prematurely. Unfortunately, I already have sun spots I don’t want to make worse and want to minimize my chances of skin cancer. I live in Vegas and it’s crazy how bright and how hot it is here.



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Best cruelty-free foundations | full, medium and light coverage

The 3 foundations I really like right now (2020) are:

There are a few different ways you can thin out your foundation to make it sheerer (tips below). As well as to change the color as your skin changes color throughout the year.

Beauty hacks for making foundation sheerer for the day, summer, or because thats the look you prefer

The first tip for creating a sheerer foundation yourself is to mix with your foundation with a primer. Personally, I like mixing it with an SPF primer, there’s loads you can choose from. I used to like By Terry but they went from being cruelty-free to non cruelty-free since their decision to sell in mainland China.

I personally love COOLA Dawn Patrol™ Classic Makeup Primer SPF 30 which I discovered it back in 2017 when I was Mrs. Nevada. Not only because it’s cruelty free but because of the high SPF and super smooth satin base it creates. It also doesn’t cause makeup to slide all over the place like some SPFs can.

This way, you mix it with your foundation, rather than putting it on as a primer first, which helps to thin it out. If you want to keep your foundations consistency and coverage, apply the primer first like normal and then apply your foundation after.

Foundation match: makeup tips to make your foundation darker



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If I want a darker look for when I’m more tan and depending on how tanned I am, I’ll use Cover | FX (Vegan & cruelty-free) Custom Cover Drops. These are pure liquid pigments that weightlessly blend with your favorite products to adjust your shade, tint a moisturizer or create your perfect foundation. It’s up to you whether you mix them with your moisturizer, primer, concealer or foundation, to create a custom foundation and lighten or deepen a shade. The more you use of a darker shade, the more you can darken your foundation for when you’re more tanned.

Can I mix oil with my foundation?

If I want my foundation consistency even thinner and sheerer for lighter coverage for the day or in the Summer I’ll mix foundation, primer, and a brightening serum together. And sometimes even a couple of drops of oil for extra hydration.

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If I’m using oil, I make sure I have SPF in my moisturizer, primer, foundation or setting spray (or all of them). Supergoop does a great SPF setting spray so you can keep your SPF up all day without messing up your makeup. This is the setting spray I used in Italy and my makeup didn’t budge and I didn’t burn, even after walking around exploring cities all day. Plus, the peppermint and rosemary is super refreshing.

You can play around with the different amounts of each to get the consistency you want. I just find that it gives that really nice luminous look but you can still do full coverage by using less primer, less serum, and then darker to lighter depending how many Cover | FX drops you use.



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So that’s my tips for using your foundation year-round and only needing a couple of colors (beauty brands are going to hate me!).

You can also darken your foundation with your bronzer and contour powder/cream. You really don’t need to go too much darker with your actual foundation in the summer just because your skins darker as you can play around with it using the hacks above.  The same in the winter, if your skins lighter/fairer then. I tend to use my winter color year round as it’s easier to make it darker than lighter. This way you can play around with different textures, different shades and save yourself a ton of money!

What are your tips for making your foundation match your skin year round?

If you have any tips for how you play around with your foundation to make it last year round let me know. I love hearing and learning from you. Comment below or shoot me a message or comment on my Instagram. As well as if you have any ideas for blog posts and podcasts. I’m always looking for new content to answer your questions to make it as interesting and valuable to you as possible.

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