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Nikki Glaser Just Wore Her Hottest Looks Yet on FBoy Island. Here’s How to Get Them

Nikki Glaser Just Wore Her Hottest Looks Yet on FBoy Island. Here’s How to Get Them

Nikki Glaser FBoy Island fashion

8 Sexy Dresses from HBO Max FBoy Island | Dresses to turn up the heat this Winter

Nikki Glaser is the hilarious host of HBO Max FBoy Island, one of the funniest reality TV shows I’ve seen in a while. Set in the Cayman Islands, 3 hot girls weed out the nice boys from the FBoys to try and find real love in paradise while half dressed. If you haven’t watched it yet, go binge watch it.

I got more distracted by the super hot fashion than the actual show. Think slinky, super hot dresses and outfits that were perfect for a dating show but wearable for the holiday season to add some serious heat.

Here are my top FBoy island women’s fashion moments and how to get the minus the under boob. The host Nikki Glaser and 3 women: C.J. Franco, Sarah Emig and Nakia Renee all have different styles but all are equally sexy.

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FBoy Island Scorching Hot Dresses & Outfits

Nikki Glaser and 3 women on a tropical island are joined by 24 men, where half of them are self-proclaimed ”nice guys” and the other half ”FBoys”. Who will the women choose and find real love with?


1. Red Goddess | Nikki Glaser’s Burgundy cut out dress

The body hugging dress Nikki Glaser wore at one of FBoy Island eliminations is so elegant and statement making. The deep burgundy red is the perfect color for Fall, Winter and holiday parties.

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2. Heads will roll | Nikki Glaser’s FBoy Island elimination night one shoulder satin dress

I’m obsessed with pretty much everything Nikki wears on FBoy Island. It’s always the right amount of stylish, elegant and sexy.

3. Play it safe | Nikki Glaser white and red floral dress

A safe but sexy summer dress for the girly girls. Summer is my favorite season to shop for and this dress is perfect for the hotter days.

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4. The Glaser Effect | Floral Midi Dress

Florals and lemon prints made frequent appearances during the day on FBoy Island, including this floral midi dress. Style this midi dress with boots and a leather jacket for Fall or stock up for next Summer or Winter beach escapes.

5. I love when FBoys cry! Nikki Glaser’s green goddess look

Throw one of these outfits on with a chunky gold chain choker necklace to complete this green goddess look straight out of #FBoyisland.

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Onto the rest of the FBoy Island casts outfits

6. FBoy Island CJ’s sparky strapless dress

CJ’s strapless dress is perfect for holiday parties or just a sexy date night dress that means they have to take you somewhere nice.

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7. Too hot to handle | FBoy Island’s Nakia Renee’s sexy red satin mini dress

And yes, that’s another dating show set in paradise that I shamelessly binge watch. There’s lots of red, satin and sparkly dresses on this FBoy Island fashion edit since it’s coming up to the holiday season. A lot of the casts wardrobe was beachy and summery but these styles work outside of paradise and for this season.

8. Made for dancing | FBoy Island Nakia Renee’s red flamenco dress

Nakia’s red ruffled maxi dress from FBoy Island eliminations is giving us all of the flamenco dancer vibes.

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