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Bare Midriff Tops Are Trending. Here’s How To Wear a Crop Top in Winter?

Bare Midriff Tops Are Trending. Here’s How To Wear a Crop Top in Winter?

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Crop tops and bare midriffs aren’t going anywhere this Winter. Here’s how to style them 11 ways without going blue

Bare midriff tops, midriff outfits and crop tops were a huge trend last year and are here to stay for 2022 and into Winter 2022-2023. If the thought of wearing a crop top or having a bare midriff in Winter makes you shudder or cringe at the thought of having your stomach out here’s how to wear crop tops in Winter as well as some knit crop top alternatives. Along with some hot crop top outfit ideas from the Fall Winter runways that are wearable IRL.

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Bare midriff tops can be a nightmare to style to avoid looking cheap and not like a teenager. I know I don’t want my white belly on show in December but you can’t go wrong with these ways to style a crop top or wear a bare midriff top. It’s up to you how much skin you show and is a great trend for choosing how much skin you show or don’t show and playing with layering pieces.

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How to wear a crop top or midriff top in Winter

If you don’t want to freeze or bare a white stomach in the middle of Winter, try these 11 styling tips to find a way to wear your favorite crop tops and bare your midriff in Winter that works for you.

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  1. Layer fitted crop tops or midriff tops under a sheer top
  2. Apply a healthy dose of self tanner to cheat a winter tan
  3. Buy a long sleeve sweater crop top. This can be anything from a fitted style to a cozy boxy hoodie to a turtle neck.
  4. Choose cut out sweater dresses that look like crop tops and create a bare midriff while covering the sides of our stomach we like the least and being a thicket fabric than most bare midriff tops.
  5. Work to play midriff outfit: Layer under a tailored vest and blazer for work then ditch the vest for after work drinks.
  6. Wear your bare midriff top over a button down shirt with fitted jeans and heels or chunky boots.
  7. Wear a super cropped turtle neck sweater over a long sleeve body suit.
  8. Ditch the granny knit sets and grab a crop knitwear set.
  9. If athleisure wears more your style, there are tons of cropped loungewear sets out there this Winter.
  10. Wear your crop top with high rise pants or skirts to close the gap and have less skin on show. With the added bonus this makes legs look longer.
  11. Turn your favorite button down shirt into a midriff baring top by rolling it up and under and tucking into your bra to keep it in place. Layer with a winter coat and you’re good to go.
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Bare Midriff crop top outfit ideas

Scope out new looks and some fashion inspo using the hashtag #croptops #winterfashion for more ideas on how to wear a bare midriff top this Winter. From red carpet midriff baring crop top ideas to more casual midriff outfit looks.

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