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Why Bralette Crop Tops & Knits Are My New Favorite Layering Piece For Fall & Winter

Why Bralette Crop Tops & Knits Are My New Favorite Layering Piece For Fall & Winter

knit bralette crop top fashion blogger Eve Dawes street 2022

Last Updated on September 25, 2022 by Eve Dawes

They’re the most versatile trend you didn’t know you needed

Bralette crop tops especially knit crop tops and knit bralettes are everywhere. You can’t visit a designer or influencers instagram or website without seeing them. While knit bralette crop tops might sound completely impractical, aren’t knits supposed to be warm? Knitted bralette and cardigans are actually designed to be comfortable, cozy but a little sexy and revealing and perfect for layering with. Bralette crop tops are one of those pieces you can wear year round thanks to the cutest matching sets this Fall/Winter. I’ve been stocking up on high waisted shorts, blazer and matching bralette crop top sets like the one below.

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Bralette crop top pink boucle top, matching shorts and blazer on sale

The beauty of this trend is that they’re so versatile for all seasons. Which is why I’ve completely fallen for them and if you’re worried about being cold, layering your knit bralette and cardigan sets solve that problem.

If crop tops aren’t for you, try halter tops which are a super flattering trend for this season.

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Why I’m loving the originally daunting knit bralette crop top trend

Knit bralette crop tops are warmer and cozier than most other crop tops and are perfect for layering with. Meaning you can wear them under lots of layers in Winter, under a matching cardigan, blazer or sheer top for Spring and Fall or on its own in Summer.

red knit bralette crop top black blazer fashion blogger Glamour Gains 2022

It’s literally one of the most versatile pieces out there right now and one you’ll get great CPW from. They’re cute, they’re cozy, they’re as sexy or as casual as you want them to be.

Shop the best knit bralette crop tops for 2022

Cult Gaia, Self Portrait, Balmain and Lulus have some of the most fashion forward and wearable styles around.

Spring trends 2022 womens fashion must haves knit bralette matching skirt cardigan set
3 piece knit bralette crop top and skirt set

It’s not just tiny bralette crop tops but long sleeve knit crop tops, matching knit coord skirt sets and knitted bralette and cardigan sets making a splash for 2022. They were all over the PF22 (Pre Fall 2022) runway shows like the photo from Balmain PF22 above.

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The Michael Costello knit bralette dress below is stunning and saves the issue of wondering what to style your bralette with. This blog posts also available as a quick, shoppable web story.

How to style knit crop tops & bralettes

There are so many ways to wear the crop top bralette trend whatever your comfort level. If the thought of having your stomach out especially after Christmas isn’t appealing, layer them under a sheer top or blazer.

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  1. Wear your bralette crop top under blazers
  2. Style knitted bralettes with long cardigans
  3. Under cropped cardigans
  4. Under sheer tops
  5. As a coord set with a matching skirt
  6. With wide leg pants
  7. With leather pants or joggers
  8. For this season with wide leg jeans
  9. With a matching shrug a la Danielle Guizio
  10. With a contrasting midi skirt
red 3 piece coord set skirt knit bralette cardigan Lulus
This knit set runs a little big | Bra strap adjuster to convert straps to a racer back to shorten the straps

I found this 3 piece knit skirt sets knit bralette a little long in the straps as I have a really short torso so I used a bra clip to pull it into a racer back and to shorten the straps.

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