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Bandage Dresses | In or Out of Fashion

Bandage Dresses | In or Out of Fashion

Herve Leger bandage dress strapless blue fashion blogger Eve Dawes Vegas

Are bandage dresses Still in Style 2022

Bandage dresses are one of those pieces most of us have hanging in our closets but are they in style for 2022? Bandage dresses are nothing new. They’ve been around since the early nineties and reached their peak from 2007-2011 with Hervé Léger bandage dress leading the way. But formfitting styles from bodycon dresses to designer bandage dresses were seen all over the Spring Summer 2022 runways.

Don’t believe me, Vogue is preparing us for the return of the bandage dress too. If you’re not sure if bandage dresses are for you anymore, swap them out for flattering bodycon dresses in less clingy fabrics that are bang on trend for 2022.

Whether it’s a Hervé Léger bandage dress or luxe for less style, white, red or black bandage dress it’s all about the material and what makes you feel confidently beautiful.

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Since April 2021, search interest for Hervé Léger dresses increased 74% and search interest for bandage dresses increased 49%. 


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Are bandage dresses in style for 2022

Bandage dresses are one of those styles that don’t really go in and out of fashion. They’re more of a classic a wardrobe staple that can look fresh by changing up your shoes, bags and accessories or looking for more modern detailing like cut outs, asymmetrical necklines and fringing for 2022.

However, bodycon dresses are a major trend, along with a lot of other 90’s and Y2K trends this year and they don’t have to be bandage style.

designer new years eve dress 2022 Herve Leger red bandage fashion blogger Eve Dawes

Is more expensive actually better?

Obviously designer bandage dresses are going to the most flattering like Herve Leger bandage dresses as the materials better quality and they hold everything in more. It’s all about the material, bad material just looks cheap and unflattering but there are great luxe for less brand options.

Herve Leger bandage dress blue fashion blogger Eve Dawes Vegas

The bandage dresses to wear in 2022

For 2022 iterations of the bandage dress look for cut outs, off the shoulder styles, sheer overlays, fringing and even 2 piece bandage top and skirt sets. I wore Herve Leger bandage dresses a ton in the 00’s, especially when I lived in LA as they always had such great sales in their boutique on Rodeo drive. They’re truly a classic style that’s here to stay.

It doesn’t have to be a dress, bandage skirt sets are another way to wear this trend in 2022 and are great for creating more outfits by mixing and matching separates and layering for different seasons.

Designer Bandage Dresses

The material is everything when it comes to any formfitting dress especially bandage dresses or satin. The better the quality, the more flattering it’s going to be. So I definitely recommend going for the best of whatever’s in budget even if that’s not a designer bandage dress or skirt set.

White bandage dress Karen Millen fashion blogger Eve Dawes USA
Karen Millen white bandage dress on sale

The better the material, the more it will sculpt and support you in all the right places without bunching in all of the wrong places or being see-through. Especially when it comes to white bandage dresses.

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Shop designer bandage dresses

These designer bandage dresses are absolutely stunning. From trending cut outs to bralette and skirt sets. Crop tops are staying around for at least the next couple of seasons so a bandage crop top and skirt set with a cardigan or blazer is an on trend to wear this look for 2022.

There’s obviously lots of Herve Leger bandage dresses and sets in this edit as they’re the brand who really pioneered this look as well as other designers like Karen Millen.

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Bandage Dresses Under $200

These body hugging styles under $200 include both dresses as well as some affordable top and skirt sets. Some of my favorites are the on trend red bandage dress with fringing, a super sexy head turning black bandage dress with cut outs and stunning cobalt blue skirt set that’s on sale.

Shop the bandage dresses for 2022 under $200

Sexy bandage dresses for under $200. Bandage midi dresses, minis and in style looks for 2022. Karen Millen has some gorgeous styles but because they’re on sale they’re selling out fast.

How to style bandage dresses

For 2022, it’s all about making the bandage dress your own way. Find a way of styling it that works for you and your lifestyle.

In past decades, the bandage dress styling was all about lots of leg and strappy heels. Which is still how I like to wear them. While that still works with the right shoes and accessories, the way to style bandage dresses in 2022 is more about whatever makes you feel your best.

So grab your ballerina flats for a more comfortable everyday look or killer platform heels for a night out. Yes, platform heels are back in a big way for 2022! Don’t forget a seamless g-string for a VPL free look.

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Blue cage Hervé Léger bandage dress similar styles

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The original bandage dress

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