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25 Best platform heels trending in 2024

25 Best platform heels trending in 2024

platform heels gold sandals fashion blogger Eve Dawes Glamour Gains Vegas

Last Updated on January 24, 2024 by Eve Dawes

Platform sandals are still in style for 2024.Here’s some of the best ones to wear the shoe trend and cheat a few inches!

Platform heels are still it style and one of the it girl shoe trends that started a couple of years ago and is set to stay in style for 2024. Versace and Valentino platform heels may have started the platform sandals trend but Lady Gaga’s red satin platform shoes she wore at the House of Gucci premiere pushed the platform heels trend even more. Ever since Dua Lipa and Ariana Grande starting wearing the Versace Medusa heels, they’ve been selling out and trending in Google searches and other brands have been jumping on the trend. As a girl who loves a high heel, I’ve always been a fan of this style and scouted out the best best platform shoes for 2024 in black, silver, gold, pink and pretty every other color of platform high heels imaginable to wear this footwear trend this year.

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best platform heels 2024 white high heel sandals
Matching set | Platform heels white heels

What are the best platform heels to wear in 2024

While the most on trend platform high heels for 2024 are pink, red, green, metallic, Mary Janes or crystal embellished styles it doesn’t really matter what kind of platform high heels you wear. They don’t even need to be high. Flatforms are in too.. Whether it’s platform shoes, sandals, ankle boots or knee high boots. I’m always the first to jump on the platform shoe trend every time it comes back around.

platform heels black Versace outfit fashion blogger Eve Dawes Vegas
Casadei black platforms sold out – similar | Versace shorts

At 5’2″, I’ll grab any opportunity I can to cheat a few extra inches. Plus platforms are so much more comfortable than their thin soled styles. They might not be as classy and elegant but they’re fun and on trend. Whether that’s a peep toe or a closed toe, there’s a style for everyone.

If you’re not used to platform heels, flatforms are the entry level version but I’m all for the higher the better. Platform shoes and boots might not be a lasting trend but it’s definitely memorable and give everything from a retro 70’s vibe to punk to more elegant depending on the style you go for.

Shop the best platform heels for 2024

gold platform heels fashion blogger Eve Dawes Glamour Gains Vegas

One of my favorite ways of styling platform heels was Bella Hadid’s pink platform shoes and colorblocked look at Versace a few seasons ago. Besides being seen at Versace, platforms were also prevalent at Off-White, Moschino, Valentino, Louise Lyngh Bjerregaard, and Alice McCall.

fashion blogger Eve Dawes platform heels Faviana blue dress New York

Are platform heels in style 2024

I tend to take fashion shows as the cue to what’s going to be big next trend wise and Vogue as my fashion bible. Platform heels have been in fashion since last year and although they weren’t on quite as many runways this season they were still there.

Clear platform heels were seen at Versace and Valentino, pointed toe strappy styles worn with knee high socks at Victoria Beckham, space age styles at JW Anderson, and croc effect platform loafers at Givenchy.

pink satin platforms crystal ankle strap versace dupe
Pink satin platform heels with crystal ankle straps best for budget heels | Versace platforms

So this shoe trend show no sign of disappearing for 2024. So grab those platform heels and get comfy. Black and white are obviously the most versatile but all shades of pink, metallic or crystal embellished styles are the most on trend for this year. Wood heels also look fresh for a casual Summer look.

best platform high heels 2024 black saint laurent
Black Saint Laurent heels on sale use code RF-220X-D9218D for a chance to win $500 store credit.

Platforms Are The Ultimate Reemergence Shoes


Versace Medusa platform heels might be the most popular and coveted but they also come with a hefty price tag. As much as I’m temped by them to go with my pink Versace Medusa bag and love the black satin and pink Versace platforms I think I’m going to stick with a pair of pink satin and solid white platform sandals that I already have.

platform heels strappy sandals black feather black 2024 fashion trends
Shop the black outfit | Feathers & platform heels

Versace Heels | Medusa Platforms

These are the Versace heels the celebrities are wearing that is keeping the platform heels trend alive. I linked them below as well as some more budget friendly versions.

pink satin platforms fashion blogger eve dawes 2024 pink outfit
Pink satin platform heels with crystal ankle straps best for budget heels | Versace platforms

These are the most fashion forward platform high heels and sandals for all budgets trending for 2024. From luxe to luxe for less, blacks and neutrals to colorful styles and trending metallics. When shopping on Italist use code RF-220X-D9218D at checkout for a chance to win $500 in store credit.

best black platform heels versace dupes Express
Black platform patent heels under $100

Are platform heels easier to walk in?

I find platform heels so much easier to walk in compared to stilettos. To start with they have a thicker sole which is more comfortable than thin soled shoes. Although they look really high, they tend to be at less of an angle than stilettos or regular heels. Since your feet aren’t at such an extreme angle it puts less pressure on the balls of your feet but still gives you height, winning!

You do tend to get what you pay for though. So the best platform heels for comfort often, but not always, tend to be the more comfortable ones as they spend more money on superior construction and materials.

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glamour gains red carpet Bella magazine platform shoes sandals blue Faviana dress

The only downsides to platform shoes are driving as platform heels make it hard to feel the pedals. So I always switch into flats to drive. As well as bruised ankles if you walk remotely turned out (I was a ballerina) if you clip your ankles with your heels walking. They quickly fixed my turned out walk when they were last in fashion to avoid getting my ankles beat up.

white platform sandals high heels
White platform heels

Whats the difference between platforms and wedges?

Wedges, platform wedges, platforms and espadrille wedges are still in style and great for giving us some extra inches but what’s the difference between platforms, wedges and flatforms?

Wedges soles slope gradually from the front to the back. The front can be either flat or a platform and they have a wedge shape. They can be pretty low or super high but it’s the wedge shape that makes them a wedge shoe.

The difference between wedges and platform shoes is that although they both have a raised heel:

  • Platform heels have a thick sole whereas wedges can have a thin or thick sole. It’s not the heel that makes a platform a platform shoe but the thick sole at the front of the shoe.
  • Platform heels don’t have a wedge/triangle shape like wedges do. There’s a distinction between the heel and the sole.
  • To make it confusing the 2 styles can be combined as a platform wedge. Platform shoes can come in both wedge or heel styles.

What are flatforms?

Flatforms are the comfier and lower version of platform shoes and sandals. They have a thick level sole that runs the length of the shoe. I’m more of a fan of platform heels than flatforms as I like the extra height as flatforms only give you an extra inch or 2. Although they are a comfier and sturdier sole for running errands and walking. 


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If platform heels and boots aren’t for you or you have as big of a shoe addiction as I do, check out these other shoe trends.

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