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50 Best thigh high boots 2024 & the do’s & don’ts on how to style them

50 Best thigh high boots 2024 & the do’s & don’ts on how to style them

thigh high boots black OTK fashion blogger outfit

Last Updated on December 20, 2023 by Eve Dawes

The sexiest over the knee boots I’m swooning over right now & 18 ways to style them this season

Thigh high boots aka OTK boots or over the knee boots are back in style in a big way for Fall Winter 2024. They were all over the Fall Winter fashion shows from Bottega Veneta to Dolce & Gabbana and continue to be in style for Fall Winter 2024. I’ve worn my black suede thigh high boots on repeat every Winter for the last decade and they finally needed replacing. Since I was hunting them down for myself I figured I’d share the top 40 thigh high boots in both neutrals, colors and black that made my shortlist and the ones that ended up making their way into my closet. In the past I’ve had everything from Louboutin to JustFab. I’ve also included some petite and plus size thigh high boots as the calf sizes and boot length can vary a lot on them and black leather over the knee boots don’t give as much as suede or fabric versions. So whether you’re looking for stiletto, mid height or flat thigh high boots, keep scrolling.

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thigh high boots black fashion blogger winter outfit
New season red coat | Similar Black suede OTK boots

The thigh high boots I’m shopping for in 2024

These are the thigh high boots or OTK boots that made my shortlist. I ordered 4 pairs of over the knee boots for 2023 to choose between, see the video below but am ready for some new ones in 2024 once the sale start.

I was torn between getting a more affordable pair from Revolve, ASOS, or Steve Madden or designer pair like the Balmain, Stuart Weitzman, Versace or Louboutin’s.

best over the knee boots 2024 black suede
Over the knee boots | Black sweater dress

Splurge on designer or save on luxe for less thigh high boots

They’re one of those styles I wear them so much I know they’ll get their CPW (as you can tell from all of my pics) but it’s still a big chunk of change. Which is why I tried a lot more affordable brands this year to see how they compared to designer over the knee boots.

over knee boots in style 202rdesigner valentino black
Valentino black heels over the knee boots. Use code RF-220X-D9218D to be entered to win $500

If you’re looking for quiet luxury and aren’t a fan of logos, these black Valentino over the knee boots are logo free, chic and a timeless classic. The chunky heel is also more practical and comfortable than stilettos.

However, after filming the best thigh high boots haul video another black suede pair came onto my radar. They were only $80, they’re now under $60 and that’s the pair I ended up with.

thigh high boots black stiletto designer versace jeans couture
Versace Jeans Couture Over The Knee black stiletto boots use code RF-220X-D9218D at checkout to be entered to win $500.

If I’d have kept a 2nd pair, it’d have been the VAVA black leather Paris boots from Steve Madden which are also super affordable at under $130. They come in black or beige leather, or their Epic boots come in black suede and look pretty much identical. So you don’t necessarily need to splurge on designer boots unless you find a pair you absolutely love.

best thigh boots 2024 black suede heels
ASOS black suede thigh boots under $50

The stiletto heel black over the knee boots I’m wearing

These are the over the knee boots I kept. They are the ASOS Design Koko heeled black suede stiletto boots. My only complaint is that this style doesn’t come in half sizes and they run quite big. So you might want to order a couple of sizes as they have a great return policy.

Honestly, they’re also not the most comfortable. However, they’re great for a night out and for under $50 the price is hard to beat but I wouldn’t want to spend a whole day on my feet in them.

best thigh boots black suede heel

They’re worth trying to make them work as the price is hard to beat. Especially as they’re now on sale. If they’re too big you can always add winter socks, thick tights or an insole.

best thigh high boots 2024 black heels blue sweater dress
Black thigh high boots | Blue sweater dress

Shop the best thigh high boots

I tend to go for suede rather than leather thigh high or black over the knee boots as I think they look a bit more elegant and it rarely rains in Vegas so they’re pretty safe. To be extra safe, I spray them with a water and stain protector. Uggs make a pretty good one.

thigh high boots black suede high heel
Black suede thigh high boots ASOS boots

There’s also some really on trend neutral patent leather thigh high boots if you want to change it up. As well as some sparkly crystal over the knee boots as metallics and crystal embellishments like this pair by Manolo Blahnik continue to be in style for Fall/Winter 2024.

If your style’s more understated, quiet luxury Stuart Weitzman and even Valentino have some fuss free, logo free styles for Fall Winter 2023. They might be harder on your credit card but their construction tends to be kinder on your feet.

thigh high boots black suede high heel designer
Stuart Weitzman boots | Photo Revolve

If you’re looking for designer flat thigh high boots these Jimmy Choo boots are on sale with 50% off.

flat high high boots black leather designer jimmy choo sale
Jimmy Choo boots on sale. Use code RF-220X-D9218D to be entered to win $500

If you shop any of the boots from Italist, be sure to use code RF-220X-D9218D at checkout to be entered to win $500.

Thigh high boots review

I put 3 of the above OTK boots to the test for looks, quality and comfort. They’re all high heel as I’m petite and they tend to look more flattering on me than flat thigh high boots. Here’s what ended up in the return pile and the pair I kept.

What are the best thigh high boots? Over the knee boots haul

Are over the knee and thigh high boots in style for 2024?

Can you still wear OTK and thigh high boots in 2024? Yes! They’re back bigger than ever for 2024 as seen at Givenchy, Bottega Veneta, Diesel, Rick Owens, Fendi and Dolce & Gabbana. The longer the better for over the knee boots 2024 so definitely go for true thigh high styles versus ones that come just over the knee. The materials ranged from suede to leather to denim and various materials, from high heel to flat thigh high boots so go for whichever you feel best in.

Even pantaboots (pants that are boots) came down the runways for those brave enough to try this trend IRL.

What are boots over the knee called?

If you’re searching for thigh high boots online they normally get called either thigh high, over the knee or OTK boots. Very occasionally in French-English they’ll get called cuissardes which is what they’re called in French.

Over-the-knee boots (or cuissardes, which include thigh boots, top boots, hip-boots, and waders)… are long boots that fully or partly cover the knee.

quilted jacket flat over the knee boots black leather fashion blogger winter
Flat black over the knee boots

Are over the knee boots the same as thigh high boots?

Technically, no. Thigh high come up higher than OTK boots which sit just over the knee. However, if you’re shopping online they tend to intermingle the 2 terms for the same thing so you’ll have to go by the photos and specs as much as the name.

Thigh-high boots, known also as thigh-length boots or simply thigh boots, are boots that extend above the knees to at least mid-thigh. Other terms…include over-the-knee boots…OTK boots.

best thigh boots 2024 black suede stiletto
Black thigh high boots | Black sweater dress

Can over the knee boots look classy?

Yes, they’re actually really easy and versatile to style and I get so much wear out of all of mine every year. If you need thigh high boots outfit inspo keep reading for my favorite ways to style and the do’s and don’ts to keep them looking classy.

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Stiletto or high heel versions obviously look dressier but flat thigh high boots are an edgy and comfortable option for the day. Especially flat leather thigh high boots with details like chunky soles and/or buckles.

I tend to find that suede or less shiny leather thigh high boots looks classier than patent leather thigh high boots. Although patent can work as long as the styling’s right.

over the knee boots 2024 black suede fashion blogger street
Black suede boots (I sized down 1 size)

How to style thigh high and over the knee boots?

If you’re looking for some thigh high boots outfit inspiration I’ve listed lots below from casual and cute outfits for everyday to more dressy date night looks as they’re my go to boot. I’m petite so tend to wear longer boots rather than ankle boots to try and create the illusion of longer legs.

classy thigh high boots outfit blazer dress black leggings fashion blogger Eve Dawes
Black over the knee boots similar boot under $100

If you’re wanting to make your legs look longer go for a true thigh high boot with a heel rather than a flat OTK boot that sits just over the knee. I personally avoid over the knee boots that sit mid knee or are slouchy and fall down to mid knee as they tend to be less flattering and cut the legs off at an awkward place.

  1. Create a monochromatic look for a classy black thigh high boots outfit that’s elongating.
  2. Wear your over the knee boots with tights in a matching color. Bright colors like hot pink were big at Versace or go for black for a more classic look.
  3. Style them with summer dresses at the start of Fall to keep your summer dresses on rotation longer.
  4. As above but wear a roll neck sweater underneath for extra warmth as it gets cooler.
  5. My favorite way to style thigh high boots is with sweater dresses and just a glimpse of bare legs. It’s a classic winter style that’s practical and cute.
  6. For extra warmth in Winter style them with sweater dresses and tights or leggings. I personally prefer leggings for a casual everyday look as I find them more comfortable and less static. I live in Vegas where it’s really dry and static is a problem whatever you do in Winter.
  7. Don’t wear a skirt that just touches them or where the boot affects how the skirt sits. It tends to look frumpy or sloppy.
  8. Wear them with mini dresses for a sexy look. Just be careful the dress isn’t too sexy unless it’s for a sexy night out as it can verge on trashy.
  9. Wear them under maxi dresses and maxi skirts for extra warmth. You can see the boots more when you sit down so don’t worry about them being hidden completely. It’s also handy for when you’re traveling and don’t want to pack lots of boots for different outfits as they take up so much space.
  10. Style them with a belted, cute shirt dress for an easy lunch or office appropriate look.
  11. Houndstooth and plaid skirt suits are in for 2024 so style yours with these chic sets for a work outfit or just a stylish look for day to day.
  12. Wear thigh high boots with a mini skirt and top. Micro mini skirts are a big Winter trend and are perfect for date night. Keep it casual with a white tank top (another FW2224 trend) or dressier with a trending corset top. It can get too sexy though, so play around with the styling and the hem length.
  13. Blazer dress + over the knee boots = sexy & feminine without looking trashy.
  14. For classic style, wear them with an elegant tweed dress. It gives them a more modern look than pumps and is warmer for Fall and Winter.
  15. For a casual everyday thigh high boots outfit, style them with jeans in any color. Just make sure the jeans are fitted like skinny or straight leg styles. A don’t for styling knee high boots is having jeans bagging over the top of them. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a crop top or longer length sweater when worn with jeans.
  16. Thigh high boots + leggings or faux leather leggings is more than ok. Just go for a longer length button down shirt, tee, sweater or sweater dress that hits anywhere from below your butt to a couple of inches above the top of your boots.
  17. LBD + thigh high boots for a classic and flattering Fall Winter thigh high boots outfit. This works with anything from a more casual black jersey bodycon dress to loose Fall dresses to black sweater dresses and date night styles.
  18. Faux leather skirts are in for 2024 and look super cute and stylish with over the knee boots. A chunkier heel will look edgier, a stiletto heel will look sexier.
white jeans over knee high boots black puffer

Can I wear over the knee boots with leggings?

Yes, absolutely. It’s one of the most comfortable and practical ways to style them as as a casual thigh high boots outfit. It works with both heeled and flat styles. Black over the knee boots are the easiest to style with leggings but neutrals look great too.

what wear leggings outfit fashion blogger style
Flat black thigh high boots & leggings outfit

How do you wear knee high boots with jeans?

Any color including black thigh high boots look the best with skinny or straight leg jeans. So while skinny jeans might not be ‘in’ right now, they’re the best style to wear with OTK boots. As baggier styles tend to create too much bulk, bag over the top and not sit right.

How do you keep knee high boots looking classy?

If you’re going for more everyday chic and less Pretty Woman the material of the boot and how you style them can make a huge difference. I pretty much live in mine with dresses, sweater dresses, leggings and jeans as soon as Fall hits.

  1. Shiny and latex over the knee boots are one of the hardest thigh highs to keep looking classy VS suede, material or leather thigh high boots but can also look fabulous. If you go for this style, keep the rest of your look more conservative and simple e.g. leggings or jeans and a bodysuit rather than a revealing mini dress. Suede or more matte leather looks classier and are easier to style.
  2. Watch your hem length. Micro mini skirts are in right now but a longer mini dress or skirt is easier to pull off. A lot of stylists recommend the mini skirt to sit 3″-5″ max above the top of the boots but since we all have different leg lengths, play with what works for you and what you feel most comfortable in.
  3. Add a blazer, trench coat, longer coat or long line cardigan over mini dresses to keep it classy.
  4. Avoid over accessorizing and let the boots do the talking.
  5. Create monochromatic looks with your neutral or black over the knee boots. They’ll always look classier and be more flattering.
  6. Platforms are in right now but are very hard to pull off on longer length boots. Save platforms for all of your other shoes to keep your thigh high boots outfit looking more classic. As well as to get more wear out of your boots.
thigh high boots outfit fall winter sexy
Blue sweater dress | Chanel bag | Black thigh high boots suede heels

What are pantaboots aka pantashoes?

Pantaboots are pants that instead of having a hemline or opening at the bottom end as boots. In other words, boots you can pull on and go up all the way to your waist and act as pants. They’re a super cool statement piece and take the guess work out of what boots to wear with what pants. However, don’t expect this trend to last.

Shop pantaboots

If you want to take a fashion risk or are looking for statement footwear, these will definitely do the trick. Just don’t ask me about how you wash them!


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The footwear trending this season and how to style them. I haven’t worn knee high boots in years, I’ve been loyal to my thigh high boots but they’re back in my Winter 2024 shoe rotation.

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